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Last night’s dinner at Kink’s Upper Floor wasn’t actually called ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ — it was the BondCon 2014 awards dinner — but it felt like an Eyes Wide Shut dinner, so I’m calling it that. The evening was amazing, and I had the very sexy privilege of sitting at a table with Midori, @banirapai, legendary Shibari instructor Takeshi Nagaike, Norio Sugiura, and Juliette March. I didn’t actually know if I’d see anyone I knew there, so being with my friend Midori was a relief, and meeting Juliette was a sexy fangirl moment, for sure. It was a great way to start Folsom Street Fair weekend, San Francisco’s national holiday for happy pervs.

I was surprised and excited that the evening’s main event was Takeshi doing Shibari on Juliette March during dessert — it was truly dessert!

I’m about to get dressed up and go to the BondCon Ball, I’ll try and tweet photos as I can from the event. Anything super NSFW will get posted here tomorrow. As you can tell, my camera died — please don’t fret about the drop in my usual quality! I’m only able to shoot from my phone right now; the one I need isn’t cheap (shameless link!) but I hope to be able to pick it up next month and get back to normal.

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Eye Candy: New Hardcore

by Violet Blue on September 19, 2014

For porn of a different stripe, read this kinky, explicit erotic short story by an author I love to work with, K.D. Grace: The Pet Shop.

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  • Slate asks, “So I have a question: If it’s “somewhat pedophilic” when my adult husband consensually spanks me in a simulated “punishment,” what should we call it when parents do the same physical thing to actual children in an actual punishment?”
    Spanking Is Great for Sex (Slate)
  • “Just over two years ago I announced I was retiring the name “Louise Lush”. I decided to just be “Ms. Naughty” since that was the older name and one I was better known by. Except it’s proved harder to kill off Louise than I expected, mostly thanks to Google and Facebook. Last year I made five different attempts to have Google Plus recognize “Ms. Naughty” as a legitimate working pseudonym, to no avail. It’s only since their recent policy reversal that I’ve been able to change the name on my now totally neglected Google+ profile. On Facebook, I set up an account as “Louise Lush” because it sounded nice and realistic. Then I made it “Louise MsNaughty Lush” until some jerk in administration told me that name wasn’t real enough and forcefully changed it to just “Louise Lush”.”
    “Louise Lush” May Be Here To Stay: Pseudonyms and Facebook (Ms. Naughty)

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  • One day in 1779, a London couple, seeking treatment for their seven-year-old daughter, showed up at the Soho Square Dispensary for the Relief of the Infant Poor. The first doctor thought she might have a hernia. The second had a different idea.
    The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery (New Republic)

  • Last week, details about a possible Iggy Azalea sex video came to light, which she instantly denied, but then half un-denied. A day later, the man at the center of the sex video scandal, Jefe Wine unearthed a contract that Iggy had apparently signed giving him the rights to all recordings, including video, she’d made while he managed her career in 2007.
    Iggy Azalea Sues Her Alleged Sex-Tape Partner for Forgery and Other Weirdness (SPIN)
  • Into periods” is most definitely “a thing,” for men and women both. Some reasons are physical and hormonal; others practical; and many more are tied to erotic associations and pride in reveling in the uncensored female body.
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex (NY Magazine)

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  • Aptly titled “Sex Monsters”, 10 different artists (including my fave Jonathan Leder, above) explore the topics of gender bending, prostitution, fetishism and vice. A combination of photography, illustration, collage and assemblage, we get the chance to view some light erotica while questioning our accepted norms of sexuality.
    Sex Monsters: A Group Exhibition That Will Make You Blush (Beautiful Decay)

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  • “My new app Cuddlr is all about the power of touch, though some folks are confusing “touch” with “fucking”. Oddly enough, the hubbub shows exactly why the app and the discussion it is creating are necessary in the first place.”
    It’s a Touch, Not Sex (Medium)
  • SFBG has an in-depth on the current state of virtual reality sex (including Oculus Rift).
    Sex in the Matrix (SFBG)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. The jihadists’ rape campaign in Iraq and Syria is not a women’s issue. It is a terror tactic and a crime against humanity. So why won’t anyone in Washington talk about it?
    The Islamic State of Sexual Violence (Foreign Policy)

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On September 18, opens its doors for BondCon — a really one-of-a-kind open house with workshops, near-constant very adult Folsom-flavored tours of The Armory, parties and the Bondage Awards. The events and classes start this Thursday, and continue through the weekend. If you’re in town, definitely check *something* out at The Armory — and if you’re here for Folsom weekend, definitely pick a reason to go by and hang out.

Aaaand, I talked to Kink — anyone who uses my code VioletBlue gets 15% off any workshop! You have no excuse! Go get some smutty inspiration!

I’m really impressed with the classes and workshops on offer: this is going to be an opportunity to learn super sex-positive kinky techniques from more than just the staff of Kink (who are incredible in their own right). The classes range from mild to wild, including beginner classes (Spanking 101, Threesome Tips, How to Talk Like A Top) to lectures (Coming Out Kinky, Playful Non-Bondage Predicaments, Switching and How to Become A Professional Dominant) and expert level bondage instructionals. I’m thinking some of these might be a great date idea…

The Armory tours this week will be extra special, and extra-explicit. The BondCon tours include demos and there will be information stations staffed by Extreme Restraints, Boss Bondage, Stockroom, Orchid and Serpent Stores. Saturday is the night of Kink’s big Folsom party, a massive BondCon Ball open to the public, and “fetish wear is highly encouraged.” I’m definitely going to the Ball :D

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  • The new Oculus Rift program includes a pair of realistic feeling breasts supposed to interact with the virtual world of the headset. Upon squeezing the breasts – which are actually foam from a novelty mouse pad, the girl squeals with shock, covers her chest with her arms, and turns her eyes to the ground.
    Sex Pest Simulator Developed For Japanese Gropers (Austrian Times)
  • In light of the many ISIS propaganda videos that have circulated this summer, Burleigh’s point deserves further analysis and refinement. One of the most striking aspects of the more violent among these videos is their pornographic quality.
    The Pornography of Jihadism (The Atlantic)
  • As the CDC reports more than 20 million new cases of STDs each year, the condom has begun a frightening disappearing act.
    The Condom’s Disappearing Act (Nerve)
  • In a piece weighing the new, broadened U.S. strategy against the Islamic State, US News & World Report used this this quote from retired Airforce Gen. Michael Hayden: “The reliance on air power has all of the attraction of casual sex: It seems to offer gratification but with very little commitment.”
    Retired Gen. Hayden Compares U.S. ISIS Strategy To ‘Casual Sex’ (NPR)
  • We’re used to hearing the kind of “guy talk” that evaluates women according to their bra size or even … interior dimensions — but not so much women about the valuation of a guy’s cock.
    The real story of how women evaluate men’s junk (Salon)
  • Massive trigger warning. In its short history as a state, Alaska has earned an unnerving epithet: It is the rape capital of the U.S. At nearly 80 rapes per 100,000, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Alaska’s rape rate is almost three times the national average; for child sexual assault, it’s nearly six times.
    Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness (The Atlantic)
  • Shimiken has been dubbed Japan’s “King of Adult Video Actors.” To date, he’s appeared in over 7,000 adult movies during his sixteen-year career. Sounds like he’s overworked! Know why? There aren’t enough male performers in Japan, he says.
    Japanese Porn Needs More Male Porn Stars. Apparently. (Kotaku)
  • Although sex makes serious demands on the spine, no one has taken the time to study how different sexual positions can accommodate different back problems. But Stuart McGill and Natalie Sidorkewicz of the University of Waterloo in Canada rose to the challenge.
    Assume the position (The Economist)
  • A campy low-budget sexploitation Troma film (“Breeding Farm”) is enjoying newfound popularity after one of its actors was spotted appearing in a campaign commercial for the Democrat running for governor of Pennsylvania, the film’s director said on Wednesday.
    Porn flick a winner in Pennsylvania governor’s race (Reuters)
  • If you can ignore the childish reminders that the writer thinks porn [sex] is gross and OMGdirty, the photo story about taking the Armory tour is a bit interesting.
    55 Things I Saw At A Real Live Porn Studio (Buzzfeed)

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Eye Candy: Quickie

by Violet Blue on September 11, 2014

I was clicking through my porn feeds and this new video stopped me in my tracks. Holy chemistry Batfriends, this is hot. They are both hot. Phew.

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Sex News: Male sex work, evangelical ‘penis homes’, porn for net neutrality, fake Fleshlight bust

10 September 2014
Jon Millward got to analyze data from the U.K.’s number one retailer of sex toys (Lovehoney), and did some incredible data visualization based on one million sex toy sales. Down the Rabbit Hole: An Analysis of One Million Sex Toy Sales (Jon Millward) Two of the world’s biggest porn sites have promised […]
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Photography by Shuji Kobayashi

5 September 2014
The photography of Tokyo-based Shuji Kobayashi is a lovely way to spend a moment of distraction as we hit the end of a very bizarre week. C-Heads has a short interview with him in Catching The Light, and he also maintains an erotic Blogspot blog, re-flection.
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Sex News: Fap Ninja, celeb nude scandal, Tumblr’s adult search settings

4 September 2014
Don't get hacked. Don't get outed. Fight harassment. Learn how in The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy (also on iTunes). Don't care how low @SpiritAirlines fares get. Not ever flying with them again when they pull stuff like this: #p2— Marc Peters (@rippleofhope) September 3, 2014 "So: this week, some sexual […]
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[Video] The fourth installment of Trans by Dave Naz

3 September 2014
The fourth video in Dave Naz's incredible interview series Trans featuring transgender women has been published, and it's as great as the first three. To remind readers, this wonderful interview series is just a part of the much wider world of transgender experience. If you like this, check out Naz’s […]
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Eye Candy: Best of All-Natural Babes

30 August 2014
Silvie Luca and Dennis Reed - Give And Take/a> Sandy Sweet, her boyfriend Ryan D. - To Have And To Fuck Summer Carter, Tellula Rose, gentleman friend - Summer Carter Casts Tellula Rose Lilah and Joey - Post Picnic Snack (unshaven) Maggie Mayhem, Nikki Silver, Ava Solanasm, Felix Weatherwood - Lesbian Forest Voyeurs […]
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Sex News: Naked tasering, THC lube, Sexbot the book, metrosexuality redux

28 August 2014
CIA sexbots, you say? Patrick Quinlan (PQ), who recently released his new ebook Sexbot ($2.99), spoke to Future of Sex about his work and how close his tale is to becoming real. ‘Sexbot’ Author Patrick Quinlan on CIA Sexbots, Mind Downloads and Immortality (Future of Sex) Massive trigger warning for sexual abuse […]
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Sheri and watermelon Shibari in Wolf Magazine

25 August 2014
This set is really hot -- Sheri by Nicolas Guérin for Wolf Magazine -- but I'm so tickled by the watermelon in bondage that I just had to share it for the 'food porn' factor alone. Captive, naughty melon! It's so cute all tied up :D
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Sex worker fury, a CP frameup: NSFW sex news longreads

24 August 2014
"This is the last fucking straw. As sex workers, we have had enough. We are sick of the public (including much of the left) clinging to the vestiges of a puritanical past. Therefore, with all due defiance and anger, we welcome you to a nuanced position on sexuality and labor: […]
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Eye Candy: Start nice, finish kinky (bad hackers get pegged)

22 August 2014
Tiffany Doll, Samantha Bentley - Need a Firm Hand? Katie - Get Dirty Ivy and Tina - Squirting for Ivy Katy, Sally, Richard - "Everybody's Dream" Anita and Nick - Morning Romance In 1960s Paris she became known as the world’s most exclusive madam, whose client list was said to include John Kennedy, de Gaulle, […]
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Sex News: Dr. Who porn, male porn star myths, lesbians have more orgasms, criminal pornbots

22 August 2014
It's satire -- but what sweet, sweet satire it is to see male rappers sexualized like female rappers. Genderflip rules. Male Rappers Pose Provocatively In Support of Nicki Minaj (Tea Breakfast) This week's target of the largely anonymous hivemind is indie game developer Zoe Quinn, who recently released the interactive fiction novel […]
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[Video] Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

19 August 2014
You're about to see a whole lot of headlines about how Nicki Minaj's new "Anaconda" music video is 'softcore porn' -- ostensibly by people who don't watch a lot of softcore porn. While Ms. Minaj isn't known for her subtlety, it's definitely better than softcore porn, and I'll argue it's […]
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Sex News: George Takei’s saucy doc, NYC condom law dead, necrophilia crime

19 August 2014
Love this man so much. The actor George Takei, who plays himself in a new documentary, on the coming-out process, "Star Trek" and feuding with Shatner. A documentary, “To Be Takei,” opens in select cities and on VOD and iTunes Aug. 22. The film is a low-key depiction of Takei’s […]
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Eye Candy: Sexy anal couples and doubles

15 August 2014
Avril Sun, Hannah Shaw, Demetri Xxx - Well Tipped Cathy Heaven, gentleman friend - Taking Charge (Pleasure Professionals) Denise S., Lutro - Neverland Lien, Mira C. - Shades of Lust Jessica Moore, two gentleman friends - Intense [Double] Penetration Ava Dalush, two gentleman friends - Ava's Fantasy (Initiation Of Ava Dalush) Riley Evans, Tony Oliver, gentleman […]
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Sex News: Intersex sex ed, commercial sex prices, threesome realities

14 August 2014
Image via Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls. The Economist has analysed 190,000 profiles of female sex workers on websites where customers post reviews. The data cover 84 cities in 12 countries. In 2006 the average cost was around $340. By 2014 it had dropped to about $260. Why the price of […]
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