Photos and media coverage of today’s successful UK #PornProtest

Because everyone knows that porn censorship is just code for ‘censoring things we don’t like’… or understand.

  • Protesters descended on Parliament today to protest the recent changes to pornography laws by heartily plunging their vulva onto the face of a willing partner. All were clothed, so the mass face-sitting didn’t prove as titillating as the seedy Dutch TV hosts in attendance were hoping, but it was an unprecedented form of demonstration nonetheless.
    What did a mass face-sitting outside Parliament look like? (Independent UK)

  • The government’s amendment to the 2003 Communications Act at the beginning of last week was a quiet one, apparently in the hope that nobody would notice. However, unfortunately for all the politicians trying to get into work today, actually quite a lot of people noticed.
    We Went to Today’s Pro-BDSM Facesitting Protest in Westminster (Vice)

  • The demonstrators have come together to take a stand against new rules introduced, last week, by the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014. They mean that a number of seemingly arbitrary sexual acts are now banned from paid-for porn watched online in Britain. So facesitting, spanking and female ejaculation will no longer be allowed. Neither will urologia (sexual acts involving urine), or penetration with the entire hand, or extremely large dildos. Ally Jones, 25, a sexual health worker, sums it up: “These laws are rubbish and they’re hypocritical and misogynistic and ridiculous. I hate them so much.”
    Sex and snorkels: the face-sitting protest was a porno pantomime (Telegraph)

  • Protesters chanted: “What do we want? Face-sitting! When do we want it? Now!” One young pornography campaigner said he was “waiting for an angry text from my mum” once she saw the photos in the press. Critics argue the change not only damages the country’s porn industry, with online viewers still able to access content banned in the UK by watching videos filmed abroad, but amounts to “arbitrary censorship”.
    Porn Protesters Stage Mass ‘Face-Sitting’ Outside Parliament (PICTURES) (HuffPo UK < great photos)

  • Prudish lawmakers in the UK recently banned several sex acts from being portrayed in porn and in response protests flared-up outside Parliament on Friday morning, complete with a mass face-sitting. Among the prohibited porn acts are: strangulation, whipping, face-sitting, female ejaculation, urination and spanking, which are no longer legal to do on film. Lawmakers claim those sex acts are dangerous, but critics have claimed that the bans are arbitrary and sexist. They assembled in front of the buttoned-up halls of Parliament to demonstrate that sitting on someones face can be safe and fun.
    Check Out Pics From the UK’s Mass Face-Sitting #PornProtest (Animal NY)

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  • Justin

    I’m concerned that with the current Australian Conservative Government taking so many cues from the UK, they’re going to copy this as well :(

  • Owen Smith

    Once again no mention that these acts have all been banned in R18 sex shop videos for years in the UK. The article reads as if the list of banned acts is new. It isn’t, what is new is it’s application to UK made Internet porn. Without the new law, R18 producers could claim the law was disriminating against their business in favour of Internet porn, among other consequencss of the inconsistency.