Sex News: Tumblr fallout, FOSTA havoc, Cardi B at AVN, the flipside of deepfakes

  • “Daily activities, like opening business accounts, have become problematic for sex workers because of the overreaching legislation, according to Akynos, founder of the Black Sex Workers Collective (BSWC). “It has made it impossible for us to walk into a bank and try to get a business account under our known title,” Akynos told Blavity.”
    * How FOSTA-SESTA Legislation Is Wreaking Havoc On The Lives Of Sex Workers (Blavity)
  • “]OhMiBod] has announced that it is building both an Apple Watch app, something it originally pledged to do back in 2015, as well as an Alexa Skill for its pleasure products. Apple Watch users will be able to use their heart rate — via the Pulse feature — to control the intensity of its Bluetooth-enabled vibrators.”
    * OhMiBod debuts an Apple Watch app for its remote vibrators (Engadget)
  • “I was trying to fix a busted Tumblr link in a post from 2010. First I checked the Wayback Machine, but it only had two crawl snapshots and both of them were broken. (They were empty redirects from some point when Tumblr was jerking web crawlers around.) …”
    * Pornocalypse FUCK! (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)

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  • “In an excerpt from her new book, Gods & Robots, a deep and lively look at how Greek and other early mythologies conceived of artificial intelligence and automation, author and historian Adrienne Mayor reveals how old the concept of the sexbot really is.”
    * The First Sex Robot Was Conceived in Ancient Greece (Gizmodo)
  • “But underlying all of this is the perception that no matter the gender a person identifies as, they have an underlying sex they were born with. This represents a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of biological sex. Science keeps showing us that sex also doesn’t fit in a binary, whether it be determined by genitals, chromosomes, hormones, or bones (which are the subject of my research).”
    * How Human Bones Reveal the Fallacy of a Biological Sex Binary (PS Mag)

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  • “Clinically, I’ve encountered this “fake porn” issue many times over my career, and it has rarely involved misogynistic motivations. I don’t discount those threats and anger, but suggest that attention to these motives creates a false, two-dimensional image of a complex phenomenon.”
    * The Psychology Behind Fake Porn (Psychology Today)

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