Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

Day Dreaming Aline Alagem

“There are some really awesome things about being in a polyamorous configuration like mine. You always have multiple someones to take care of you when you’re sick; the weed and vibrators are plentiful at each residence; you get to confuse strangers when you’re all interacting together in public, and the potential sexual scenarios are seemingly limitless. There are also some really bizarre things about being in a polyamorous configuration like mine, like helping your boyfriend and his fiancé plan their wedding.”
* When Your Partner Is Getting Married—to Somebody Who Isn’t You (MEL Magazine)

“Earlier this week, Redditors were given a pretty neat opportunity: Two leaders from the Maasai tribe, a seminomadic people living in Western Kenya, signed on to do an “Ask Me Anything.” Redditors asked about the standard stuff: religious practices, diet, what people in the village do for fun. And then, inevitably, one user asked the chiefs to describe their favorite “kind of Internet porn.””
* Reddit tried to introduce a remote Kenyan tribe to porn. It did not go as expected. (Washington Post)

“To celebrate the advent of this era, more than a hunded VR porn innovators, adult industry personalities, and habitual masturbators came together at the Upper Floor Thursday night for a powwow called Traffic Jam 2016 that showcased the most state-of-the-art technology available for these strap-on devices.”
* VR Porn Has Coming Out Party at (SFist)

Rachel is no everyday arachnid trapping snacks, just a product of a fucked up, sexist culture that never took women seriously enough so she and Quinn blew who they had to until they made it to the top and joined forces. And that’s what scares the hell out of the entertainment industry, isn’t it?”
* Cannibalistic Feminism in UnREAL (Medium)

AKA my entire life fighting against being censored off of the internet. “A number of her female pornographer friends are making “really innovative, disruptive, fantastic and creative porn” but not getting the traffic or income because “no one can f**king find them”.”
The woman who gave one of the most popular Ted Talks on why Emma Watson is wrong about porn (Independent UK)

“While readers of all genders and sexual orientations purchase romance, the market is fueled largely by women. But just who is penning these works, many of which admirably prioritize female pleasure? In the case of Moonlight Desire, which claims to be written by a lady named Marilyn Lee, it’s actually a 20-something dude.”
* Meet the 20-Something Dude Secretly Writing Some of the Best Feminist Erotica (Fusion)

“The goal of this special issue is to centre the voices of porn workers, especially those in frontof the camera. We treat their work as performance, craft, and even art; but also as necessaryeconomic activity for their survival. Too often, the latter is used as proof of porn’s inherentexploitative and abusive culture. ”
* Porn Studies: Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016: Special Issue: Porn Labour (Taylor & Francis Online)

“… He said the boys fetched the prostitutes “chop-suey, chili-con-carne, liquor, tobacco, opium, medicine and articles used in their trade, deposit their money in the bank and one instance was found in which a boy was actually acquired by a prostitute to clean up her room and make her bed.””
* When Bicycle Messenger Boys Peddled Drugs And Sex Across America (1908 – 1917) (Flashbak)

“Jade, or Carly Rae Summers, is 22 years old with a fashion degree. She’s also one of a new generation of porn stars rising to fame in the UK adult film industry. When she graduated, Jade chose not to travel down the path that led to unpaid internships and uncertainty around whether she could pay her rent. Instead, she chose to become a porn star.”
* Carly Rae Summers On Why Porn Stars Can Be Feminists Too (Huffington Post UK)

Yay, they interviewed Davecat!An iDollator is a person who is attracted to dolls. Many have formed relationships with them, thanks largely to the companies making exceptionally realistic silicone models. A well-known iDollator called Davecat was kind enough to introduce us to two of his friends—TJ and Ldpruda—who are also in relationships with love dolls. They spoke to Future of Sex about how they entered the “Synthetik” lifestyle. They also expressed their views on misconceptions about the community and how robotics could bring dreams to life.”
* iDollator Culture: Inside the Minds of Men Who Love Dolls (Future of Sex)

Main post image via The Creator’s Project, by Aline Alagem (“If Jeff Koons Collaged Internet Porn, It Might Look Something Like This” – Vice)

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