Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

“Understanding that a feminism which doesn’t support sex workers isn’t really feminism, jodi quaintrelle created the Black Sex Workers Visibility Project to promote “the interruption of violence through the canons of critical visibility, indigenous healing practices, and creative transformation.””
Black Sex Workers Visibility Project’s photo series & movie promote healing, free expression (AFROPUNK)

“There is no standard diagnosis for the maligned concept of sex addiction, nor any medically sanctioned treatment, and therefore no insurance coverage. That could change very soon.”
Does Masturbating Make You a Sex Addict? What About Porn? What About Bondage? Even the Experts Can’t Agree. (Daily Beast)

“One of the longest-running trans porn companies in the world is removing stigmatizing language—such as “tranny” and “shemale”—from its lexicon. Grooby, which is over 20 years old and started the Transgender Erotica Awards, changed the name of its flagship site in August, shifting from “” to “” The shift marks a milestone in the porn industry.”
This Leading Trans Porn Company Is Wiping Slurs from Its Site (Vice)

“… I refer anyone curious about unusual sex locations to the Pon Festival of Indonesia. During this centuries-old ritual, couples meet to have sexual intercourse next to a shrine, on the side of a mountain. The mountain in question is Mount Kemukus, located near the village of Solo in Java. And while it is an unusual spot, it is not the only fascinating aspect of this ancient rite.”
Sex around the world: An Indonesian festival of sex with strangers (Metro)

“Between 1982 and 2017, Congress spent over $2 billion on … abstinence only until marriage (AOUM), these programs accurately explain that the best way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is to not have sex. They also fail teens spectacularly by not divulging critical information about the mechanics, emotions, responsibilities and consent issues involved in having healthy sexual relationships. Promoting these programs could constitute a violation of medical ethics, says Laura Lindberg, a coauthor of the report and a research scientist at the Guttmacher Institute.”
The US has spent $2 billion on the reckless hope teens won’t have sex (Quartz)

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Interestingly, in a recent conversation over dinner with a clinical psychologist, I asked about the reactions in their industry to questions about the mental health of Donald Trump. They remarked that a colleague firmly believed Trump is exhibiting syphilis dementia. “Syphilis, the deadly sexually transmitted infection that can lead to blindness, paralysis and dementia, is returning here and around the country, another consequence of the heroin and methamphetamine epidemics, as users trade sex for drugs.”
Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis (NYT)

“He’s literally hitting my thigh. We’re not dry-humping. It’s very technical. It has to look symmetrical. Even when I watch it I’m like, “Dang, this looks kinda real!” When he has the final scene where he goes down, he went just two inches out of frame, but it makes it look like he’s going all the way down. It’s like, “Man, TV magic is real!””
Insecure’s Yvonne Orji on How They Make the Sex Scenes Look So Real (Vulture)

“During his time as a priest on Montana Indian reservations in the 1950s and ’60s, Robinson served the St. Paul Mission in Hays as the rural school’s basketball coach, algebra teacher, superintendent and, of all things, an ethics instructor. Some called him “Father Eddy,” others simply called him “Father,” but in 2012 Edmund Robinson’s full name appeared on a list of about 13 clergy accused of molesting young Indian boys and girls on the Fort Belknap reservation from 1947 to 1980.”
Montana reservations reportedly ‘dumping grounds’ for predatory priests (Great Falls Tribune)

“The figures are in the backyard of a baroque “bed and bondage” near Albany, New York, the oldest in the world. Called “La Domaine Esemar,” it’s the kind of place where, after eating an organic stack of pancakes and eggs from local farms, you might try locking yourself up in a medieval knight’s helmet while getting spanked with a vintage fraternity paddle.”
Eat Pray Spank: The Hot, Wild World of BDSM Vacations (Vice)

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