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Welcome to Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex podcast and audio archives. Open Source Sex is my podcast radio show that is half explicit erotica, and half explicit sex instruction (half Ginger, half Mary Ann). I podcast short erotic stories, the next chapters of the current novel being read, an interview, or some nonfiction sexual how-to. The nonfiction includes racy interviews, porn reviews, sex ed for couples (such as how to have hot sex with a fetishist), and much more.

“Your voice is like whiskey with honey, smooth and hot with just enough sweetness. You made my prose sound like music.” –Cate Robertson, author

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  • Open Source Sex 38: Pink and White Productions’ Shine Louise Houston Interview (MP3) this has to be one of my very favorite interviews *ever*. Just listen to me talk to Pink and White Productions‘ Shine Louise Houston and see if you can’t resist laughing — Shine is the producer, director and creator behind what is one of the hottest, most authentic lesbian porn companies around, and it’s all DIY, indy porn. Listen and see what I mean; Shine talks about why fluffy-haired long-fingernailed “lesbians” in regular porn just don’t seem to reflect how girls are having sex with each other (really?), amazing behind the scenes tales of fisting and female ejaculation on the set of her cult hit porn film The Crash Pad, what’s in her future and all about that crazy party I went to a week ago… She invited me to a party, things got out of hand with fists and lesbian porn stars and bread products and I took pictures… So much fun. Look at all the images I shot at that wild party in these two galleries: Pink and White Party; More Pink and White Party. But really, listen to the podcast and see how we crack ourselves up so bad about stuffing loaves where bread has never been before that we make actual snorting noises.Audio not enough for you? Watch and listen with the video slideshow version of this podcast at:

    Please note: there is an extra 6-7 minutes of music on the end of this podcast from the local 30-piece Extra Action Marching Band. I left it on there for a little something different; skip it if you hate it.

    Also: NPR is a community not-for-profit volunteer organization and they’re hosting my filthy dirty interviews for free. They’re having a hard time coming up with rent for one month this summer — it’s $800 — so if you can spare ten bucks, please donate it to NPR!

  • Open Source Sex 37: An interview with Tristan Taormino! (MP3) Tristan called in from rainy Brooklyn, New York to tell us how to prepare for first-time anal sex, all about enemas (!), anal sex and pregnancy, her new Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd ed. (and all the cool new information in it), her extremely hot video House of Ass and her new contract at Vivid Video to make explicit educational movies! We covered a lot of ground and could’ve talked for another half-hour, for sure. These interviews are done in a storefront window in the “hip” Mission district here in SF, so imagine the looks I got when people walked by and heard “anal orgasms” coming from the speakers…Her House of Ass video is one of the best porn videos I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Watch the trailer @ her site, (where you can also download the trailer to your iPod). Also be sure to visit Tristan’s MySpace page.MP3 not enough for you? Watch and listen with the video slideshow version of this podcast at:

    The images are from the House of Ass video. If you’d rather listen to the MP3 and just look at the pictures, you can see them (and more) in all their glory at Deviant Cult X.

  • Open Source Sex 33: How do you taste? (MP3) Taste of a man and taste of a woman — this is my lecture all about the tastes and scents to be found between the thighs, and how to make yourself taste yummier, naturally. I’m getting ready for a new semester of lectures at SFSI and thought this would be a nice, er, warmup! Especially with the lovely photo (in the MP3 file) by Siege @ Read oodles more about oral sex in my books, Ultimate Guide to Fellatio and Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus.As per the directions in the podcast, here are the ingredients for the Super Spunk Smoothie (it works with all genders) — drink for three days and avoid the things I mention in the podcast, though skipping asparagus is a no-brainer…Super Spunk Smoothie
    1 cup pineapple, fresh, canned or juice
    1 cup mango juice
    1 banana
    1/2 cucumber, peeled and seeded
    1/2 tsp fresh ginger
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    2 Tbs honey

    Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Drink immediately. Repeat daily (and perform your own scientific oral sex taste tests) for best results!

  • Open Source Sex 32: A Recent Favorite by… me! (MP3) This story is a very explicit fictionalized fantasy written as a series of emails between two women: one dominant, and one very bratty. Suzanne Ramsey writes her mistress Natasha a fantasy detailing their first meeting, full of willful disobedience, hair-pulling, a harsh spanking on more than one sensitive body part, forced oral sex and a near-catfight in the final consumation of their relationship.
  • Open Source Sex 29: Unsafe Sex Products (MP3) This is the audio version of a new page you’ll see in my website’s left sidebar, labeled “unsafe“. It’s required reading for all sex shoppers; I explain sex products that can hurt you, how they work (or don’t work) and why novelty companies make products that can harm you. You’ll never want to use Anal-Eze, you’ll freak out about Nonoxynol-9 and you might want to upgrade your toy collection.
  • Open Source Sex 28: Just Watch Me, Rodin (MP3) My too-long hiatus from a sore throat is ended with Cate Robertson’s “Just Watch Me, Rodin”, an intense story about an edgy modern girl’s compelling power-exchange relationship with a male artist — from Best Women’s Erotica 2006. This is one of my favorite stories of the year (so far), rife with erotic tension, full character development, a woman who willingly plays rough with her own boundaries, a tough man calling the shots, and explicit kinky sex. Yum.
  • Open Source Sex 27: Tie me up? (MP3) How about bondage and kink for the rest of us…! You don’t need to know complicated knots or BDSM lingo to have a hot time tying up your sweetie and having fun with them, so here I talk about what nasty and sweet things you can do do with someone who’s all tied up — ice cubes to oral sex and beyond. And I have *a lot* of fun ideas. Then, to get you in the mood I read a really delicious light bondage and first time anal sex story from Alison Tyler’s Best Bondage Erotica. Also, I had an energy drink before the podcast, so decide for yourself if podcasting, hot sex talk, and energy drinks mix, or are a lethal combination…
  • Open Source Sex 26: Last quickie of 2005 (MP3) A special story just for tonight: “Naked New Year” by Dante Davidson — including hot public sex in the cool night air, delicious oral sex and an unusual spanking technique. Happy New Year everyone — and thank you for listening, and for all of your warmth and heartfelt support. It’s been quite a year, and I feel like you and I, dear listeners, are doing something really amazing here.
  • Open Source Sex 25: Quickie (MP3) The first quickie! One red-hot short story, on request: “Whose Panties” by Alison Tyler. A bite-sized nibble of erotica including a taste of rimming and exquisite panty subterfuge. Yum!
  • Open Source Sex 23: Sperm Bank Teller (MP3) On a cold San Francisco night, I read “Sperm Bank Teller” by Polly Enmity, from Best Sex Writing 2005. When I found out that someone I knew not only works in a really dysfunctional local sperm bank — but that she also regularly has sex with “donors” — I asked her to write about it for my book. It’s all real and all true, from the bizarre way donors are screened to the blowjobs in the donors’ rooms.
  • Open Source Sex 22: Holiday Erotica (MP3) Cozy up with some hot holiday erotica! Reading from Alison Tyler’s brand-spanking-new The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica, I dish out two explicit gems starring, well… holiday erotica anti-heroes, if you will. In “Here Comes Santa”, a young woman escapes her crazy family and finds solace in a local sex toy store, buying herself a *big* holiday gift. In “‘Tis The Season”, an office worker with a very negative holiday attitude gets an attitude adjustment on his knees in the supply closet at the hands of a surprising blonde… Slightly snarky, hip, and fun stuff — just what the season calls for.
  • Open Source Sex 20: Siege and how-to about threesomes (M4V video). In this video verison, images are by the amazing erotic/fashion photographer Siege (Daily Siege @ Nerve,, Operation Eden). His three-and four-way, sex toy filled photo adventures are perfect for this explicit how-to lecture on threesomes. Learn how to make them happen, avoid jealously, what to do when you’re all naked together, where and how to find people to play with, and what to say to get everything started… And what to do when things don’t turn out the way you’d planned. All this, plus lightly cheesy erotica by Alison Tyler and music by my beloved friend, Tim North.
  • Open Source Sex 19: audio (MP3). This is the same audio as Open Source Sex 19, but as an MP3 audio file for those whose iPods and MP3 players won’t allow MPEG-4 files. Read the cheap and tawdry show notes below.
  • Open Source Sex 19: Samantha Wolov and three-way erotica (M4V video). A podcast experiment in more ways than one! If it works, you should be able to watch a slideshow of images by Samantha Wolov, paired nicely with the topic of… threesomes. The first of two podcasts about this extremely popular topic, I begin by introducing the subject and then reading two explicit threesome stories to get you in the mood for the next podcast, where I’ll give the finer points about how to actually engineer more than two bodies coming together… and coming. In this installment, enjoy Emilie Paris’ “James Dean, One Thousand Bucks and a Long Summer Night” where a couple pick up a male prostitute; then in “The Fifth Day” by Ayre Riley, a married woman seduces a handsome painter and gets more than she bargained for… which totally delights her husband, who joins in the fun. Both of these stories have a hell of a twist, and both are from my book Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples.
  • Open Source Sex 18: Halloween erotica! (MP3). In Zombie Love by Elizabeth Colvin, a ‘hapless innocent’ is sweetly defiled and enjoys some spread-eagled, deep throat action at the hands of her zombie boyfriend; and in Creatures of the Night by Thomas Roche, San Francisco’s Castro Halloween celebration yeilds a wicked game of cops and lawbreaking, orally-fixated criminals.
  • Open Source Sex 17: Fetishes and female masturbation erotica (MP3). Returning from a Hurricane Katrina induced absence to answer one of the many excellent questions from the Fetishes podcast (Open Source Sex 16). “How do I know if I have a fetish, or just an interest in somehting?” After, I read a delicious erotic short story by Thomas Roche. “Curtain Call” is a woman’s experience masturbating to an imgainary audience to her favorite porn, but when she thinks her fantasy might be becoming reality, things get… hot. Read with permission from Naughty Stories From A to Z by my pal Alison Tyler.
  • Open Source Sex 15: Antiques Roadshow smut (MP3). Beginning with a little bit about sex podcasting, I also talk about being interviewed by Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, with a funny Newsweek anecdote; then I read the as-previously-promised Antiques Roadshow smut by author Dante Davidson. Just more erudite porn for your discerning ears…
  • Open Source Sex 14: iTunes rant/hot erotica (MP3). Back safe from my non-relaxing trip to London, you might as well call me little Miss Ranty McRant in this podcast; I talk about landing right when the tube is blown up, then talk about the iTunes sex podcast issues, rant about a porn magazine, then read some erotica that gets my temperature up…
  • Open Source Sex 12: Live from Duboce Park in San Francisco (MP3)! Complete with dogs, buses and birds, I took my iBook to the park this morning and read an essay I wrote about my harrowing first on-set porn experience…
  • Open Source Sex 10: Michael Soldier interview (MP3) This is the second of three “Porn Chat With Violet Blue” shows, when about a month ago Neighborhood Public Radio pirated a local frequency, and since they were calling it their “NPR Indecency Series” they asked me to come on and host my own show for a few weekends. To make it as indecent as possible I interviewed Best Gay Male Porn Performer 2004 Michael Soldier — and it was dirty, dirty, and fun. I asked this multi-award winning sex performer what you need to do to get ready to “do” porn, how to shoot the biggest loads, all about his weird experiences as a gay male erotic masseuse and much, much more.
  • Open Source Sex 9: Jack Shamama interview (MP3) I interview Gay Porn Blog’s all-around cutie and GayVN Best Screenplay winner Jack Shamama! We talk about all kinds of dirty things, and most interestingly he talks about what it takes to write a porn script. A porn script? What’s that? I know, I know…
  • Open Source Sex 8: Tax Time (MP3) will keep you smiling and horny, a bend-over-boyfriend tale by Alison Tyler right in time for tax season, called The Last Deduction.
  • Open Source Sex 7: Funny Porn (MP3) I’m in the mood for more naughty, funny erotica, just like the last podcast. I got quite a response about the last show, especially from Europeans with white trash, american southern accent fetishes… hmmm. It’s a beautiful world. This time you’ll get to hear me mangle a Finnish accent into a bloody lifeless pulp, but the boobs and lesbian tongue-kisses will hopefully keep you distracted… Tonight I’ll be reading a piece by a regular contributor to a few of my books, a local writer named Xavier Acton — his piece is about a hapless telemarketer who takes one for the team when he mistakenly calls a — well, I’ll just let you find out. After, I’ll read a porno retelling of Hansel and Gretel done LA lesbian style, called Anja and Greta, by new writer Erin Sanders.
  • Open Source Sex 6: Phone Sex and Panty Trick (MP3), where with a (hopefully) adorably stuffy nose, I introduce Thomas Roche and he reads one of his funniest porn pieces ever — Phone Sex, which perfectly describes the torment of wanting to jack off to porn really bad but porn sucks so bad you can’t. Then I read another favorite by Thomas, called Panty Trick — and the mail about it is so positive, I won’t give away the hilarity and outrageousness of the piece, you’ll just have to listen for yourself.
  • Open Source Sex 5: Fetish Podcast (MP3) ***lost in the server dump at my former podcast host. I’ll rerecord this very nasty podcast soon.***
  • Open Source Sex 3: Filthy Dirty Holiday Podcast (MP3) I was going to podcast the first three chapters of N.T. Morely’s The Castle, but I decided, hey, ’tis the season — I’ve got some really hot holiday erotica. Check out two dirty stories about couples that cook up some very naughty holiday surprises in stories by Ayre Riley and Xavier Acton.
  • Open Source Sex 2: Fantasies! (MP3) This one’s how-to on sexual fantasies: dealing with weird fantasies, getting ideas for fantasies, and sharing them with a lover. Woo-hoo!
  • Open Source Sex 1: Maiden podcast, 001 (MP3) This one was done in my echoey kitchen, so sorry that it sounds like I was on a speakerphone! My voice is still rough from holiday parties, but maybe you’ll think it’s kind of sexy. Two stories: Best-selling author Alison Tyler wrote us a very explicit short story that details the red-hot fantasy of giving head to a total stranger in a piece called simply, Yeah . The next story is a Thomas Roche favorite called Slamdance, where a night in a punk club turns into an unforgettable, heated tryst in a bathroom stall for two punk girls that discover lust at first sight.