Radio show fun!

winkytiki.jpgI just got off the air; I reviewed porn and took calls from around the US on the Derek and Romaine Show (Sirius OutQ). I don’t do many shows, but I always do theirs because it’s uncensored, super-fun and I love them! I talked about new porn that I love, including:

* Superfreak (trailer * buy) Lots of sexy femmes fucking and sucking in this indy lesbian video, yum.
* Skater Girl Fever (directed by Dave Naz * trailer * rent/buy) It’s like American Apparel porn.
* Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry (trailer * rent/buy) Porn stars doing reality porn, but having hot sex because they want to — they pick where, how, when, and who they have sex with.

I didn’t have time to talk about other new faves like:

* O: The Power of Submission (trailer * rent/buy * and Nina Hartley’s excellent new sex guide) A superlative kinky film with bondage, S/M and sex — and an unforgettable girl-girl scene.
* WinkyTiki‘s The ReBelle Rousers (trailer * rent/buy) This has a tiki bar bondage scene in it — ’nuff said!

Photo via the h4wt WinkyTiki galleries.

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