Sex News: new Apple censorship, being gay for pay, Nymphomaniac trailer, cow condoms

  • The publisher and editor of New Jersey’s largest newspaper are suing a man who they claim purchased online domain addresses that used their names and directed users to a pornographic site out of revenge. The newspaper published seven “Bamboozled” stories about Demola; he owns a waterproofing businesses and, the paper reported, allegedly engaged in unscrupulous business practices.
    NJ Journalists Sue Man for Internet Porn Revenge (ABC News)
  • Winner of 2013’s Bad Sex In Fiction Award, author William Nicholson writes, “It’s not because I’m a nominee that I think the Bad sex prize should be matched with one for its opposite. Please make nominations here.”
    It’s time for a Good sex award (Guardian UK)
  • The porn industry hasn’t led the development of new technology. But some have been quick to adapt it. Now website is offering to help President Obama fix his disastrous Affordable Care Act website.
    Porn Company Offers to Help Fix Obamacare Website (LA Weekly)

  • When you hear the term “next-generation condom,” beef tendon probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. But a condom made from the cow part is one of 11 ideas to win $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in its reinvent-the-condom competition.
    Reinventing The Condom With Easy-On Tabs And Beef Tendon (NPR)
  • Earlier this month, CBLDF reported on the ban of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals #2 from Apple’s ioS marketplace; now Apple has rejected #3 and retroactively removed issue #1. Their inconsistent enforcement of policy becomes clear upon perusal of other content in the app store, such as 50 Shades of Grey and the app “RackStare.”
    Apple Drops All Issues of Sex Criminals (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, thanks Savant42!)
  • “Tyra Banks teases her audience about this episode’s subject matter. They look like ordinary men, she tells us, but they are not. This episode features straight men who have gone gay-for-pay. Much of the episode consists of Tyra Banks grilling her guests for their identification as straight rather than bisexual or gay. Banks’s incredulity aligns with the common held belief that sexual identities are static categories.”
    Dire straights: the indeterminacy of sexual identity in gay-for-pay pornography (Jump Cut)
  • “Gay-for-pay performers offer the spectacle of heterosexuality as an unstable category dependent on homosexuality for self-definition. Or, more precisely, they realize the instability that has always been inherent in heterosexuality.”
    The gay-for-pay gaze in gay male pornography (Jump Cut)
  • Writer and game developer Soha El-Sabaawi attended the third annual Playground (a sex-positive conference) and sat in on a panel called Kink and Pop Culture. She writes, “I had originally planned to discuss the lack of representation of kink in mainstream games, but through research and discussion I discovered that while there is some, those representations are problematic at best”
    Thought Bubble: Intersecting Kink and Games (Dork Shelf)
  • The Economist tells us that Germany has turned into a giant brothel and even a destination for European sex tourism. The best guess is that Germany has about 400,000 prostitutes catering to 1m men a day.
    A giant Teutonic brothel (Economist)
  • Proposed legislation that would make it illegal to distribute intimate images without the consent of the person in the photo was announced in Ottawa today by Justice Minster Peter MacKay. The news follows the the high profile deaths of Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons, Canadian teens who took their own lives after being bullied online.
    Cyberbullying legislation to target spread of intimate images (CBC)

  • Aurel Schmidt is a cool-kid artist (a 31-year-old messy blonde with Woody Allen glasses) who’s become known for mixed-media pieces that are peppered with everyday objects and painstakingly rendered illustrations that are both girly and perverse.
    Aurel Schmidt’s Lovely, Sexual Produce Art (NY Mag; image above via)
  • Robert Gene Baker was Washington’s big fixer duting the Kennedy era; he recently recorded an account of his anything-goes-era in Washington. His recollections describe an age when senators drank all day, indulged in sexual dalliances with secretaries and constituents, accepted thousands of dollars in bribes and still managed to pass the most important legislation of the 20th century.
    Sex in the Senate (Politico)
  • Erica Rand reviews the nonfiction anthology, The Feminist Porn Book. She begins, I’m one of those people that anti-porn activists warn about. Porn profoundly transformed my life, starting, at least arguably, with a childhood encounter. (…)”
    Feminist Porn Book Review (Jump Cut)

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