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Holiday Kink

It’s never too late for a little Holiday Kink ($2.89, $2.99)! This 7-story anthology features a handful of my favorite erotica writers, and the stories alternate with holiday cocktail recipes, as well as sex tips I selected especially for holiday sex predicaments.

Seven stories crafted by accomplished authors — Holiday Kink is one collection of smart, explicit erotica to pervert the usual circumstances of cheesy cheer into unforgettable erotic escapes. These dirty little quickies are perfect for sharing.

The office’s reluctant ‘nice girl’ gets volunteered to recruit a holiday party Santa… and she ends up over the security team lead’s lap.

A boyfriend comes home late on Christmas Eve, only to find his girlfriend dressed as a cheesy elf-slut, fast asleep after gorging on the sex toys he left wrapped under the tree…

Public sex, rough dominance, chance encounters, mean girls with strap-ons, oral service, and very explicit sex deck the halls of this seven-story holiday collection.

Filthy HousewivesI hope you love it! You can get Holiday Kink at my Digita Publications store or find Holiday Kink on Amazon. This 7-shot is the second book in my new series after I teamed up with other former Cleis Press authors to make our own indie erotic books, on our terms, sharing profits, and to stop getting swindled by greedy publishers (ahem). The first book, Filthy Housewives, was our first strike in taking back our power, our art (and our profits!) after Cleis sold its entire back catalog of our work without telling us.

This collection of twisted holiday erotica from skilled authors delivers much more than sexy stories with seasonal decorations on top. Instead, these stories twist the holiday trappings for sexual impact, and cast our yearly traditions into arousing set pieces. Each story is a kinky escape, and each chapter alternates with recipes for holiday aphrodisiac drinks and sex tips for holiday frolic.

This book contains adult situations, including spankings, domestic discipline, backdoor play, bisexual men and women, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts dominant sexual relationships, kinky sex toys and BDSM practices.

Holiday Kink – Table of Contents

Introduction: A Keepsake by Violet Blue
It’s A Secret, Santa by Alison Tyler
Kinking The Classics: The Flirty Eggnog Bar
Unwrapped by Ayre Riley
Good Housekeeping: Tips For Sex With Sweets
Sweets For The Sweet by Dante Davidson
Kinking The Classics: Hot Spiced Christmas Wine
A Very Naughty Elf by Felix D’Angelo
Good Housekeeping: Tips For Giving Sex Toys
Santa’s Favorite Elf by Molly Laster
Kinking The Classics: Holiday Sangria
Mandatory Fun by Alison Tyler
Good Housekeeping: What To Do When They’re All Tied Up
The Naughtiest Christmas by Xavier Acton
About the Authors, About the Editor

All proceeds from Holiday Kink, Filthy Housewives and all Digita Publications books are split among the writers. Yay indies! Thank you for your support (even if it’s in spirit!) we love you.

To tempt you into tasting a little Holiday Kink, I’ve included the introduction below.

By Violet Blue

Holiday erotica, as a genre, has historically been a mixed bag. Every year, a few publishers take a stab at putting out a volume of explicit erotic fiction. And every year, they sell a few copies, and while the publishers squeeze a few extra holiday sales out of it, the rest of us authors and editors and readers end up with a product that reflects exactly that: something whose last priority was our enjoyment.

I have to image that they know it’s a gamble. For starters, holidays and sex don’t mix as a concept for a number of people, so an erotic anthology by nature is an arrow only destined for a limited style of target. The publishers will often put their best editors on the task, usually with names known to draw their own legion of fans — and end up cranking out what often amounts to a psychosexual identity crisis that stretches from pre-holiday shopping to New Year’s Day.

You won’t find that here.

He stood and came toward me. To my surprise, he shut his office door and flipped the lock. We were standing so close together, closer than we ever had been before. I noticed that his eyes were not truly blue, but a blue gray, almost steel.

“What’s on your list this year?” he asked, taking me by surprise. “It’s a! it’s a secret, Santa.” My voice was barely a whisper. “You can tell me.”

Part of my brain said, “No, no, you can’t.” But my pussy said, Yes, yes, you can. I hate when my pussy talks.

“It’s a…!” I started again, uselessly.

“Secret. You said that. But how can I give you what you deserve if you don’t confess your desires first.”

Had he just said deserve? And confess? And desires? My knees felt weak.

—”It’s A Secret, Santa”

The mass-market erotic holiday anthologies usually have great writers and hot sex, and fantasy scenarios that give us readers ideas well past the holidays. But as a whole, the collections often end up too long and packed with near-miss filler. Or stories get tossed in that, for me at least, go too far into cliché without irony, or travel too deep into the seasonal anxieties we’re trying to escape from.

It’s not far from the conflict in visual porn’s struggle to try and stay relevant and engage with its viewers over the season. The depths of Christmas (and Hanukkah) cheesiness that porn sinks to is usually such a turn-off that it negates the effects of the very porn it’s trying to sell. It’s usually not cute, it’s not hot, and it ends up looking gross and stupid. Porn already sucks badly enough. Dressing it up in elf ears, green and red stripy socks, or a stripper Santa suit without a hint toward the inherent silliness of such a thing just makes it so the mixed bag of Christmas and erotica leaves us far more weary than interested.

I think the makers of holiday erotica and porn know all this, and I think that’s why they don’t make erotic books and imagery that speak to the facts of why we’re here, why we’re looking at seasonal erotica.

To really reach us, it takes time, and care. And getting into our heads.

My cheeks flushed. “You wouldn’t do that here.”

I’d say, ‘Just watch me,’ except that’s going to be an impossibility.” He ushered me into the largest stall at the end of the row. The bathroom was pristine. The tiles tiny and white, the doors polished. That’s what you got at a high-end finance firm. No graffiti. Nothing cracked or marred.

Nick had taken me into bathrooms before—from one in Paris that was merely a hole in the ground, to one at a five-star hotel with mirrors on all the walls. But this was the most exciting—because of where we were. At his office, during the office’s huge Christmas party, in the public ladies’ room, where anyone could catch us. Any woman that is.

He was going to fuck me quietly, I thought, so nobody would know.

But then he started to undo the buckle on his belt, and I had second thoughts. No, he wouldn’t. No, he couldn’t. No, he —

He was telling me to brace my hands on the wall as he lifted my poufy skirt in the back.

—”Mandatory Fun”

When we pick up a book of holiday-themed erotica, we want to spend time in worlds right next to ours, worlds that feel and experience holidays in a deviously naughty parallel universe. One where no one’s faking it for the camera, and no story or scene feels like a token gesture.

Where we might actually get ideas about making the season a time to reconnect in intimate ways.

Where that fantasy we have about someone who turns us on breathes to life on the page in front of us.

Especially at a time of year when we so dearly can use an escape that feels good, and one that treats us as adults, with respect. An escape vehicle that invites us along as a co-conspirator to make the holidays into something more, something arousing in our secret inner worlds. An escape worth making, and hopefully worth sharing.

I know this little book is a one-time-of-the-year confection, and that’s how it’s designed. This isn’t some publisher’s one-shot to try and squeeze a few extra dollars out of the sales cycle before the end of the year, nor is it a bunch of the usual suspect porn tropes, but just with Santa hats on.

Or if there is a Santa hat, it’s donned with a flourish of pervy irony, as when smart people do very silly things for hot sex.

“You got yourself good and wet, though, didn’t you?”

“All ready for Santa,” you say with a husky exigency.

The second that saucy line is out of your mouth, I’m back on you, the heavy belt rising and falling rapidly as you writhe in my lap. Little cries of dismay erupt from your green-glossed lips as you clutch at my thighs and rub your breasts against my steadily hardening cock. I redden your bottom until it contrasts festively with the green garters and the green lace tops of your stockings. Then I reach down and pick up the new vibrator from where it lays on the floor.

“Show Santa how you got yourself in trouble,” I growl, seizing your hand and wrapping it around the vibrator’s handle.

—”A Very Naughty Elf”

This is a treat for myself and the authors who patiently worked with me, to create a little escape we’d want to read to our lovers and partners. And to remind us just what hot, smart erotica looks like when you give it an assignment: show me those hot fantasies I know can happen just outside the veil of this reality, but close enough to mine I that can enjoy some holiday turn-ons.

It’s also a keepsake, with my own flirty holiday drink recipes, and sex tips especially suited for this strange time of year.

I hope you enjoy Holiday Kink. And make no mistake; these are very kinky stories, packed with spankings and power play, very explicit sex and joyful couples with a penchant for pleasurable pain. I convinced some really gifted authors to work on this project, and I know they hope you really — really — enjoy it, too.

Violet Blue
San Francisco

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