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Don’t get hacked. Make safe dating profiles. Fight back against online harassment. Learn how in my new book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy (also on iTunes). Find out more at Smart Privacy.

  • A rapper who has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan cut off his own penis before attempting suicide by leaping from a building, police said today. Andre Johnson was rushed to hospital on Wednesday after he jumped from a second-floor balcony at an apartment building in North Hollywood. Mr Johnson was found on the sidewalk critically injured and was taken to hospital along with his severed penis. It is unclear if doctors are attempting to reattach his penis, TMZ reported.
    Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper cuts off his own penis before attempting suicide by jumping from a building (DailyMail)

  • Sweetie looks much like other unfortunate young Filipinas. Just 10 years old, her user profile shows, she spends her days online fielding requests from men who offer her money to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam. Unlike her peers, though, Sweetie is a computer-generated avatar created by a Dutch non-profit group seeking to unmask sexual predators on the Internet. Some 20,000 people contacted Sweetie during the eight weeks she was online last year, while researchers in an Amsterdam warehouse used keystrokes to turn her head, make her stare attentively or reach to adjust her webcam.
    Pedophiles Lured by Avatar in Tech Industry Porn Fight (Bloomberg)
  • China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications just announced another big campaign against pornography. The “Cleaning the web” initiative is to last until November and target websites, search portals, mobile app stores, and set-top boxes that provide access to porn.
    China’s latest crackdown on porn has little to do with porn (Quartz)
  • “If only they were a little more like . . . earrings,” the Kate Upton said of her 34-D’s. “If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons.”
    Kate Upton hates her breasts (Page Six)

  • “I’ve been performing in feminist porn for several years, and this year I attended the Ninth Annual Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards and Conference in Toronto. (…) The director’s vision was for us to act out a sensual kink scene inspired by the most popular fan-fiction in all the land: 50 Shades of Grey. However, dirty talk and rough sex were frowned upon, as the producers were aiming for something more BDSM-light.” (She’s talking smack about filming this scene for Ms. Naughty.)
    Authentically Yours: Feminist Porn Gets Political (SF Weekly)
  • During its five-year, four-city pilot, the CDC is focusing on preventing dating violence among middle-schoolers in Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, and Fort Lauderdale. As part of follow-up research to assess the program’s effectiveness, the pilot will compare an eighth-grade-only program in schools with a comprehensive approach spanning three grades and multiple spheres of influence.
    The New Sex Education Focuses on Preventing Violence (The Atlantic)

  • In a new video created by TDA_Boulder for Sir Richards Condom Company, Andrew Kresge, director of operations for Sir Richards, says, “I’m doing my part to help the world. That’s what we do here at Sir Richard’s. For every condom you purchase, we donate one to a developing country. So far, Sir Richard’s has donated over 2.5 million condoms.”
    Half Naked Man Says the More Sex We Have The More Lives We Save (AdRants)
  • An online petition that seeks to oust the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s CEO and president, Michael Weinstein, now has the support of the Free Speech Coalition. Weinstein has been asked to resign from his post for recent comments made about Truvada, the pre-exposure prophylaxis, FDA-approved medication for use by people at high risk for HIV. The drug is intended to help prevent transmission of the virus.
    FSC Supports Petition Targeting AHF’s Weinstein (XBIZ)
  • The Louisiana House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly — 27–67 — to retain a law banning “crimes against nature,” including oral sex and all forms of same-sex sexual contact. The law has been unenforceable for over ten years, since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas that laws criminalizing consensual private sexual behavior are unconstitutional.
    Louisiana Lawmakers Refuse To Repeal State Law Banning Oral Sex (ThinkProgress)

  • I covered the reactive, transparent dress two years ago, but still want one! The INTIMACY 2.0 project (because it can’t truly be INTIMATE unless it’s in ALL CAPS) comes from Studio Roosegaarde, a “social design lab for interactive art, fashion, and architecture” based in China and the Netherlands. According to the project description on its website, the garment is intended to “explore the relationship between intimacy and technology.”
    This dress becomes transparent when it detects you’re turned on (Daily Dot)

  • “Saturday night, a small posse and I drove down to Long Beach, Calif., to catch the “Best of Hump! Tour.” For the uninitiated, Hump is an exhibitionist extravaganza hosted every year by sex columnist-turned-dirty-movie emcee Dan Savage in which ordinary folks become weekend porn stars, shooting sexually explicit short films designed to arouse and entertain a room full of like-minded strangers.”
    Leave Your Hangups at Home: Hump! Amateur Porn Fest Hits the Road (Variety)
  • An auction to sell off the Girls Gone Wild franchise’s assets was called off last week because there were no qualified overbids submitted to the bankruptcy trustee. In February, bankruptcy trustee R. Todd Neilson secured a stalking horse bid for $1.825 million to purchase the brand’s assets, including its trademarks, domain names and litigation rights, as well as its assumed liabilities.
    TTIGirls Gone Wild Auction Called Off; No Competing OverbidsLE (XBIZ)

  • “It’s been a while since we’ve seen shenanigans from American Apparel. But an image currently on their website promoting a new line of miniskirts features a women wearing a pleated miniskirt bent over exposing her underwear. And it caught our attention.”
    Pervy Upskirt Shot Touts American Apparel Miniskirt Line (AdRants)

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Take a few minutes to immerse your imagination in the works by Italian artist Federico Massimiliano Mozzano. The strangely moody ones you see here are from his “Embryo” series. Translated, he explains the Embryo series is: “… a metaphor, my reflection on human nature, bodies grown physically, but not yet completely independent, so there is who decides to rebel trying to rise to the surface, those who surrender dropping to the bottom, there are the undecided waiting to be convinced and those who remain comfortably still waiting for all steps.”

{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

Don’t get hacked, make safe dating profiles and fight back at online harassment: learn how in my new book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy. Find out more on the book’s Smart Privacy Tumblr.

  • Vanessa Omoregie’s camgirlsproject project pairs famous paintings of nude muses – Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (1486), Amedeo Modigliani’s Nudo Sdraiato (1917) and Guerin Pierre Narcisse’s Morpheus and Iris (1811) — with overlaid crops of camgirl-style self-portraits.
    Classic Nude Paintings Remixed With Consenting Camgirls (Animal New York)
  • IMO, this is a serious threat to free expression. The Web as we know it is being replaced, slowly but surely, by mobile apps. Access to those apps is controlled by just two companies: Apple and Google. There are now more people using mobile devices than are using desktop browsers. Do you have an app for your adult site? Not for Apple/IOS devices, you don’t, because Steve Jobs hated porn so badly that Apple still bans anything vaguely sexy from its app store. You probably don’t have an Android app for your adult site, either; Google’s app store has always banned explicit content, and recently tightened the rules to exclude “erotic” content as well.
    Where Your Adult Site Visitors Went (Eros Blog)
  • The Federal Trade Commission’s move this week to formally charge the operators of with alleged deceptive trade practices involving improperly obtained profiles signals the beginning of a new focus for the agency. The FTC said in a federal complaint that misled users when it claimed the content on the site had been created by users. In fact, regulators said, most of the site’s content was harvested from Facebook.
    FTC Complaint Signals Caution for Dating Sites (XBIZ)

Veiviev’s New Awesome Oculus Porn Demo from on Vimeo.

  • Don’t miss this fascinating exploration on Oculus Rift tech and gender, where danah boyd begins with the accusation that it’s a sexist creation and attempts to solve the question as to why women are more prone to be sick in simulators than men.
    Is the Oculus Rift sexist? (Quartz)
  • ABC News’ Nightline will be airing a segment “The Effects of Piracy on Adult Entertainment” tonight at 12:35 a.m. EST. The piece focuses primarily on Tasha Reign, but also includes interviews with Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass, Wicked Pictures contract performer and director Jessica Drake and many more from the mainstream porn industry.
    ABC’s Nightline to Air Segment on Porn Piracy Tonight (XBIZ)

  • Ever feel like you just don’t have the energy for sex during the work week? Between exhausting jobs, kids and other duties, it’s hard to fit enough time in the day. But it’s not impossible to maintain a good sex life.
    How To Maintain Your Sex Life During The Work Week (LifeHacker AU)
  • The 2014 Feminist Porn Conference was presented by The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto April 5 and 6. It was the culminating event in a week of diverse happenings that included a special film screening of the past year’s best films, a storytelling event, a fisting workshop, a new film festival, and the ninth annual Feminist Porn Awards (2014 winners are here). More than 300 people attended the second annual conference.
    2014 Feminist Porn Conference Reports Spike in Attendance (XBIZ)
  • In a lawsuit by revenge porn victims over the controversial revenge porn website, a Texas state trial court had ruled that Texxxan’s web host, GoDaddy, was liable for hosting the site. Today, a Texas appellate court fixed the lower court’s obvious legal error and emphatically ruled that GoDaddy qualifies for Section 230′s protection. While this is good news for the judicial system’s accuracy, it’s hardly the last word on revenge porn legal questions.
    Revenge Porn Is Bad, But It’s Not GoDaddy’s Fault (Forbes)
  • It was only a matter of time. If you’ve never heard of bubbling, the ingenious invention of a young, lonely Mormon man that lets your mind turn innocent bikini shots into porn, now’s your chance to get acquainted.
    The Bubble Porn Video: No Nudity, But Extremely NSFW (Gizmodo)

  • Despite the daunting challenge of collecting information and artifacts surrounding one of the most unspoken parts of our culture, Vienna’s Museum of Contraception and Abortion has managed to gather an impressive collection of contraceptive curios.
    The Museum of Contraception and Abortion (Atlas Obscura, via Viviane’s Twitter)
  • Mississippi’s sex-ed curriculum is not notable for its progressive nature. But one thing you can’t say about the Magnolia State is that it follows the advice of some conservative parents who want schools to totally ignore homosexuality. In fact, state law mandates that the subject be discussed, at least briefly: Students are to be told that homosexual activity is illegal.
    Mississippi’s Sex-Ed Classes Teach Kids That Homosexuality Is Illegal, Even Though It Isn’t (New Republic)
  • Sex with robots may currently be restricted to fiction, but with advances in technology this could eventually change. Despite how some may react, this is something that should be accepted, maybe even embraced.
    Robots and sex: creepy or cool? (Guardian UK)

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The video above is Trans: A Photo and Video Project by Dave Naz Part 3, the most recent installment of Naz’s incredible interview series. Yes, this is a mere slice of the trans experience, yet the series is a very cool contribution to a wider conversation. I’m loving it. If you want to watch the videos in chronological order, go to Dave Naz’s page for the Trans docu project or start at the bottom of this post. Also, check out Naz’s great Genderqueer series.

The list of included voices so far is Wendy Summers, Kelli Lox, Foxxy, Eva Cassini, Jamie French, Tasha Jones, Tiffany Starr, Mandy Mitchell, Evie Eliot, Jenny Elizabeth, Stefani Special, Mia Isabella, Tara Jolie, Kendra Sinclair, Eva Lin, Venus Lux and Riley Kilo.

{ 0 pieces of BRILLIANCE put forth by our DARING and DELIGHTFUL readers }

Announcement: Hi everyone! I have a new book out! It’s The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: the culmination of my journalism on hackers and cybercrime, plus my work on sex and privacy. Find out more on the book’s Smart Privacy Tumblr, get it on Amazon for Kindle, or order it DRM-free and direct from my Shopify store. I self-published it, so help me spread the word!

Above: Brooke Candy, more at Fashiontography.

  • When a chronic pain syndrome made sex excruciating, our writer found relief from the most surprising source. “The idea of injecting de-activated botulism into my pelvic floor was not one that thrilled me. Still, if it meant that Eric and I could have the kind of sex we used to have, it was worth a shot.”
    Botox Saved My Sex Life (DAME)
  • Surprise, surprise, the mainstream porn industry is hating on Belle Knox for not being “one of them.” “(…) starting with adult performer Belle Noire’s crusade to “expose” Knox. After tweeting at Knox for weeks, last week she published an essay called “Behind the Scenes: Belle Knox,” alleging that Knox was “completely contradictory, irrelevant, and unknowledgeable of the porn industry.”
    Growing backlash against Duke porn star in adult film industry (Daily Dot)
  • In December, the online travel company surveyed 1,000 air travelers and found that nine per cent of them reported being intimate on a plane at least once. “It happens more often on longer flights, of course. The transatlantic flights are the most popular, but it happens in business class as frequently or even more so than economy class, for instance.”
    Sex acts on airplanes not uncommon, experts say (CBC)

  • After one writer recently revealed that she’s made as much as $30,000 in a single month writing erotic ebooks featuring creatures like Bigfoot, it became clear that monster erotica has quietly become a hugely popular genre. But what attracts readers with sexy stories about mythological beasts?
    Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular Anyway? (io9)

  • “Can sex save Denmark?”, the advert asks. Hotel rooms are one of life’s great aphrodisiacs – at least that’s the theory behind a new campaign from Danish package-holiday specialist Spies Rejser. Its latest TV campaign, Do It For Denmark, aims to encourage Danes to go on holiday in the hope that they might procreate while abroad.
    Sun, sex and a baby: the unusual package holiday for Danes (Guardian)
  • Former porn performer “Melissa Midwest” Harrington is being dropped as the face of a multibillion-dollar Manhattan lawsuit against, making her the second woman since January to be removed from top billing in the case. Once among the top 10 most-searched names on the Internet, she recently demanded that she be removed from the class-action, trademark-infringement suit. lawsuit loses second lead plaintiff (NY Post)
  • Nuts, the weekly that along with arch-rival Zoo shook up the men’s magazine market a decade ago but attracted criticism for their sexist portrayal of women, is to close.
    Nuts magazine to close (Guardian)

Above: Lauer and Srol, more at Fashionising.

  • I compartmentalized my disability and my sexuality like it was my job until after college. Then I realized I wanted to actually have sex instead of just picking it apart in sociology class. So, like any self-respecting queer lady, I turned to the internet — and met Alex.”
    Know Me Where It Hurts: Sex, Kink, and Cerebral Palsy (Autostraddle)

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Steve Diet Goedde – Aradia in Tucson (video)

3 April 2014
Aradia in Tucson from Steve Diet Goedde. The incredibly talented Steve Diet Goedde just brought out this gorgeous film from the archives: "A video editorial of a photoshoot done in 2008 of model Aradia by Steve Diet Goedde. The footage was shot in Eric Kroll's house who graciously let us […]
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Eye Candy: Best of Babes

30 March 2014
Talia - Mistress Revealed (image above) Solana - Soft and Warm Zhanna - All Set to Go Tiffany Doll, Charlize Tinkerbell, Lola - Young Harlots / Girls Dorm (image above) Tiffany, Ava Dalush - Young Harlots / Girls Dorm (image below) Holly Michaels - In The Groove (screenshots; image above via) Wicky - The Mansion Angel S., […]
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Sex News: GTA porn star mystery, a study on faking it, HBO cockblocks Girls

28 March 2014
Pink Bra Bazaar/Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images photo via FP World In Photos. In the past two weeks, hundreds of Internet users have spent hours investigating every career detail of felonious, law-evading porn performer Jake Steed. This isn’t due to a new porn film or his emergence from hiding. Instead, it’s a cryptic […]
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Eye Candy: Quickies

28 March 2014
Work Out Session with Riley Reid, Bruce Venture (image above via) Taking Turns with Carla Cox Dido Angel Samantha Joons Beautiful Paradise with Abby Paradise Megan Coxxx, Lexi Belle, male friend - Nymphomaniac Ashley Coda, two male friends - Not So Innocent Featured site: Nubiles Porn Lorelei Lee, Beretta James, more - Crash Pad's Guide to […]
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Call for Submissions: Best Women’s Erotica 2015

22 March 2014
The official call for Best Women's Erotica 2015 submissions is now open. I’m looking for the best erotic short stories written by women for the 2015 edition of the leading series for explicit women’s literature. The window for submissions get tighter each year, due to the level of competition and […]
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Eye Candy: Quickies

22 March 2014
Kattie Gold, Kristof Cale - Fucking Amazing Noleta - By Myself Dido Angel, Tommy - Goddess Of Love Hannah Shaw, Avril Sun, Demetri - Pleasure Professionals (more)
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Sex News: Corporate censorship, in defense of kink, ‘why do you hate porn stars’?

20 March 2014
"The takeaway here is that the content you’re producing can be perfectly legal, not obscene by any jury’s definition, and if you can’t find a way to publish it you can still be censored as effectively as by the government or police. Everything we sell online is controlled by unregulated, […]
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A great review of Kissing: A Field Guide

20 March 2014
Alison Tyler is a writer I seriously admire, and I've had the honor of working with her for over ten years on a variety of projects. To my surprise and delight, she did a fabulous quickie review of my book Kissing: A Field Guide. In her post Kissing Is an […]
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Art by Michael Oswald

16 March 2014
Digital artist Michael O's bio says he's a full-time Bollywood movie poster artist, which is really cool all on its own. His Deviant Art profile has all kinds of sexy futuristic goodness, plus a terrific update on R2D2 and Rosie the Riveter's We Can Do It poster. See also: this […]
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Eye Candy: Belle Knox, and more new pretty porn

14 March 2014
Belle Knox - Passion HD (video) Belle - Casting Couch X (video) Very cute gallery of Belle Knox nude in bed, and doing some public flashing in Los Angeles Read about Belle Knox in her own words. Tommy and Lara - Creamy Coffee Alysa and Gina - Poolside Fantasy Dillon Harper - Passion HD (video) Tucker and […]
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Sex News: Daily Show’s recycled penis pumps, @PornHub contest, more anti-porn fapping in the UK

13 March 2014
It's really hard to find an article about this protest that is objective and not some weird first-person "me and porn" post. Basically, anti-porn feminist Gail Dines and all-around maker-upper of porn hysteria is teaming up with Guardian UK's prize anti-porn mouthpiece to get as much attention as possible and […]
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Ellen von Unwerth: “Sexy Boudoir / Glam Cabaret” for Madame Figaro

13 March 2014
How did I miss this gem? Ellen von Unwerth's sexy short “Sexy Boudoir / Glam Cabaret” for Madame Figaro (magazine) is sweetly silly, and wholly enjoyable. The Citizens of Fashion have a gallery from the session in an easily viewable, nice large hi-res post.
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Eye Candy: Chiaki Kimono

11 March 2014
A quickie: model Chiaki, looking beautiful.
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Sidney Bristow in Bambi Magazine

10 March 2014
Fashionising calls Sidney Bristow in Bambi Magazine "fetishised sensuality gone rogue" and I'd have to agree, though it's more of a haute couture version of the concept. The fashion blog explains, "It’s not about the desire to shock anymore, not since the bondage element has long morphed into a full […]
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