Photos from last night’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ dinner

Last night’s dinner at Kink’s Upper Floor wasn’t actually called ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ — it was the BondCon 2014 awards dinner — but it felt like an Eyes Wide Shut dinner, so I’m calling it that. The evening was amazing, and I had the very sexy privilege of sitting at a table with Midori, @banirapai, legendary Shibari instructor Takeshi Nagaike, Norio Sugiura, and Juliette March. I didn’t actually know if I’d see anyone I knew there, so being with my friend Midori was a relief, and meeting Juliette was a sexy fangirl moment, for sure. It was a great way to start Folsom Street Fair weekend, San Francisco’s national holiday for happy pervs.

I was surprised and excited that the evening’s main event was Takeshi doing Shibari on Juliette March during dessert — it was truly dessert!

I’m about to get dressed up and go to the BondCon Ball, I’ll try and tweet photos as I can from the event. Anything super NSFW will get posted here tomorrow. As you can tell, my camera died — please don’t fret about the drop in my usual quality! I’m only able to shoot from my phone right now; the one I need isn’t cheap (shameless link!) but I hope to be able to pick it up next month and get back to normal.

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