Endorsement: Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary

You don’t see the word “endorsement” come from me very often – and that’s the word I’m wrapping around the book project Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. I really, really hope this book happens. I’m not only dying to read it, but I think it will be the first book to really open the door into a very thriving emergent sex culture, that has had little exposure or understanding until now.

I’m Polly and I throw a sexy little party called Kinky Salon. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we’re turning it into a global movement, with events already happening in a dozen cities all over the world.

You may have read about Kinky Salon and its sprawling community, or you may have heard about its various permutations of sex parties, elaborate balls (all puns intended, always), and its role as a sort-of central hub of polyfuckery and genderqueer communities in a mashup of glamour and fetish acceptance (and a slippery-smiley prostate rub for those considered straight or stolidly heternormative swinger). If you haven’t, check it out. It’s really different than anything you’ve seen about sex culture. I wrote about a night a Kinky Salon in 2010 here.

Polly is the woman behind it all, really. Her memoir – which is what this is a fundraiser for, a rare VB link to a Kickstarter – will be a tell-all that I’m going to give to anyone asking what’s at the forefront of sex and gender. It’s also something I’ll devour with bon-bons and whiskey. And I’ll read it to get to know someone better that I’ve admired and adored warmly from afar for years (truth be told, I was way to intimidated by her amazingness to even squeak at her in person until recently).

I’ve written a book about my adventures, and how I ended up doing what I do. Of course the book has some sexy stories in it, but it’s not just a titillating catalog of my sexual exploits. I want to share my deeper motivations, my fears and my triumphs too. It’s a book about the sexual revolution, counter culture, my quest for family, and my constant battle against self-doubt. My hope is that by revealing this very human part of myself, I will help people to relate to my life and why I do what I do, getting a real-life glimpse into this little corner of the sexual revolution.

Give a little if you have it, or send along a good wish for the project with your brain, although a well-wish with a different body part would likely be warmly welcome. Polly is from California by way of the UK, so she’s open to positive vibes like that.

Thanks for reading this little love letter to Polly. I really hope Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary makes its goal.

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