Sex News: Condom cookbook, Hustler IPO, actual prison sex, invisible bi men

  • Condom Meals I Want to Make for You is a genuine cookery e-book co-created by Kyosuke Kagami. This novel cookbook contains eleven easy to make recipes, including such tempting delights as “Condom Push Sushi,” “Condom Meat Stuffing,” “Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter” and “Condom Cookies.”
    The Condom Cookbook: For those intimate boil in the bag meals (Dangerous Minds)
  • If there’s anything we know, it’s that any good technology will be used either for spying or sex. Ello wants nothing to do with the former, but when it comes to NSFW content, they’re all for it. Originally, there was some language buried away in their use about not allowing porn, but it turns out it was a mistake.
    Ello Will Remain Ad-Free and Porn Friendly, Says Founder (Betabeat)
  • “I have heard countless myths about female correctional officers being unable to resist the enormous sexual appeal of a prisoner and pulling him into a broom closet, but in my 10 years, though it was discussed endlessly, I knew for certain of only two such couplings. (…)”
    A Gentleman’s Guide To Sex In Prison (Deadspin)

  • Rules and group sex have gone hand in hand for decades. The more risqué the sexual party, the tighter the guidelines, particularly in the BDSM world where partygoers consent to physical pain. “The space, people’s bodies are sacred,” Kinky Salon co-founder Polly Whittaker, aka Polly Superstar, recalls from her many years in the BDSM and fetish scene.
    At Group Sex Parties, Strict Rules Make for Safe Spaces (The Atlantic)

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  • The historical belief that bisexuality is an invalid identity is more prevalent than you might think. In honor of bisexual visibility, Nerve examined investigations which discussed both the validity and invalidity of bisexuality through the decades.
    The Weird and Troubling History of Bisexuality Studies (Nerve)
  • You may remember Facebook’s experiment with emotionally manipulating its users by manipulating their News Feeds. And OkCupid’s experiment with lying to users about their compatibility with each other…
    Facebook and OkCupid’s Experiments Were Illegal (The Laboratorium)

  • Chinese VOD service Qvod Technology Co. Ltd has been busted on suspicion of spreading porn in the country’s continuing war on online adult content. According to the Ministry of Public Security, five managers of the company are facing prosecution.
    Chinese VOD Service ‘Qvod’ Busted for Distributing Porn (XBIZ)
  • Larry Flynt said that his privately held company (Hustler) could go public within the next 12 to 18 months. He said the company is already working with “high powered” firms to study the possibility of an initial public offering.
    Will Larry Flynt take Hustler porn empire public? (Detroit Free Press)

  • Tuesday was something called Bisexual Visibility Day. Which got me thinking: Where exactly are all the bi guys? I know a fair few fellas who’ve confided in me about their same-sex experiences, but only a handful of guys who straight-up identify as bi.
    Where Are All the Bi Men, and Why Are They Hiding? (VICE)

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  • ASK FIRST stickers and temporary tattoos are here to remind everyone to ACT RIGHT and ASK FIRST before engaging in any sexy or kinky business. Their debut at Folsom Street Fair last weekend was a huge success.
    ASK FIRST. It’s really that simple. (Ask First Campaign)
  • This summer’s news that Coolio had signed a deal with Pornhub may have come prematurely, so to speak — but rumors that the pornography site is getting into the music industry with a shiny new record label are, in fact, true. This week marks the launch of Pornhub Records, along with a contest to find an official “anthem” for Pornhub.
    Pornhub Launches Pornhub Records Label (Billboard)
  • A group of local bookstore owners, librarians, publishers and photographers has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Arizona’s new “revenge porn” law, saying it goes far beyond protecting people from vindictive former significant others. The plaintiffs, including the ACLU, say the law has a chilling effect on First Amendment-protected speech and could land them in prison for merely displaying, publishing or selling some nude images.
    Changing Hands, others sue over Arizona ‘revenge porn’ law (AZ Central)

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  • Pattaya (Thailand) is tackling sex tourism and crime as the city attempts to clean up its image by conducting nightly arrests in the popular sex tourism district called the Walking Street. Transgender sex workers are being targeted by authorities.
    Pattaya police target sex tourism – in pictures (Guardian UK, thanks MoD!)
  • Originally convicted of rape and sentenced to two years, a 26-year-old man was acquitted by a Swedish appeals court earlier this month because he was not conscious at the time of the April incident. Backed by a doctor specializing in sleep disorders and his former partner, who told of a similar incident, Mikael Halvarsson persuaded the Sundsvall appeals court that he suffers from sexsomnia and had been asleep at the time of the incident, according to a translated court ruling.
    Rape conviction overturned because defendant suffered from sexsomnia (ABA Journal, thanks, Viviane!)

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