Underwater sports eros: Fine art nudes by Franck Berthuo

I found the incredible erotic and nude photo work of Franck Berhtuo through dear friend Jiz Lee’s Twitter stream; they were completely loving Berthuo’s under-the-waves series. It’s wonderful and astonishing, and at the same time very sexy. Berthuo’s bio tells us:

He specializes in extreme water sports photography which eventually led him to experiment with beauty and underwater lifestyle images.

Born in Paris, living on Maui, Franck is an avid water sports enthusiast. As part of a recovery after injuring his back while surfing, Franck got in the water and began photographing athletes in the famous waves of Maui.

Franck’s work has been featured in most water sports magazines and works on a regular basis for major sports brands.

Berthuo’s nudes capture the erotic flash of a naked-in-public moment while being a simultaneously somewhat impossible – or just really cool – moment to capture. Those who love underwater erotica will really enjoy his galleries of nudes in pools, though note that a few of his collections are password protected.

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