Sex News: Penn Jillette, Girls Gone Bitcoin, Owen Wilson, Prosthetic Vaginas

  • File under: is the APA crazy? Pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation,” and erroneous use of that phrase will be corrected soon in the American Psychiatric Association’s newest edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 or DSM-V. The APA’s statement came in response to media inquiries about an uproar on the Internet that the APA had designated pedophilia as a sexual orientation.
    APA to correct manual: Pedophilia is not a ‘sexual orientation’ (The Washington Times)
  • Kinsey Confidential answers the question, “My penis its slightly curved down. Will this affect intimacy to some degree? How so?”
    Will curved penis cause a problem? (Courier Journal)
  • Adult actress Lexi Love has secured a supporting role in Penn Jillette and Adam Rifkin’s crowdfunded film project, “Director’s Cut” by raising $5,100 online to support the duo’s FundAnything campaign. Love released her own YouTube video to support the ongoing “Making Penn Bad” campaign, in which she jokingly details her desire to dissuade him from doing innocent magic, kissing babies and wooing mothers by luring him to the dark side and “making him bad.”
    Lexi Love Scores Role in Penn Jillette’s ‘Director’s Cut’ (XBIZ)
  • “Consistently throughout the massive, massive, nauseatingly massive discourse around Blue Is The Warmest Colour’s sex scene, there is always one proviso provided: but, everyone takes pains to point out, Exarchopoulos and Seydoux were wearing prosthetic genitals, lovingly sculpted from their actual genitals, but not, you know, their actual genitals. So it’s not real sex.”
    Destroy All Monsters: Regarding Prosthetic Vaginas (Twitch)

  • In the spring of 2012, a Reddit user launched a message board where anonymous women could post revealing pictures in exchange for tips in the form of bitcoins, an online currency. The site, r/GirlsGoneBitcoin, was around for a little more than a year before Reddit administrators realized that it was actually a front for an online business run by some members of the subreddit and shut it down.
    Bitcoins Strip Club Closed Down At Reddit, May Re-Open (Inquisitr)

  • Above is the commercial starring porn star Julia Ann that was banned in Canada earlier this year, and this month banned in Australia – for “violence”.
    MILF Julia Ann for (YouTube)
  • Owen Wilson is developing an hour-long Reagan-era porn drama for the Starz network. “WonderWorld” follows two straight-arrow FBI agents as they infiltrate the Mob-controlled porn industry of the 1980s, putting themselves and their families in danger, the premium network announced today.
    Starz, Owen Wilson Developing Reagan-era Porn Drama (XBIZ)
  • A former vintner and a salon technician were each fined $250 for allegedly engaging in oral sex in front of other passengers on a commercial Allegiant Air flight from Medford, Oregon, to Las Vegas.
    Couple fined for inflight sex (CNN)
  • In an era of celebrity oversharing (reality television, red-carpet wardrobe malfunctions, drunken tweets, as well as a gradual mainstreaming of pornography), the everyday celebrity sex video is now generally greeted with a collective yawn, the type reserved for a publicity stunt by Dennis Rodman.
    When Celebrity Sex Videos Are Rated Y (for Yawn) (NYT)

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  • skink

    ‘Will a curved penis cause a problem?’

    only if you start sticking it in the interns, Bill.

  • Daniel

    By quizzing your readers, you could vastly improve The Onion’s poll. I’d expect the following:

    Return gaze to highway in time to avert oncoming traffic.
    Scroll down further on Tinynibbles.
    Put chastity device back in place before you know who shows up.
    Google absorbency ratings in Consumer Reports for generic brand tissue.