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  • “How would you touch me?” Scarlett Johansson asks in her unmistakable charred rasp. The question is an invitation, the first turning point in the film’s three-act structure. Johansson is Her: the latest technology, an artificially intelligent operating system brought into being by Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a modern day man-child from the near future.
    My Real-Life Her: Who Needs a Body to Have Sex? (NY Mag)

  • Asking strangers about their sex lives isn’t easy [for some people] – especially when you’re wanting truthful answers. Penny Young explains how NatCen’s interviewers broached the subject for the third Natsal survey.
    Let’s talk about sex (Research Live)
  • James Deen denies that porn for women exists, Dusk TV, naked men and more. Once again, Ms. Naughty has one of the best yearly wrap-ups. “2013 marks my 13th year in porn and this is the 8th yearly retrospective about porn for women.”
    Porn For Women Retrospective 2013 (Ms. Naughty)
  • In case you were wondering how you say “sexting” in French, fret no more. Members of the L’academie Francaise, a government board that creates new words, have decided that frisky Frenchies are incapable of pronouncing the word sexting so they now have their own: textopornographie.
    Of Course The French Created Their Own Word For ‘Sexting’ (Betabeat)
  • Ari Schlesinger writes: “I am currently exploring feminist critiques of logic in hopes of outlining a working framework for the creation of a feminist programming language. If this is something you are interested in and would like to give me some feedback on I would truly appreciate it.”
    Feminism and Programming Languages (HASTAC)

  • Though the filter scheme’s architect Claire Perry dismissed concerns about over-filtering as ‘a load of cock,’ the UK’s ISP-level Internet content filters are already harmfully over-filtering as predicted. Internet filters introduced by the UK’s four major ISPs are blocking access to sites offering sex education and support services for rape and domestic abuse.
    Abuse support and sex education sites blocked by ISP’s ‘porn filters’ (Independent UK)
  • “My husband does not want to be a spokesperson for child sex abuse survivors. His experiences are his own, and he finds no comfort in commiserating with others. He only agreed to this essay as a way of taking the conversation into the light, removing the shame, and saying to some other little boy, With help, you, too, can heal; to parents, Be careful; and, to partners like me, Please do not give up.”
    On Marrying a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse (The Atlantic)
  • (Video autoplay warnings on all links from these n00bs.) In what must be an amazing coincidence, ABC decides to do a story on “sex accidents” and interviews the guy being touted as the “expert” on Discovery’s new contrived cringe-worthy series about sex accidents.
    Sex Accidents Send Victims to ER Twice a Week (ABC)
  • A longtime and tenured professor of sociology at University of Colorado Boulder is allegedly being forced to retire due to a lecture on prostitution that she has delivered for more than 20 years without incident.
    Professor Forced Out Over Prostitution Lecture (Huffington Post)
  • George Clooney and his ball-ironing. When it comes to the world of sex, it often feels like everything old is new again, but 2013 saw its share of novelties, provocations, celebrations and oddities – the good, the bad and the bizarre.
    The Year in Sex (Observer)
  • Are sex workers’ lives worth less than everyone else’s? An attorney in New York recently argued in the affirmative, telling a judge that his client was being too harshly punished for the murder of a transgender sex worker.
    Are sex workers’ lives worth less than everyone else’s? (LA Times)

  • It’s poorly written and overly-salacious, as if you never heard of a woman exploring sex work on Craigslist, and the author idiotically confuses mean for funny… But if you like junk food sex reads, this one’s good for toilet time.
    I Was A Co-Ed Lady Pimp (XOJane)
  • Intimate videos of whispering, playing with someone’s hair and tapping fingernails cause pleasurable tingles, or ASMR, for some.
    How to Have a ‘Brain Orgasm’ (The Atlantic)
  • Al Goldstein, the bearded, bird-flipping publisher of Screw magazine who smashed down legal barriers against pornography and raged against politicians, organized religion and anything that even suggested good taste, died Thursday, according to a friend. He was 77.
    Porn pioneer Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, dead at 77 (NBC)
  • Jodie Foster, Michelle Rodriguez… 2013 was another stellar year for ladies who like other ladies who want the world to know that they like other ladies.
    22 Kickass Queer Women Who Came Out in 2013 (Autostraddle)

Post images from: Galore Magazine’s 2014 Erotica Calendar [NSFW] (Touchpuppet)

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