From myself and all the authors: this is our holiday present to you this weekend only: My newest books are $0.99: Filthy Housewives and Holiday Kink!

  • The actor playing Christian Grey in the ’50 Shades’ movie revealed to Elle UK his true feelings about BDSM and kink: Jamie Dornan basically thinks it’s weird (“whatever [it is] they do”) and boring, and after visiting a dungeon to research his part in the film, he felt gross. “Then going back to my wife and newborn baby afterwards… I had a long shower before touching either of them.” What a total fucking douchebag!
    Meet Christian Grey: Jamie Dornan exclusive (Elle UK)
  • The U.K.’s new statutory rules banning porn content [no longer] ban “face-sitting,” ATVOD said in a newsletter disseminated yesterday. “Contrary to some press reports, the new regulations do not ban outright activities such as ‘face-sitting’ or ‘spanking,’” ATVOD said.
    ATVOD Clarifies New Porn Regs; ‘Face-Sitting’ Is OK (XBIZ)
  • A&E: Exploiting sex workers. This is disgusting, harmful and it needs to be stopped. 8 Minutes will follow retired Orange County police officer and clergyman Kevin Brown as he attempts to convince women to leave sex work behind. Brown does this by posing as a client and confronting sex workers in hotel rooms, where he spends the eponymous eight minutes trying to persuade them to switch trades.
    To Catch a Sex Worker: A&E’s Awful, Exploitative Ambush Show (Daily Beast)

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  • “I got down and dirty at Sex on Fifth Avenue in early December: the scene was an intense mélange of over-the-top fashion statements, artful nudity, impossibly glamorous makeup, and performance art, all mixed in with strobe lights, fog machines, and the museum’s exhibits (which included a bouncy castle made of inflatable boobs). Afterward, I talked to Kayvon about where the party fits into the New York nightlife scene, self-expression, art, and (obviously) sex.”
    Meet the Party Host Who Is Bringing Sex Back to Fifth Avenue (Nerve)
  • YAAAYYY!!!! Airing January 10, TLC is taking a shot at a latenight talkshow franchise, tapping Margaret Cho to co-host a panel talkshow focused on sex. Cho will host “All About Sex” with fellow comedian Heather McDonald, actress Marissa Jaret Winokur and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, an Atlanta-based sex and relationship counselor.
    Margaret Cho to Co-Host TLC Latenight Talkshow ‘All About Sex’ (Variety)

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  • Skirt Club is a monthly girls-only sex party for straight women in London. Members are mostly married thirty-somethings looking to experiment. Founder Geneviève LeJeune started the club as glamorous alternative to London’s ‘seedy’ sex club scene, and has plans to expand to Miami, New York and Toronto.
    Inside Skirt Club Britain’s first elite sex club for straight women (Daily Mail)
  • Warning for sexual abuse survivors. Scotland Yard has said claims by a witness that a “VIP” sex abuse ring murdered three boys are “credible and true”. The allegations made by the witness, known by the pseudonym Nick, have triggered a murder investigation. Police said the alleged abuse by a Westminster-based paedophile ring lasted a decade at locations across London and the Home Counties, including military premises.
    Claims that boys were murdered by VIP sex ring are credible and true (Guardian UK)

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  • It’s being tipped as the lesbian equivalent of Grindr, but “classier”, a dating app “for lesbians, by lesbians”: introducing, the woman-made app, Scissr. The free app, which will be available on iOS and Android, will fill a gap in the women-seeking-women app sector.
    Scissr dating app: the new Tinder for lesbians? (Guardian UK)

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Holiday Kink

Get it while it’s hot! And timely: Holiday Kink ($2.89, $2.99) just came out and I’m so excited! It’s a 7-story collection I put together so we’d all have some hot erotica on hand through the season. The stories are from a handful of my favorite erotica writers, and the stories alternate with some of my favorite holiday cocktail recipes and sex tips I selected especially for holiday sex predicaments.

Seven stories crafted by accomplished authors — Holiday Kink is one collection of smart, explicit erotica to pervert the usual circumstances of cheesy cheer into unforgettable erotic escapes. These dirty little quickies are perfect for sharing.

The office’s reluctant ‘nice girl’ gets volunteered to recruit a holiday party Santa… and she ends up over the security team lead’s lap.

A boyfriend comes home late on Christmas Eve, only to find his girlfriend dressed as a cheesy elf-slut, fast asleep after gorging on the sex toys he left wrapped under the tree…

Public sex, rough dominance, chance encounters, mean girls with strap-ons, oral service, and very explicit sex deck the halls of this seven-story holiday collection.

Filthy HousewivesI hope you love it! You can get Holiday Kink at my Digita Publications store or find Holiday Kink on Amazon. This 7-shot is the second book in my new series after I teamed up with other former Cleis Press authors to make our own indie erotic books, on our terms, sharing profits, and to stop getting swindled by greedy publishers (ahem). The first book, Filthy Housewives, was our first strike in taking back our power, our art (and our profits!) after Cleis sold its entire back catalog of our work without telling us.

This collection of twisted holiday erotica from skilled authors delivers much more than sexy stories with seasonal decorations on top. Instead, these stories twist the holiday trappings for sexual impact, and cast our yearly traditions into arousing set pieces. Each story is a kinky escape, and each chapter alternates with recipes for holiday aphrodisiac drinks and sex tips for holiday frolic.

This book contains adult situations, including spankings, domestic discipline, backdoor play, bisexual men and women, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts dominant sexual relationships, kinky sex toys and BDSM practices.

Holiday Kink – Table of Contents

Introduction: A Keepsake by Violet Blue
It’s A Secret, Santa by Alison Tyler
Kinking The Classics: The Flirty Eggnog Bar
Unwrapped by Ayre Riley
Good Housekeeping: Tips For Sex With Sweets
Sweets For The Sweet by Dante Davidson
Kinking The Classics: Hot Spiced Christmas Wine
A Very Naughty Elf by Felix D’Angelo
Good Housekeeping: Tips For Giving Sex Toys
Santa’s Favorite Elf by Molly Laster
Kinking The Classics: Holiday Sangria
Mandatory Fun by Alison Tyler
Good Housekeeping: What To Do When They’re All Tied Up
The Naughtiest Christmas by Xavier Acton
About the Authors, About the Editor

All proceeds from Holiday Kink, Filthy Housewives and all Digita Publications books are split among the writers. Yay indies! Thank you for your support (even if it’s in spirit!) we love you.

To tempt you into tasting a little Holiday Kink, I’ve included the introduction below.

By Violet Blue

Holiday erotica, as a genre, has historically been a mixed bag. Every year, a few publishers take a stab at putting out a volume of explicit erotic fiction. And every year, they sell a few copies, and while the publishers squeeze a few extra holiday sales out of it, the rest of us authors and editors and readers end up with a product that reflects exactly that: something whose last priority was our enjoyment.

I have to image that they know it’s a gamble. For starters, holidays and sex don’t mix as a concept for a number of people, so an erotic anthology by nature is an arrow only destined for a limited style of target. The publishers will often put their best editors on the task, usually with names known to draw their own legion of fans — and end up cranking out what often amounts to a psychosexual identity crisis that stretches from pre-holiday shopping to New Year’s Day.

You won’t find that here.

He stood and came toward me. To my surprise, he shut his office door and flipped the lock. We were standing so close together, closer than we ever had been before. I noticed that his eyes were not truly blue, but a blue gray, almost steel.

“What’s on your list this year?” he asked, taking me by surprise. “It’s a! it’s a secret, Santa.” My voice was barely a whisper. “You can tell me.”

Part of my brain said, “No, no, you can’t.” But my pussy said, Yes, yes, you can. I hate when my pussy talks.

“It’s a…!” I started again, uselessly.

“Secret. You said that. But how can I give you what you deserve if you don’t confess your desires first.”

Had he just said deserve? And confess? And desires? My knees felt weak.

—”It’s A Secret, Santa”


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  • With the snowy holiday season, it’s a perfect time to warn motorists not drive in a jerky manner in the snow. But apparently some people somehow made a giant associative leap and assumed a safety campaign ad was warning against the dangers of jerking off while driving.
    South Dakota cancels ‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’ campaign (Death and Taxes)
  • A Los Angeles County ordinance requiring actors in pornographic films to use condoms does not violate the porn industry’s First Amendment rights of free expression, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
    Appeals Court Upholds Condom Use in LA Porn Films (ABC News/AP)

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  • The one and only Madonna is looking gorgeous and wearing some hot couture, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott in the December/January 2014.15 issue of Interview magazine.
    Madonna by Mert & Marcus (Fashiontography)
  • “…the most egregious aspect of the recent amendments is the way in which the censors have specifically erased sex acts which are associated with domination and female sexual empowerment and yet they have maintained sex acts such as double penetration and bukkake – where several men ejaculate on one woman – which are synonymous with female sexual humiliation. This glaring inequity will do nothing to challenge prehistoric male attitudes to gender roles and objectification. It will, instead, confirm them.”
    Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Censor Porn (Huffington Post UK)
  • I’m trying not to flip out over this. “For months, the adult industry has been buzzing with conjecture that Twitter, which has previously adopted a laissez-faire approach to nudity and sexual content, is cracking down on porn, suspending or permanently banning users for posting adult content. What’s more, some speculate that Twitter isn’t just going after adult content—rather, they’re specifically going after sex workers and adult performers.”
    Is Twitter censoring sex workers? (Daily Dot)

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  • Though he has inarguably effected seismic changes in contemporary gay male culture, altering not only how men meet, but also how they portray and even see themselves, Grindr’s Joel Simkhai thinks of himself, he said, primarily as a service provider.
    The Sex Education of Grindr’s Joel Simkhai (NYT)
  • This article is fantastic: “The running theme through World War II sexual education films is that female sexuality is a serious threat to men’s dominance. In Eberwein’s book, he explains how the films gave servicemen—whose numbers reached 12 million in 1945—visions of emasculation and manhood diminished by openly sexual or promiscuous women.”
    Slut-Shaming, Eugenics, and Donald Duck: The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies (Collectors Weekly)
  • New porn laws banning spanking and caning go too far and Government should not be “sticking their nose into people’s bedrooms”, Nick Clegg has said. The Deputy Prime Minister backed Liberal Democrat MPs who are opposing a ban on a list of erotic acts being shown in porn because they have been judged “harmful”.
    Porn ban goes too far, Nick Clegg says, as he backs ‘face-sitting’ protesters (Telegraph UK)

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  • Warning for survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Run by the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, Ugly Mugs is a national scheme where sex workers can make anonymous online reports about an incident or the “ugly mug” who attacks them. With the input of sex workers of all genders, they’re about to release an app called Safety Nets.
    TITLE (Vice)

  • Not all is sunny and chipper in the world of professional cheerleading this year. NFL cheerleaders from five squads sued their teams last spring, alleging sub-minimum-wage pay, mandatory “jiggle tests,” and other craptastic working conditions.
    A Not-So-Brief and Extremely Sordid History of Cheerleading (Mother Jones)
  • In her series of controversial videos critiquing sexism in video games, Anita Sarkeesian often focuses on the way games treat sex workers. She doesn’t call sex workers “sex workers.” Instead she refers to them throughout her video series as “prostituted women.” This is rubbing many sex workers the wrong way, to say the least. (…) Another sex worker who questions Sarkeesian’s position, at least indirectly, is Mia Isabella, a transgender porn star who was hired to voice “Prostitute #1″ in Grand Theft Auto V. Isabella saw her work as providing a “fantasy” for teenage boys, and she didn’t see it as necessarily exploitive. Instead, she said she was “honored” to be asked, in part because few, if any, transsexual women have been included in video games.
    Pixelated Prostitution: Feminist Debate Over Sex Work Bleeds Into Video Games (Reason Magazine)

My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct from me!

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Eye Candy: Best of Babes

by Violet Blue on December 15, 2014

My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct from me!

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Today I’m participating in my wonderful friend Polly Superstar’s virtual book tour, for her indie, self-published Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. I asked her for a particularly saucy excerpt, and she delivered! I added some sexy visuals, and we both hope you love it.


When I started being more honest with my friends about my challenges with my orgasm I realized that many women were having a similar experience as I — far more than I ever expected. I would mention it in passing, and their eyes would light up, reaching toward me in gratitude for my honesty. I chatted in a car on a road trip once and discovered four of the five women experienced a similar disconnect from their orgasm.

This realization stunned me: I was normal.

I came to a simple conclusion: I needed to practice more, watch more, and learn. So I explored this landscape without holding back. I gigglingly assisted people’s intimate interactions with a rubber glove covered in lube. I lay under a couple having sex and watched, close up, the fascinating sight of a cock disappearing into a wet and welcoming pussy.


{ 1 piece of BRILLIANCE put forth by a DARING and DELIGHTFUL reader }

Because everyone knows that porn censorship is just code for ‘censoring things we don’t like’… or understand.

  • Protesters descended on Parliament today to protest the recent changes to pornography laws by heartily plunging their vulva onto the face of a willing partner. All were clothed, so the mass face-sitting didn’t prove as titillating as the seedy Dutch TV hosts in attendance were hoping, but it was an unprecedented form of demonstration nonetheless.
    What did a mass face-sitting outside Parliament look like? (Independent UK)

  • The government’s amendment to the 2003 Communications Act at the beginning of last week was a quiet one, apparently in the hope that nobody would notice. However, unfortunately for all the politicians trying to get into work today, actually quite a lot of people noticed.
    We Went to Today’s Pro-BDSM Facesitting Protest in Westminster (Vice)

  • The demonstrators have come together to take a stand against new rules introduced, last week, by the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014. They mean that a number of seemingly arbitrary sexual acts are now banned from paid-for porn watched online in Britain. So facesitting, spanking and female ejaculation will no longer be allowed. Neither will urologia (sexual acts involving urine), or penetration with the entire hand, or extremely large dildos. Ally Jones, 25, a sexual health worker, sums it up: “These laws are rubbish and they’re hypocritical and misogynistic and ridiculous. I hate them so much.”
    Sex and snorkels: the face-sitting protest was a porno pantomime (Telegraph)

  • Protesters chanted: “What do we want? Face-sitting! When do we want it? Now!” One young pornography campaigner said he was “waiting for an angry text from my mum” once she saw the photos in the press. Critics argue the change not only damages the country’s porn industry, with online viewers still able to access content banned in the UK by watching videos filmed abroad, but amounts to “arbitrary censorship”.
    Porn Protesters Stage Mass ‘Face-Sitting’ Outside Parliament (PICTURES) (HuffPo UK < great photos)

  • Prudish lawmakers in the UK recently banned several sex acts from being portrayed in porn and in response protests flared-up outside Parliament on Friday morning, complete with a mass face-sitting. Among the prohibited porn acts are: strangulation, whipping, face-sitting, female ejaculation, urination and spanking, which are no longer legal to do on film. Lawmakers claim those sex acts are dangerous, but critics have claimed that the bans are arbitrary and sexist. They assembled in front of the buttoned-up halls of Parliament to demonstrate that sitting on someones face can be safe and fun.
    Check Out Pics From the UK’s Mass Face-Sitting #PornProtest (Animal NY)

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Eye Candy: Pretty Quickies

12 December 2014
Evie Eliot, jenny Minx, Krys Noir - Twitterbating (image above via) Samantha Hayes - Sybian (video) Andrea Anderson - Anal Explorer (video) Anissa Kate (video; image above via) Darcie Belle (video) Emily Grey (video; more Emily Grey) Marina, Stella, and gentleman friend (video) Alex Tanner (video) Marina Angel, Lindsey Woods - Reflections (image below via) Maci Winslett, Ryan D. […]
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Sex News: Playboy’s clueless CEO, boob twerking, more lumbersexuality, Squirt Alert app

10 December 2014
My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct from me! MiKandi has developed and rolled out the "Squirt Alert! Save Female Ejaculation Adult App" game that mocks the new legislative provision that has just come into force banning certain acts of online content distributed […]
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Stunning art by photographer Zhang Jingna

8 December 2014
It's impossible to just be a fan of photographer Zhang Jingna's incredible art -- while readying this post, I got hopelessly sidetracked by her incredibly informative blog. The two pieces in this post are from her Motherland Chronicles series, but I'm also a fan of the gallery labeled Personal Work. […]
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[Video] Room 1710

7 December 2014
I want it all. This is Room 1710 by director Diana Gomez and cinematographer Xiao-Wei Lu for VOLT Magazine/Volt Cafe.
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Kink Your Kindle: Sherlock slash, Love and War, slutty couples, kidnapped chefs

6 December 2014
Welcome to the 2014 Holiday edition of Kink Your Kindle! With the exception of some nonfiction titles, I promise every book recommended in this post contains explicit sex. The literate porn you'll find in my handpicked selection below ranges from romantic lust to character-driven -- yet very explicit -- porn. I […]
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Sex News: UK censorship, ‘shemale’ petition, 3D file arrest, VR and sex crimes

4 December 2014
This sucks! I love this photographer, and his milky pinups are so cute! Coca-Cola's ad for its new UK milk product has been branded sexist by consumers who say it sexualises women. Coca-Cola advert for new milk product branded 'sexist' by consumers (Mirror UK) A petition asking the porn industry to drop […]
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Eye Candy: Pretty Hardcore, Porn Scriptwriting Contest

3 December 2014
Samantha Bentley, Franck Franco - Motherfucker (photos) Carol Vega, Alexa Tomas, Joel Tomas - We Know You're Watching (photos) Marc Rose, Tiffany Doll - Shibari Reverie (image above via) Megan Coxxx, Kai Taylor, Aleena Jonez - Busty MILF in her first threesome Sandra Luberc, Bruce Venture - Climax Alessandra Jane, Jay Dee as the 'lawn […]
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Hot sex toy gifts and sales through December 1

29 November 2014
This is a big post of sex toys and sex gifts on sale through December 1, discounts and hot items of note that I've come across in my feeds and travels in the past week. The sales and sale items are from retailers and toy makers I know and respect, […]
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Eye Candy: Cosplay Quickies

23 November 2014
My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct; authors split all revenue! Yuffie Yulan* - Tifa Lockhart (above) Vellocet - Psylocke Jessica Jensen, caught by Venom and Spider Man - Captured! (photos) Yuffie Yulan, Bonnie Rose - Just 'Nerd On Nerd' Elizabeth Bally - Claire Bennett 'Save the […]
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Sex News: Dirty emoji, Dear Straight People, porn tag data, Taye Diggs space dinosaur porn

21 November 2014
My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct; authors split all revenue! Four designers in California have come up with dirty emoji, and they're calling it "Flirtmoji" that you can paste into messaging apps as needed. The project launched on Tuesday. These are NSFW emoji […]
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Eye Candy: Best of Babes, and really hot new porn

20 November 2014
My new book is on sale: get Filthy Housewives on Amazon or Filthy Housewives direct from me! Kira W - Roses Are Red Taking Control - Blue Angel, Cindy Hope Loretta A - Banani Ivy - After Party Delight Alexa and Joel - Spanish Jewel Danoe, gentleman friend - Breakfast in Bed Samantha Bentley, gentleman friend - […]
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Sex News: Leslie Feinberg, sex auction problems, rapey fur seals, Bill Cosby

17 November 2014 posted a highly unique photo essay titled, “I’m in Love With a Sex Doll.” While the mainstream media has become increasingly wont to cover the popularity of realistic sex dolls for their sexual purposes, Vocativ’s photos highlight men -- and women -- who feel a deeper bond with their […]
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Pam Poovey will #FixTheInternet

14 November 2014
Our savior! The only appropriate response to Paper's Kim Kardashian stunt is a salve of Archer's number one "foul-mouthed, ass-kicking cocaine enthusiast" Pam Poovey. Thank you Uproxx! See also: The Troubling Racial History Of Kim K's Champagne Shot (Refinery 29) # Psst: My new book went on sale three hours ago! Get Filthy […]
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Sex News: Superhero Uterus Man returns, AdSense doesn’t give a shit, libertarian James Deen, intersex life

13 November 2014
Paper's successful publicity stunt involved Kim Kardashian's ass, and then her breasts. (FWIW, I think she looks great.) PAPERMAG: #NOFILTER: An Afternoon With Kim Kardashian (Paper) Google’s AdSense has told San Francisco news outlet The SF Appeal that it has three days to remove editorial content that violates its advertising policy, alleging […]
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