Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week

empty porn sets

“It was very strange in some respects, because I was in this space where I felt safe and accepted, but other people perceived it very differently,” she says. In fact, Jo Broughton more often felt threatened by the world outside of the porn studio at that time than the one inside it. She says that people would call Colby’s studio every day, screaming obscenities into the line, while one actress she knew — who shot porn to pay her way through school — attended her graduation ball, only to discover that a classmate had posted her “work” all around the venue.”
Empty Porn Sets Reveal The Strange World Of XXX Interior Design (FastCo Design)

“Social scientists say there is little hard research into the dick pic, but they’re being called upon to think about it. Is it simply the case than some men have never grown up? Is it a pants-down return to caveman courting, where the “boing” of a willy is being used as a club?”
‘Too much too soon’: The rise of the ‘dick pic’ (Canberra Times)

Gail Dines, a radical feminist and anti-porn activist is on a mission to stamp out what she sees as a dire threat to the social fabric, and she has linked up with [religious] conservatives in many places to do so. Her primary tactic is — as the headline of her Post article suggests — “framing pornography not as a subject of moral decree but as an urgent issue of tangible detriment to human bodies and minds,” in Hamblin’s words. In Utah, she found a strong ally in state senator Todd Weiler, who spearheaded the effort to pass the bill.”
The Origins of Utah’s Fake ‘Public-Health Crisis’ Over Porn (New York Magazine)

It would have been preferable for The Post to have published a piece on pornography by someone other than a longtime anti-porn activist who lacks objectivity on the issue. Dines’s book, “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality,” which I and others have critically reviewed, is based on fallacies that were recapitulated in her essay. ”
This look at porn was biased (Letters, Washington Post)

elephant underwear

Image via: ‘Sexy’ knitted elephant underwear and snake underwear for men (Dangerous Minds)

A Scarlett Johansson robot, based on 3D-printing technology, could be the first step toward owning a realistic replica of your celebrity crush. … The significance of Ma’s robot isn’t just the technical achievement, but the idea of a celebrity crush replica. A market could even exist for celebrity sex robots.”
Scarlett Johansson Robot Opens the Door to Celebrity Crush Replicas (Future of Sex)

Note: Binary gender and monogamy stereotypes. “From past research, we know that most people of both sexes prefer their partners to be on the nonpromiscuous end of the spectrum. But is that because they fear the promiscuous ones are simply not interested in long-term relationships and/or not really capable of monogamy (and more likely to cheat) or is it because of the social stigma and shame attached to dating / marrying a promiscuous person, past or current? And, does this differ for men versus women? A new study addresses these questions …”
Can Renouncing Promiscuity Help You Find Monogamous Love? (The Casual Sex Project)

“Boris and Natasha … are the names my wife and I created for our fake [Tinder] accounts when we grew tired of relying on our single friends leaving their cellphones on the table when they went to the bathroom for our fun. Natasha is a stately, vaguely Nordic-looking woman, who appears early in the Google Image results when you search “blonde professional model.” But not too early. Boris looks like me with sunglasses, because… he is. Boris and I are very lazy men.”
Why I’m Married and Still Tindering (Thrillist)

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