Dear Jiz, a video short

Starring one of our all-time favorites, Dear Jiz features Jiz Lee and is from the fabulous Ms. Naughty. See the full film at her sexy website Bright Desire.

Genderqueer icon and genre-busting porn star Jiz Lee shares some of the many fan letters they have received including stories of how Jiz has helped others to explore and accept their gender identities and sexuality.

As we hear Jiz’s voiceover, we see [Jiz] relax in a claw-foot bath. Finally, Jiz moves under the running water and experiences an intense orgasm.

Some of the underwater images in this film were shot by placing an iPhone in a Ziploc bag and hoping that the seal would hold. (…) The film was shot on the day of the Feminist Porn Awards 2013 in Toronto.

Dear Jiz has been selected for the renowned traveling “Sundance of porn” film fest, CineKink.

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