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  • Radiation shield boxers: While harm from cell-phone rays has so far been lacking sufficient scientific proof, a US firm wants men to take no chances with radiation. Boxer shorts made with the use of thin silver textile “absorb radiation” will help “protect men’s reproductive organs and maintain fertility health,” according to their producer, Manhattan-based Belly Armor company.
    Radiation-proof, sperm-friendly boxers launched (RT; also ABC)

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  • News outlets were quick to cover the launch of Titcoin, because it’s good fun and good click-bait to put porn and tech trends together. But what, then, has Titcoin done to be adult-industry friendly, other than insert ‘Tit’ into its name?
    Why Is Wall Street Taking ‘Titcoin’ Seriously? (Playboy; please note that the editor is responsible for the title of my article)
  • Porn tube sites now run the adult industry. Founded in 2007 by Canadians Stephane Manos and Ouissam Youssef, MindGeek (formerly known as Manwin and Mansef) has over 100 million daily visitors and is one of the top 10 consumers of bandwidth; some reports have them in the top three. They operate nearly a hundred websites that in total consume more bandwidth than Twitter, Amazon, or Facebook.
    Mindgeek porn monopoly: Its dominance is a cautionary tale for other industries. (Slate)

  • A Taiwanese company is taking social networks and teledildonics all the way (finally!) with the beta launch of its tasteful new social network, LovePalz Club. Intended to be paired with the LovePalz Twist (a sex toy with male and female versions that retail for $89 and $79 respectively), it makes use of Bluetooth to connect devices through a cloud server. Once coupled with another Twist, you can control the speed, pattern, and pressure of the vibrations felt by your partner.
    Adult Social Network Connects Strangers via Sex Toys (Future of Sex)

  • Miami-Dade (Florida) County’s sex offender residency law and housing restrictions are some of the tightest in the country. The ACLU is now challenging that law, and the way it’s been enforced in Miami, with a lawsuit filed Thursday on behalf of the sex offenders.
    ACLU Challenges Miami Law On Behalf Of Homeless Sex Offenders (NPR)

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  • The absolutism of the fight against vanilla sex (it’s never just like “have fun with it!”) suggests a total lack of awareness re: the actualities of the kink community.
    Vanilla Sex: A Perfectly Fine Way to Fuck (Gawker)

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  • Ebola and sex: it is transmitted through bodily fluids, but only after a patient begins showing symptoms, experts say. Even though sex involves a high level of bodily fluid exchange — including semen, saliva and sweat — most experts say it isn’t risky if a person is not showing initial flu-like symptoms of the virus such as a high fever, body aches and vomiting or diarrhea.
    Sex and Ebola: How risky? (CBS News)

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  • The giant inflatable ‘Christmas tree’ butt plug appears to have been vandalised overnight on Friday, hours after its creator admitted being partly inspired by a joke about an anal sex toy. Its 80ft high presence immediately drew outcry from some residents, who said Paris had been “humiliated” by the installation. Others dismissed the sculpture as a “provocation” and called for its removal.
    Paris ‘sex toy’ Christmas tree sculpture deflated by vandals (Independent UK)

  • People who post so-called “revenge porn” pictures and videos on the internet could face two years in jail under a new law. The new Criminal Justice and Courts Bill will have an amendment dealing specifically with the practice.
    ‘Revenge porn’ illegal under new law (BBC)

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  • “In an earlier era, a suspicious husband like Jay might have rifled through Ann’s pockets or hired a private investigator. But having stumbled upon Find My iPhone’s utility as a surveillance tool, Jay wondered what other apps might help him keep tabs on his wife.”
    The Adultery Arms Race (The Atlantic)
  • Nica Noelle is a veteran porn director and performer turned ASMRtist, who is pioneering what she calls erotic ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a subgenre of YouTube videos that feature soft-speaking, tapping, scratching, and people performing menial tasks like folding clothes or putting on makeup in the hopes of triggering “braingasms,” or a pleasurable, tingling sensation in the head and neck.
    The voice of erotic ASMR wants to give porn some love (Daily Dot)

  • The 14 women here are not medical experts able to diagnose abnormal penile conditions, so take their stories as personal experiences, not medical descriptions of micropenis (there are other conditions like “inconspicuous penis” or “buried penis” that can be confused for micropenis).
    14 Women Tell What It’s Like Having Sex With A Micropenis (Buzzfeed, of course)
  • When Stacy Rybchin — founder of a small, New York-based sex-toy startup — tried to sign up for online payment services with Stripe in August, she was turned away. She looked into using Volusion, an online shopping-cart startup, and was again denied. Same with SparkPay.
    It’s Hard Out There for a Sex-Toy Entrepreneur (Re/code)
  • Denmark is planning to ban bestiality after long-running international pressure over animal welfare. Denmark is one of the few European countries which still allows bestiality. Norway, Sweden and Germany have all banned the practice, leading to a rise in the underground animal sex tourism in Denmark.
    Denmark: ‘We have decided that we should ban sex with animals’ (Independent UK)

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  • Edward Smith told UK TV hosts on This Morning that he first became attracted to cars in 1965.
    Smith, whose condition is known as mechanophilia, is sexually attracted to machines – and as well as having sex with cars, has also had a relationship with a helicopter and planes, claiming they are all more arousing to him than women.
    Edward Smith has sex with more than 700 cars, lost virginity to a VW Beetle (News AU)
  • Sex and the upper classes: A lot of people are passing this op-ed around, though I think it fails because it’s hindered by many flawed assumptions about sexual behavior and about ‘poor people’ — not to mention the narrow procreation-normative (I just had to make a new term) framing about sex.
    Is sex only for rich people? (Washington Post)

  • “I don’t know much, but I do know for sure that I lost my virginity to an extraterrestrial woman,” says David Huggins. The 70-year-old from Hoboken, New Jersey has been making paintings of his encounters with aliens for many years.
    Alien Romance Art Documentary David Higgins (Animal NY)
  • HuffPo asked 12 people familiar with the sex industry — including a clinical sexologist, a community advocate for workers’ rights, an attorney in the commercial sex trade, and both current and former sex workers — were asked this question: Is female sex work empowering, “enslaving” … or more complicated than either?
    Is Sex Work Empowering Or Enslaving? 12 Experts Weigh In (HuffPo)

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  • My first article for Playboy points out that Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of revenge porn, and that suing Google would be the least productive use of the power, influence and money she could bring to actually changing what revenge porn victims go through.
    Jennifer Lawrence: The New Face of Revenge Porn (Playboy)
  • In a much-criticized post Wednesday on LinkedIn Pulse, business writer Bruce Kasanoff derided Jennifer Lawrence for posing modestly topless in Vanity Fair magazine. Originally titled “Why Jennifer Lawrence’s Breasts Confuse Me” and later changed to “Why Jennifer Lawrence Confuses Me,” Kasanoff’s piece showed an inability to understand consent. Kasanoff deleted the inflammatory article Thursday.
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Breasts Aren’t Sending Mixed Messages (TIME)

  • Someone is trying to make “The Snappening” happen. Whether they’re trying to make it happen as a nude photo dump or as a hoax is unclear. Naturally, Snapchat says it’s their users’ own fault saying, “Snapchatters were victimized by their use of third-party apps (…)”
    A Third-Party App May Have Leaked Tens of Thousands of Snapchat P (Gizmodo)

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  • Playboy just spoke with Elijah Wood while he was promoting Open Windows — a thriller that revolves around a computer geek (Wood) gaining voyeuristic access to his favorite actress (Sasha Grey) via increasingly questionable means — and discovered the most disturbing movie Wood has ever seen in a film and which of his Lord of the Rings co-stars smells the best.
    Elijah Wood opens up to Playboy About Sasha Grey, and more (Playboy)
  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s press office released details Wednesday of disciplinary action taken against eight state employees for viewing pornography on office computers while working for his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf; Mr. Wolf, who has a big lead in polls over the incumbent Republican, accused Mr. Corbett of allowing a “culture” of porn viewing among his employees while he was state attorney general.
    Pennsylvania porn wars rock governor’s race (Washington Times)

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  • When pressed, an EPA employee recently admitted he’d been cruising NSFW sites for two to six hours every workday since 2010. Similar revelations have emerged recently at the Department of the Treasury, the National Science Foundation, and the Federal Communications Commission, where an employee said he watched porn for up to eight hours a week because he was bored. In 2010, 33 Securities and Exchange Commission employees were found to have viewed pornography repeatedly instead of doing their work.
    Watching Porn at the Office: ‘Extremely Common’ (Businessweek)

  • Escorts make $100 a hand job — but entrepreneurs like me? We make $5,000 a night. Welcome to the new economy of the oldest profession.”
    Sex Is Sex. But Money Is Money. (Medium)
  • In news coverage of campus rape in recent years, scenarios with male sexual assault victims aren’t depicted too frequently. How gendered cultural scripts help conceal and laugh away a serious problem.
    When Women Sexually Assault Men (PS Mag)
  • Digital swinging on Tumblr: Nerve talks to some of the couples and singles who enjoy Tumblr as they would any other kind of sex party.
    Digital Swingers (Nerve)

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  • Trigger warning for violence, gore in a sexual context: Kink, the world’s largest producer of BDSM and fetish entertainment has opened the world’s first erotic haunted house. “Hell in the Armory” runs all this month in the 100-year old San Francisco Armory where the company shoots its adult films. While the erotic haunted house isn’t nearly as explicit as the company’s films, parental guidance is strongly suggested.
    Hell In The Armory (Kink,

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  • A few weeks ago, an image of a pumpkin-spice-flavored condom began spreading on Twitter, bringing with it a cascade of seasonal jokes. It remained a curiosity until a reporter with Quartz decided to reach out to Durex and its PR agency and ask the question: is it real?
    How We Got Screwed By Pumpkin Spice Condoms (Digg)

  • “It is one thing to wish to have a public conversation about passive and active forms of consent, about how to deal with regrettable sex after one has had it, about how to best take care of oneself after being sexually assaulted; it is another to publicly pick apart the details of someone else’s rape.”
    What Counts? Elizabeth Ellen and What Makes A Victim (The Toast)
  • “Every guy reacts differently to the No Sex bomb. Some play it cool while calculating how to coerce me into changing my mind. (This usually involves the showing off of foreplay moves, tales of the extreme pleasures I’ve been missing and/or purring that they don’t mind waiting — unless it’s going to be, like, two years, in which case they’re not so sure.) Some bail immediately.”
    When guys find out I’m a virgin (Salon; see also Meet the gay men who are waiting for marriage to have sex)
  • Penises grown in laboratories could soon be tested on men by scientists developing technology to help people with congenital abnormalities, or who have undergone surgery for aggressive cancer or suffered traumatic injury.
    Scientists ready to test lab-grown penises on men (Guardian UK)
  • “Today I read this article on digital medium theft and how it’s killing the porn industry. It both upset me and got me thinking. I think the porn industry is trapped in the 90s, holding firm to the DVD mentality and hasn’t caught up to the 2000s.”
    A Quick Opinion Piece on the Porn Industry (Oh Joy Sex Toy)

  • “His AIM handle was FrankZappy, and I believe he claimed to be a married man from Queens. I was Dana, a name I had lifted from a character on my favorite Purple Moon CD-ROM. Dana was 19, an aspiring veterinarian, and everyone told her she looked like Britney Spears. We met in an AOL chatroom in the “Friends” category, bonding over a shared interest in baseball and the inspiration for his screenname; I’d impressed him by referencing the lyrics to Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.”
    My first time with cybersex (Daily Dot)

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Above: Emily Ratajkowski, who plays Ben Affleck’s mistress in Gone Girl, from this hot GQ gallery.

  • In the past, Gone Girl’s cunnilingus scene would have earned the film a big, ugly NC-17 rating from the relentless prudes at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a shadowy trade organization that’s long deemed any degree of corporal violence as far more acceptable than female sexual pleasure, and has done more to shame male-to-female oral sex than Michael Douglas. But recently, the MPAA has loosened the stick in its collective ass and allowed women to go there whilst maintaining an R rating.
    Oral Sex Comes of Age in Hollywood: ‘Gone Girl’ the Latest Film to Showcase Female Pleasure (Daily Beast)

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  • This week, Google Plus started allowing account holders to self-flag their accounts as NSFW in a few new ways. The content policy has not changed, and they haven’t made it a per-post flagging option. But hey, it’s better than that other site.
    Restrict your content by age and location (Google+ Your Business, thank you A!)

  • The obvious problem with California’s new sexual consent law — which many other states are considering as well — is that it assumes that sexual assault, already a crime under multiple laws, is the result of miscommunication.
    The big problem with California’s new sexual consent law (The Week)

  • “I can’t remember the first time Denise told me about her phone-sex career, but it wasn’t long after we were introduced. She’s refreshingly — sometimes brutally — honest, and one of the most contagiously social people I’ve ever met. Denise is far and away the top earner at her company, where she’s been atop the leaderboard for more than a year.”
    My friend, the phone sex worker (The Verge)
  • Patrick “PK” McDonnell has joined the Titcoin adult digital currency team, the company announced today. Titcoin said McDonnell is globally known as “The Coyote of Wall Street” for his work on making Steve Madden a publicly traded company.
    Patrick McDonnell Joins Titcoin (XBIZ)

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  • “Adult stores have a stigma of a dirty guy in a trench coat ready to flash, we just want to make it more female friendly,” he said. “I don’t think a porn store could ever become gentrified. The fact that we exist as a business pisses people off.”
    16th and Mission Porn Shop Tries to Go Upscale (Mission Local)

  • Another great article by author Jesse Bering: The sex lives of so-called celibate clergy are notoriously difficult to study empirically. During the past decade, however, a few scholars have penetrated this cloistered world of smothered lust.
    The Masturbatory Habits of Priests (Playboy)

  • Bare Reality is a searingly intimate art and social project that features untouched photos of women’s breasts alongside personal stories of how they feel about them. British photographer Laura Dodsworth has launched a Kickstarter campaign so she can complete the project and publish the book.
    100 Women Get Real About Their Un-Airbrushed Breasts (A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age)

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  • Official figures expected to show Britain’s economic recovery even stronger than previously thought, with illegal drugs and prostitution, which represent 0.7pc of GDP, fuelling faster growth.
    Sex and drugs boost UK economy (Telegraph)

  • The Handie is a male masturbation glove that looks like a cartoon hand, but also like if something went terribly wrong while jacking off near something radioactive (No Pigsley! Down!) you’d become some kind of really angry NSFW comic supervillain. It is a glove made of elastomer silicone with a one-speed vibrator and onboard lube dispenser. The funding is set at $69K, which sadly looks like an arbitrary amount because they were trying to be cute, though the har-har sales text can’t be helping them any.
    The Handie: Adult Novelty for Men! (Indiegogo)

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Miss Georgia by Keith P. Rein, via Sex in Art.

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  • “It was only a matter of time before meatier critical journalism began to pick up on the butthole zeitgeist. Former Daily Beast contributor Maureen O’Connor paved the way with her butt play manifesto, published by New York magazine in April (and included on the cover, no less).”
    The ‘Back Door’ Is Having Its Pop Culture Moment (Daily Beast)

  • Delegates for the fourth annual EU XBiz adult entertainment conference at the Hilton London Metropole focused on potentially lucrative new business opportunities – including virtual reality glasses, sex dating on mobile, and niche webcam services.
    The future of porn: Virtual reality glasses at XBiz (Independent UK)

  • At the beginning of the week, we reported on an elaborate hoax staged by a Tampa woman named Alisha Hessler, who went by the name “Jasmine Tridevil” and tried to convince the internet she’d gotten a third breast implanted to appear unattractive to men. That was Monday. It’s now Friday, and brands are already capitalizing on the viral hoax to hawk Halloween costumes.
    Jasmine Tridevil: 3-Boob-Lady Halloween Costume (NY Magazine)

  • Erotic video makers and recording artists are combining two experimental technologies, 3D microphones and a phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), to convince the viewer’s brain it’s being touched.
    3D Sound and ‘Brain Tingles’ Make Cybersex Feel Real (Future of Sex)

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Sex News: Condom cookbook, Hustler IPO, actual prison sex, invisible bi men

26 September 2014
Condom Meals I Want to Make for You is a genuine cookery e-book co-created by Kyosuke Kagami. This novel cookbook contains eleven easy to make recipes, including such tempting delights as “Condom Push Sushi,” “Condom Meat Stuffing,” “Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter” and “Condom Cookies.” The Condom Cookbook: For those intimate […]
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Thanks BULL Magazine/University of Sydney for the mention. :) @AndreShakti @tinahornsass— Crash Pad Series (@CrashPadSeries) September 17, 2014 Slate asks, "So I have a question: If it’s “somewhat pedophilic” when my adult husband consensually spanks me in a simulated “punishment,” what should we call it when parents do the […]
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The new Oculus Rift program includes a pair of realistic feeling breasts supposed to interact with the virtual world of the headset. Upon squeezing the breasts – which are actually foam from a novelty mouse pad, the girl squeals with shock, covers her chest with her arms, and turns her […]
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Jon Millward got to analyze data from the U.K.’s number one retailer of sex toys (Lovehoney), and did some incredible data visualization based on one million sex toy sales. Down the Rabbit Hole: An Analysis of One Million Sex Toy Sales (Jon Millward) Two of the world’s biggest porn sites have promised […]
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Don't get hacked. Don't get outed. Fight harassment. Learn how in The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy (also on iTunes). Don't care how low @SpiritAirlines fares get. Not ever flying with them again when they pull stuff like this: #p2— Marc Peters (@rippleofhope) September 3, 2014 "So: this week, some sexual […]
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CIA sexbots, you say? Patrick Quinlan (PQ), who recently released his new ebook Sexbot ($2.99), spoke to Future of Sex about his work and how close his tale is to becoming real. ‘Sexbot’ Author Patrick Quinlan on CIA Sexbots, Mind Downloads and Immortality (Future of Sex) Massive trigger warning for sexual abuse […]
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Sex worker fury, a CP frameup: NSFW sex news longreads

24 August 2014
"This is the last fucking straw. As sex workers, we have had enough. We are sick of the public (including much of the left) clinging to the vestiges of a puritanical past. Therefore, with all due defiance and anger, we welcome you to a nuanced position on sexuality and labor: […]
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Sex News: Dr. Who porn, male porn star myths, lesbians have more orgasms, criminal pornbots

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It's satire -- but what sweet, sweet satire it is to see male rappers sexualized like female rappers. Genderflip rules. Male Rappers Pose Provocatively In Support of Nicki Minaj (Tea Breakfast) This week's target of the largely anonymous hivemind is indie game developer Zoe Quinn, who recently released the interactive fiction novel […]
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Sex News: George Takei’s saucy doc, NYC condom law dead, necrophilia crime

19 August 2014
Love this man so much. The actor George Takei, who plays himself in a new documentary, on the coming-out process, "Star Trek" and feuding with Shatner. A documentary, “To Be Takei,” opens in select cities and on VOD and iTunes Aug. 22. The film is a low-key depiction of Takei’s […]
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14 August 2014
Image via Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls. The Economist has analysed 190,000 profiles of female sex workers on websites where customers post reviews. The data cover 84 cities in 12 countries. In 2006 the average cost was around $340. By 2014 it had dropped to about $260. Why the price of […]
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Sex News: Coffee enema deaths, AHF targets, help Christy Mack

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Longread: Pygmalion’s true modern heir might be Davecat, a man who lives in southeastern Michigan with three high-end sex dolls. His first purchase, which he named Sidore Kuroneko, he considers his wife; the other two—named Elena and Muriel—are just intimate friends. (VB note: I consider Sidore and Dave my friends. […]
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Mandy Morbid describes what it's been like making the cult-hit YouTube show I Hit It With My Axe (a Dungeons and Dragons group comprised of porn performers), and the absolutely astonishing amount of abuse they've received from the gaming communities for being mostly female, and being in porn. It makes […]
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Porn has always come with a soundtrack. And that soundtrack has become part of our collective erotic imagination. From "Deep Throat" to "Cafe Flesh," the stories behind the sultry tunes that define our famous sex scenes. How sex got its soundtrack: The X-rated history of “boom-chicka-wa (Salon) "OkCupid’s ten-year history has been […]
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Sex News: Men who hate women’s erotica, Comic Con trans panel, polyamory study

22 July 2014
VB note: My sweetie is running the SF Marathon this Sunday to raise money for The Trevor Project, an LGBT youth suicide prevention organization. Help us meet (or beat!) our goal! While American generals have been criticized for their handling of an epidemic of sexual assaults, Australia's army chief, David Morrison, […]
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