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  • OkCupid’s ten-year history has been the epitome of the old saying: two steps forward, one total fiasco. A while ago, we had the genius idea of an app that set up blind dates; we spent a year and a half on it, and it was gone from the app store in six months.”
    We Experiment On Human Beings! (OkCupid)
  • Alexandra Brodsky and Dana Bolger — the founders and current co-directors of Know Your IX, a sexual assault survivor-led group working to address campus violence — want to reform the law that forms the foundation of their group’s name. They want the colleges that fall short of Title IX to be slapped with a fine.
    One Simple Solution To Make Sure Colleges Start Taking Rape Seriously (ThinkProgress)
  • When Masters of Sex works, the show is riveting, weird and funny. But lately it’s suffering from “Bill is the heroic sex doctor who never existed” syndrome. And last night’s incredibly distorted story of how intersex surgeries happened just took that way, way too far.
    An Awkward and Uncomfortable Masters of Sex Gets Everything Wrong (io9)

  • Standing at 3’10” with a rare type of dwarfism called Kniest, Dr. Marylou Naccarato has become something of a pioneer in the Little People of America community. At a recent conference, she broke conservative boundaries to talk the ins and outs of sex, intimacy, and lovemaking with the various limitations that may come with life as a person of short stature.
    The Challenges of Having Sex as a Little Person (The Atlantic)

  • “Yes, you read that title correct, $260,000 PLUS PER YEAR! Well, that is apparently how much the sex traffickers make in profits per year, per individual victim, and remember there are many (page 2, column A, para. 1). So that means that the traffickers are making MILLIONS! Per year, as per the “many” victims. But where exactly did this figure, the profits of the human traffickers, originate from?”
    $260,000 PLUS PER YEAR! (Kwe Today)

  • Organizers of the recent online debate, “Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths,” declared the event successful and announced that a second discussion featuring the same panelists is already in the planning stages. The goal for, according to Rowntree, is to develop into a “TED-like platform for discussion of serious, weighty issues surrounding the adult industry”.
    ‘Women in Porn’ Debate Sequel in the Works (XBIZ)

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VB note: My sweetie is running the SF Marathon this Sunday to raise money for The Trevor Project, an LGBT youth suicide prevention organization. Help us meet (or beat!) our goal!

  • While American generals have been criticized for their handling of an epidemic of sexual assaults, Australia’s army chief, David Morrison, is getting rave reviews for a blistering video he released this week demanding, through clenched teeth, that sexists in his country’s military mend their ways or find another place to work.
    WATCH: Australia’s army chief demonstrates how you address sex abuse (The Week, thank you, Eric!)
  • At a luxury sex camp in the English countryside for women, hedonism and hard work go hand in hand. The brainchild of London-based best friends Lucy Arrowsmith and Vikki Van Someren, the four- to seven-day retreat aims to combat stress, exhaustion, trauma, and the loss of female identity and sexual energy.
    More Sex, Please (W Magazine)

Above: A teaser from the August 1 release of a new Penelope Cruz and Agent Provocateur collaboration.

  • Men write most of the commentary about the disastrous effects of romance novels on women and the public despite the fact that women from all regions and educational backgrounds compose the vast majority of the genre’s writers and readers.
    Why Do Men Dislike Erotica for Women So Much? (Pacific Standard)
  • Ye Haiyan, who goes by the online alias Hooligan Sparrow, is known for her outspoken, pioneering outreach work on sex work and HIV/AIDS. She was denied permission to attend the AIDS Conference in Melbourne when the Chinese government blacklisted her from traveling abroad, continuing a growing pattern of suppressing dissidents.
    China Bars Sex Worker Rights Activist From Traveling to International AIDS Conference (The Nation)

Above: Fun banned ad for fitness tracker TomTom Runner Cardio (via AdRants).

  • A prestigious group of HIV researchers made a loud and scientifically supported plea for the decriminalization of sex work at the 20th Annual International AIDS Conference yesterday, during a presentation of a series of seven studies published in The Lancet.
    Scientists call for the decriminalization of sex work (Verge)
  • Pleasure products giant Lovehoney takes center stage in the new reality series, “Frisky Business,” now available to U.S. viewers on Netflix. The six-part series offers insight into all aspects of the company – from the customer care team fielding intimate questions from shoppers to the returns department dealing with unwanted sex dolls.
    Lovehoney Documentary Streaming on Netflix (XBIZ)

  • A new study looks at the evolutionary psychology behind our ideas of sexual morality, that is, why we slut-shame and moralize about things like promiscuity. The connection between sexual behavior and morality, the researches say, may have come about as a way of keeping a gender-based social order intact.
    Why We Care About Other People’s Sex Lives (The Atlantic)

Above: Great new ad campaign by “underwear subscription” startup, MeUndies.

  • Terri Conley, a professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan who studies polyamory, has analyzed a sample of 1,700 monogamous individuals, 150 swingers, 170 people in open relationships, and 300 polyamorous individuals for a forthcoming study. The Atlantic says, “polyamorous people don’t seem to be plagued by monogamous-style romantic envy.”
    Multiple Lovers, Without Jealousy (The Atlantic)
  • This year’s Comic Con is holding the first ever trans specific panel, Breaking Barriers: Transgender Trends in Popular Culture, marks a positive step forward in comics, film, TV, and pop culture.
    Comic Con to Hold First-Ever Trans Panel This Year (SheWired)

  • Dita Von Teese launched her signature lingerie collection this week, and to the surprise of many, and in contrast to Agent Provocateur, Dita’s lingerie is available in “full figure” sizes.
    Dita Von Teese Lingerie Collection (Bare Necessities, above image via)

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  • In a dramatic reversal from hardline policy created three years ago, Google — the most powerful controller of information and identity in human history — will now allow users to use any name they want across Google services. It only came after years of putting at-risk citizens of the world through hell. A better version of history’s conclusion would go like this.
    Google reverses ‘real names’ policy, apologizes (ZDNet)

  • A Reddit thread asked married people how often they have sex. HuffPo separated the answers into three categories, based on how long the couples have been married. Some of the answers may surprise you.
    This Is How Often Married People Are Having Sex (Huffington Post)

  • A Japanese artist who made figures of a kayak modeled on her vulva vowed a court fight against her obscenity charges. Speaking from jail on Wednesday, Megumi Igarashi said she was challenging a culture of “discrimination” against discussion of the vagina in Japanese society.
    Japanese vagina selfie artist vows legal battle against obscenity charges (Guardian UK)

  • Russia’s new obscenity law has created a problem in the movie industry. The law forbidding four swear words stipulates that films using these words will not receive a distribution certificate. This means every single public screening in Russia can only show films with a distribution certificate certifying they do not contain the four banned words.
    Russia’s Obscenity Law Will Crush Independent Film (Moscow Times)
  • Anyone concerned with freedom of information and expression should consider this: “(…) The company recently made waves for prohibiting adult material on its advertising network, AdWords. Now, it seems, Google has expanded its censorial policies and many are wondering just where the company will stop.”
    Censored by google: what’s next? (

  • Tina Horn‘s great new sex podcast Why Are People Into That!? talks about all manner of sexual fetishes and practices, honestly interviewing actual practitioners.
    Why Are People Into That? (
  • A federal bankruptcy judge on Thursday found former Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis in civil contempt, imposing reimbursement of more than $40,000 in attorneys fees to a trustee and ordering $5,000-per-day sanctions for not returning two company vehicles.
    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Finds Joe Francis in Contempt (XBIZ)

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  • Japanese police have arrested a Japanese artist for sending computer data intended to reproduce her genitals with a 3D printer. This fact would violate national law prohibiting the distribution of “indecent” material. Someone please tell everyone writing headlines about this that the vagina is the INSIDE part, and the vulva is what the artist is reproducing. FFS.
    Japanese woman arrested for sending 3D printer files of her genitals (Printing 3D Today)
  • After clients pay us in cash, many of us declare the payment, filing taxes as freelance entertainers. Some strip clubs give us W-9 forms, and some porn companies send us 1099s. If we are shut out of banks, we must go to check cashing middlemen who charge exorbitant fees. We can’t book plane tickets or sign leases, putting that money back into the economy.”
    How the financial sector is making life miserable for sex workers (VICE)

  • The FOX News segment was accompanied with the chyron “Bathroom Boondoggle: Are New Gender Signs Just Too Confusing?” They sent Steve Doocy out with the sign and, little does he know, he is about to get spanked by a 12-year-old boy and a few adults. They didn’t chide the sign, ridicule the artwork, or even snicker at the thought of an “all-gender” bathroom. Instead, reality sets in and FOX News was forced to squirm and televise the entire thing.
    #PRFail: Watch America Teach FOX News About ‘Gender-Neutral’ Restrooms (Mediabistro)
  • It might not come as a huge surprise that bisexual men are more likely to get tested for HIV than those who identify as straight or heterosexual, but what about the fact that they’re also much less likely to have a primary care physician? The findings are among several new insights the Department of Health and Human Services published on Tuesday, compiled in the first federal study of sexual orientation and health practices that evaluates differences across groups.
    Lesbians are more likely to get vaccinated, but also to drink excessively (Salon)
  • Less than 3 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in the first large-scale (self-reporting) government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation. An additional 1.1 percent declined to answer, responded “I don’t know the answer” or said they were “something else.”
    Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population (Washington Post)

  • Charlie Jane Anders writes, “As usual with these writing “how to” articles, I’m not really an expert — but this is a topic that I’ve struggled with a lot, and I’ve come up with some ideas about. So here are 11 tips and ideas on how to make your science-fictional or fantastic sex more interesting. And yes, more diverse — not because “quota,” but because “not being boring.”
    How To Write About Sex Without Being Boring (io9)

  • These sex work set dollhouse miniatures (above) are really cool. But they’d be something worth sharing widely if the artist Leanne Eisen and writer Leslie Tane didn’t think sex work was evil, coercion, and anything other than the uneducated stereotypes perpetuate. They’re neat to look at, but let’s not endorse the biased negative fantasy. Letting us have our own feels and judgments would have been more interesting.
    Dollhouse Scale Rooms By Leanne Eisen Miniaturize Sex Trade Spaces (Beautiful Decay)
  • Hundreds of customers per day placed orders for the Autoblow 2 during its pre-sale period. Mr. Sloan said he’s shipped out thousands this week alone. Clearly there’s a demand for men’s masturbation toys, but at the same time, they’re still a pretty taboo topic — certainly more so than toys geared at women. Vibrators, after all, are mainstream enough that Barbara Walters has talked about hers on The View, but you rarely hear a celeb — let alone a regular Joe — talk about the magical time he had last night with his Fleshlight.
    This Blow Job Machine Went Viral, But Will We Let Men Enjoy it Without Shame? (Betabeat)
  • “Know about sex toy material safety and proper care and cleaning. Familiarize yourself with truth vs myth. We’ve dispelled a lot of myths in recent years – like we know now that pure silicone sex toys can be all up in each other’s business with no ill effects. There shall be no melting, no deformities. (…)”
    5 Things Every Sex Toy Reviewer Should Know (Dangerous Lilly)

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Milo-Moiré, The Script System - Art Basel 2014, EPA/GEORGIOS KEFALAS

  • Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré arrived at Art Basel in Switzerland completely naked, except for her shoes, a pair of glasses and the words “pants,” “bra” and “jacket” written on her body. The result: She wasn’t allowed into the event.
    4 Questions for Nude Artist Milo Moiré (Vocativ)

Milo-Moiré, The Script System - Art Basel 2014

  • Nan Shi was working as a principal software engineer when her supervisor, industry veteran Maria Zhang, forced her to have sex against her will on multiple occasions, promising her “a bright future at Yahoo“. After coercing her to have “oral and digital sex,” Shi says when she finally resisted Zhang’s advances, the executive retaliated by giving her a bad performance review and removing her as a project lead. When she reported the abuse to Yahoo, Shi says, the company did nothing to stop it, and then put her on what eventually became an unpaid leave followed by final termination that took effect Friday.
    Female Yahoo exec sued for sexual harassment (Mercury News)
  • We’ll be seeing the headlines about this study explode with inaccurate reporting all week long. “Dr Valerie Voon, from the University of Cambridge, told the BBC: “This is the first study to look at people suffering from these disorders and look at their brain activity, but I don’t think we understand enough right now to say it is clearly an addiction. We don’t know if some of these effects are predispositions, meaning that if you have greater activity in these areas are you more likely to develop these behaviours or if it is an effect of the pornography itself – it’s very difficult to tell.”"
    Scientists probe ‘sex addict’ brains (BBC)

I hope this clip of Christopher Walken in “Pennies From Heaven” makes your Monday morning a little spicier, smilier :D

  • Meet the researcher struggling to gain approval for his medical device, which was originally designed to relieve back pain, but turned out to be an orgasm inducer in women.
    Accidental Orgasms (The Scientist)
  • Maybe the real reason that transgender issues are tougher to talk about than gay and lesbian ones is that it is almost impossible to separate the idea of gender from what we have between our legs. When my 9-year-old nephew was told that Seb was going to live as a man, he angrily blurted out, “But he doesn’t have a penis, does he?!”
    My Trans Son: Standing Tall (Huffington Post)
  • This centuries long quest for the perfect lube has lead to the development of high tech silicone lubes like Pjur Woman and even new hybrid lubes, like Wet Synergy. But what were people using before these amazing lubes were around?
    The History of Personal Lubricants (Condom Depo)

  • “In the 1980s, Candice (Candida) Royalle helped empower women when the government and anti-smut, pro-censorship feminists were excoriating pornography. Undaunted, Candida started her own company, Femme Productions, to shoot erotica/pornography with a woman’s vision. Since its inception, it has set the standard for feminist porn.” Her documentary is important, and I hope to see it funded.
    A Legend Looks Back (Adult Industry News)
  • Part of the reason that breakups are so insanely painful: Research shows that the discomfort people experience when looking at a picture of their ex shows up in the insular cortex: the same brain area that that’s active when you strike a nerve in your tooth, which scientists say is the most extreme physical pain you can feel.
    This Is Your Brain on a Break Up (Nerve)
  • What would it take to end sex trafficking and forced sexual labor without harming the lives and livelihoods of sex workers? We won’t know until we start listening to sex workers and making their needs part of the strategy. That can’t happen when the loudest voices are coming from people who are pushing for laws that make things worse for sex workers, over and over again.
    End Demand Is Bad For Sex Workers (Charlie Glickman)
  • “Some folks where confused with my mentioning of Visa/Mastercard and what that has to do with the Vampire photo shoots I have planned to do for my website, so I’ve decided to clarify. (…) Menstruation porn is outright banned which I think is sexist and prudish as fuck!”
    Clarification regarding Porn & Credit Card company rules (Naughty Nerdy)

  • The opening credits sequence for Showtime’s Masters of Sex, which returns Sunday for its second season, is one of the most divisive on television. A suggestive, tongue-in-cheek montage of some of the most enduring sex metaphors and symbols, the sequence has made numerous best-of lists and earned a recent Emmy nomination for Outstanding Title Design — but it has also attracted some hate.
    Behind the Unusual Opening Credits to Masters of Sex (TIME)
  • Rachel Kramer Bussel responds to the blogger who blames other women for her husband’s (allegedly) roving eye. “Recently, blogger Lauren of Apples and Band-Aids caused an uproar among bloggers when she wrote a post claiming that racy social media images by sexy female strangers were a threat to her marriage.”
    My Boobs Are Not A Threat To Your Marriage (RoleReboot)

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  • A sex worker injected lethal doses of heroin into Google executive 51-year-old Forrest Hayes before stepping over his body, downing a final swig of wine and then leaving him to die about his yacht. Contrary to headlines, she was not a “high-end escort” nor was he an upstanding family man. The married exec met her on a “sugar daddy” hookup website, continuing a relationship with her for some time, and police say she is under investigation in another state for a similar case. While police initially booked Alix Tichleman on second-degree murder, Santa Cruz County Superior Court confirms that prosecutors have charged her with eight counts including felony manslaughter, destruction of evidence, and transporting and providing narcotics. Hayes was an executive with Google X, the tech giant’s experimental lab, according to USA Today and Forbes. Google X focused on the company’s “moonshot” projects such as Google Glass and driverless cars.
    Call Girl Charged With Manslaughter In Google Exec’s Death On Yacht [Updated] (SFist)
  • A judge in Maryland granted a warrant for police to take a picture of a 17-year-old’s erect penis — an extreme adult reaction to teenage sexuality, one which would manufacture child pornography. His crime? He was sexting with his (also underage) girlfriend. In a sick twist of irony, the poor kid is being charged with possession and manufacturing of child pornography.
    Hysteria Over Sexting Reaches Peak Absurdity (The Atlantic)

  • Someone found a copy of graphic, erotic woman-on-beast romance novel “Bear” by Marian Engel, and it’s a real thing. It won a Canadian literary award, causing me to wonder what Canada actually is.
  • Late last month, India’s health minister Harsh Vardhan defended a call on his website to ban sex education. Dr. Vardhan, who is a surgeon by profession, is now on the defensive after he questioned the focus on condom use in the fight against the spread of H.I.V.
    India’s Sex-Ed Controversy (NYT)

  • Businessweek has decided to lavish a cover and profile on the clothing industry’s own Joe Francis. Among the charges in his termination letter: American Apparel’s Dov Charney used company money for personal plane tickets, he “misused company money in other ways”, and violated the company’s sexual-harassment policy. The board “recently learned that you presented significant severance packages to numerous former employees to ensure that your misconduct vis-à-vis these employees would not subject you to personal liability.”
    Dov Charney’s Sleazy Struggle for Control of American Apparel (Businessweek)
  • If beige is your signature color, please turn to the person on your right and wake her up, because I guarantee you have put that bitch to sleep.”
    50 Shades Of Motherfucking Beige (Lurid Digs)

  • The Svakom Gaga is a new sex toy from the China-based adult company Svakom. It’s a sex toy with a built-in camera lens at the tip, allowing you to get an up close and personal (perhaps too up close and personal) glimpse at your lady parts while you’re getting up close and personal with yourself.
    A Chinese sex toy company has come out with a GoPro vibrator (Daily Dot)
  • BaDoink Magazine CEO Todd Glider penned an open letter to Google questioning and criticizing its decision to strongly enforce its policy to bar adult companies from advertising via AdWords. In particular, Glider considers anti-porn group Morality In Media’s (MIM) public announcement of personal victory, citing a meeting between Google and the so-called “family values” group where the latter asked the California-based company to eliminate sexually explicits ads and any linkage to pornographic material, “no matter how benign their advertising.”
    BaDoink CEO Pens Open Letter to Google (XBIZ)

  • For years, sex workers have been the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley that no one talks about. But with money flowing from the technology industry, the sex trade is booming. “I continue to see an increase in the amount of technology clients I see here in the Bay Area,” said Siouxsie Q, a 28-year-old sex worker.
    Sex worker trade booming in Silicon Valley (USA Today)

  • If you really want to know if someone is into you, never mind what they say. It’s all in how they say it. A team of researchers has discovered that certain “paralingual” features of the human voice, particularly changes to pitch and modulation, can betray the speaker’s hidden sexual attraction to their listener.
    Voices Carry (Signals of Your Sexual Intent and Reproductive Value) (Scientific American)

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A recent e-mail from the Google AdWords Team to advertisers employing its popular service for getting visitors to websites, warns of upcoming changes to the company’s advertising policies that will eliminate its use by adult -- and potentially NSFW -- companies. Google Gores Adult: An Industry Perspective (XBIZ) GQ gave a reporter […]
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Image via This Week's Cover: 'Masters of Sex'. File under Fifty Shades of Shady. Jennifer Lynn Pedroza and Christa Beebe claim in court that former 'Writer's Coffee Shop' business partner Amanda M. Hayward conned them out of rights to the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy, and now they're suing Hayward. The […]
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Image via Sin City sequel poster with Eva Green deemed too risqué by US censor Daily Beast -- several years late to the conversation, and only noticing the *newest* wave of tech sex idiocy and conveniently ignoring tech's avoidance of disrupting the advertising industry -- writes, "Today’s tech scene is startup-fueled […]
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Because Facebook won't take down the "Elliot Rodger is a Hero" page. Get your shit together, @facebook. #YesAllWomen— tellì (@telliproclaims) May 25, 2014 On Friday night, 22-year-old student Elliot Rodger killed six people and wounded seven more in Santa Barbara: Rodger shot himself before police caught him. According to his […]
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