Ketsujiru Juke (Anal Juice)

There is so much to see and can’t unsee in the truly bizarre, unsettlingly funny, award-winning animated short film Ketsujiru Juke (Anal Juice). It’s subtitled in English so you don’t miss the pure, unfiltered strangeness.

Twitch writes, “Take Kabuki Sawako’s 3-minute animated short, Ketsujiru Juke (Anal Juke – Anal Juice), for example. Awarded for its “Artistic Contribution”, the film is a kaleidoscope of bizarre, sexually explicit imagery that echoes the work of Bill Plympton, while there are also references made to the 11 March 2011 earthquake, which has had a profound and lasting effect on the country. Kabuki, a 23-year-old Graphic Design major who previously worked for a porn film company, was inspired by dreams fuelled by her recent break up.”

Not surprisingly, her ex was into enemas.

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