Sex News: Stanford disputes NYT, The Bachelor gets sex-positive, why we equate penises and guns


  • “Stanford University took the unusual step Thursday of issuing a detailed statement objecting to an article in The New York Times about the university’s handling of a sex assault case.”
    * Stanford Disputes NYT Article on Sex Assault Case (Inside Higher Ed)
  • “My predictions are based on the understanding that eventually all food will fit someone’s definition of “gay”, and their inclusion in my list is based on my understanding of the context of our fight for gender and sexual equality, and not on the merits of any sort of innate gayness.”
    * My Predictions For What Food Straight White Men Will Fear In 2017 (Fry Havoc)
  • “Researchers from two universities in Italy and Bell Labs decided to take a crack at answering this hugely important question by looking at data from Tumblr and Flickr, both Yahoo properties. They published their results to the arXiv preprint server last week, and the research was also presented at a conference earlier in the year. Their surprising conclusion: Tumblr has a lot of porn, while Flickr, not so much.”
    * So… How Much Porn Is on Tumblr? (Vice/Motherboard)

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  • “After opening a new Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas, one family got an … interesting surprise when their kid sidled up to the device to ask it to play a song by holding the little robot in both hands and shouting into the microphone. It’s very cute! Until, that is, Alexa starts rattling off a list of X-rated terms like “cock pussy” and “anal dildo.””
    * Little Kid Accidentally Gets Amazon Alexa to Talk About Dildos and Anal Sex (New York Magazine)
  • Bacchus writes, “Here are the top five ErosBlog posts of 2016, as measured by Google Analytics data from 2016.” This great post includes his “breathless rant about mass surveillance, law enforcement incitement versus entrapment, and official hysteria over imaginary human trafficking.”
    * 2016: ErosBlog’s Greatest Hits (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)

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  • “The cultural code for sex in America is “gun.” The theory is not as phallic as it seems, rather it explains that, for most Americans, sexuality is at once the source of excitement and danger. It is a powerful weapon, but a weapon indeed – something to treat with caution and approach with fear. Rapaille’s examination of America’s sexual psychosis explains why mainstream culture consistently oscillates between vulgarity and frigidity. ”
    * George Michael, a queer guide for the straight guys (Salon)
  • “The space romance Passengers has faced a mudslide of criticism for its conflation of Stockholm syndrome and romance and for taking a heady plot with scientific inaccuracies and intellectually lazy ideas about 24th-century culture. Still, it has one thing going for it that NASA never has: sex.”
    * Space Sex Will Suck Without a ‘Coupling Suit’ (Inverse)

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