Sex News: Facebook removes Erika Lust, deadly breasts, more cryptozoological erotica

  • This is shitty and stupid and maddeningly rewarding to trolls. Facebook has removed Erika Lust‘s account for posting “content that contained self-harm” after pro-lifers abused Facebook’s ‘report abuse’ policy regarding an image Lust posted (in Spanish, above) that translates to “My pussy, my rules: free and accessible abortion.” She wisely wrote, “Facebook has turned us all into advertisers instead of creative individuals. It stifles diversity and debate like no other social media outlet.”
    The Problem With Facebook (Erika Lust)
  • has seen sales increase by nearly a quarter since it started accepting payments in bitcoin, leading the site to claim that porn could be the currency’s “killer app”. Now the site’s owners are offering the domain for sale to anyone who will pay $50m in the digital currency.
    Will buying porn turn out to be bitcoin’s killer app? (Guardian UK)
  • Sylvia Day has learned a valuable lesson from predecessor EL James: “mommy porn” sells — like wildfire. Day, a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army, just signed a whopping eight-figure deal for two books with St. Martin’s Press. Only last year, the Oregon native sealed a two book deal with Harlequin and another with HarperCollins.
    Erotic Fiction Writer Sylvia Day Signs 8-Figure Deal (XBIZ)
  • Greta Christina writes, “Ads for the computer love story Her are everywhere, and it makes me wonder about the ethics of sex robots. Would I ever have sex with one? Or would I find it ooky and gross — in a moral sense, but also aesthetically and erotically? Here’s what I decided. (…)”
    Would You Have Sex with a Robot? (io9)

  • Snapchat users are increasingly receiving spam messages with nude photos, according to security researchers at Symantec. The spam messages are automated, but they are designed to look like they are coming from a real person. The nude photos don’t appear until a Snapchat user accepts a porn bot as a friend, but that would be an easy mistake for some to make. Hmmm, maybe the accounts were made in bulk with a mass registration exploit?
    Snapchat’s porn bot problem (CNN Money)
  • Forget brawny cowboys and sadomasochistic millionaires. ’50 Shades’ opened the door for every horny monster, space alien, minotaur, leprechaun, and gargoyle imaginable. Can you say ‘cryptozoological erotica’?
    Monster Porn Is the Latest Wrinkle in Self-Published Smut (Daily Beast)

  • SFist writes, “Do you go to Equinox gym? Does this ad have anything to do with you? I doubt it! It’s their new campaign, shot by photographer Terry Richardson Robert Wyatt, which is meant to be playful or something, with the tagline ‘Equinox Made Me Do It.'”
    Afternoon Palate Cleanser: Weird New Sexual Equinox Ads (SFist)
  • Seattle police Detective David Blackmer was sentenced Wednesday to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to cyberstalking by posting sexually explicit photos of an ex-lover after she told his wife about their extramarital affair.
    Seattle cop gets 90 days for explicit Web photos of ex-lover (Seattle Times)
  • Penis pumps cost the U.S. government’s Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011, far more than if the people who were prescribed the devices as a solution for erectile dysfunction had bought them at retail prices.
    The Government Is Spending A Ton On Penis Pumps (HuffPo)

  • For one trans woman, finding a date within San Francisco’s lesbian community turned out to be much harder than she anticipated.
    The Struggle To Find Trans Love (Daily Beast)

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  • Hug

    I would argue that the translation of “Aborto libre y gratuito” is tricky, “Abortion free and free” being too ambiguous. “Abortion unconstrained and free of charge” is closer. Accessibility is only one aspect of the barriers to abortion – legal, social and financial.