Sex News: Jon Hamm, Federal strip search assaults, PornIQ, Amazon censorship

  • “Like all good stories, this one had a villain: “the girlfriend.” A sex-hating, man-foiling human barricade whose cruel, withholding ways sent armies of disconsolate men into the tender embrace of their “favorite” porn stars daily. I was taken aback. I was a girlfriend! I mean, I wasn’t that girlfriend. But the more this version of reality was reified throughout the event, the sadder, the more isolated, the more diminished I became. (…)”
    ‘As Long as You’re Watching People Have Sex, You Could Be Learning Something’ (NY Times)
  • “It’s certainly reasonable for Amazon and other sites to want to have a labeling system for adult content along with parental controls — which is what Smashwords does. Instead, Amazon bans random ebooks while selling copies of “Mein Kampf“; it sells the work of Tom of Finland. It sells, for that matter, shocking underage babysitter prostitution erotica. Its decisions, in short, seem to be based neither on principle, nor on a desire to protect its consumers, but simply on panic, ignorance and the knee-jerk impulses of the bully who kicks the smallest kid and scurries away from anyone larger.”
    Amazon’s porn censorship is inconsistent and unfair (Salon)

  • A health department survey suggests New Yorkers who have had the most sex partners live in East Harlem. Odds of getting lucky aren’t so great in East New York and Flushing, though. And Greenpoint, Brooklyn might be home to lots of faithful couples — that’s the neighborhood with the most people who reported having just one sex partner.
    Map shows where New Yorkers have had the most sex over the past year (NY Daily News)
  • Sexual health advocate Katie Gustainis Vela recently obtained what appears to be an instructional worksheet meant for teachers who lecture on sex ed. Vela tweeted a photo of the worksheet — which likens people who have premarital sex to pieces of chewed gum or used toothbrushes — and indicated that it is used in the Canyon Independent School District.
    Texas School District Sex Education Compares Non-Virgins To Chewed Gum (Huffington Post)
  • According to a recent survey by software firm ThreatTrack Security, 40% of tech support employees admit they’ve had to clean an executive’s corporate device after the boss visited an infected porn website.
    Porn-viewing bosses infect corporate networks (CNN)
  • The shortlist for the dreaded Bad Sex in Fiction award has been revealed, with the late American folk singer Woody Guthrie’s posthumously published novel House of Earth leading the nominees. Manil Suri’s The City of Devi, Eric Reinhardt’s The Victoria System and Matthew Reynolds’ The World Was All Before Them are also up for the dubious accolade. Reynolds describes “surfing the waves of neuromuscular euphoria” as “brain cells swirl and jive”, while Reinhardt’s hero waits “tensed, tortured, for Victoria’s palms to start descending once again towards the elastic of [his] underwear”.
    Bad Sex in Fiction award: Woody Guthrie nominated, but Bridget Jones misses out (Independent UK)

  • You may have recently seen the soft-spoken Jesse Bering on Conan recalling the strangest of sexual fetishes. Be it arousal from falling down the stairs (Climacophilia) or feeling steamy from rolling around in stones and gravel (Lithophilia), nothing surprises the Western New York author and psychologist. That’s why Dr. Bering just wrote Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us, which unloads the morality of all things sexually weird.
    What Does It Mean to Be a Pervert? (VICE)
  • Four people are accused of torturing a California marijuana dispensary owner with a blowtorch and cutting off his penis in an attempt to force him to reveal where he had buried piles of cash in the desert.
    4 charged with severing pot clinic owner’s penis (NZ Herald News)
  • Porn copyright torrent lawsuit trolls caught lying again: In an unusual move, Judge Franklin Noel is forcing AF Holdings to return the settlement cash after finding the company couldn’t prove it held the copyright to “Popular Demand” and “Sexual Obsession.” “AF Holdings failed to produce any credible evidence that the [copyright] assignments were authentic,” Minnesota federal judge Noel wrote.
    JUDGE: ‘Porn Copyright Trolls’ Defrauded My Court (Businessinsider)
  • Since getting caught in his own Nazi-themed sex party, racing mogul Max Mosley has been trying to force Google to filter images of his 2008 tryst in a London dungeon from its search engine. This week, a French court ruled in his favor on nine photographs. Daphne Keller, Google’s associate general counsel, told Bloomberg News after the verdict that, “This decision should worry those who champion the cause of freedom of expression on the Internet.”
    ‘Nazi’ Sex Dungeon Tests Internet Privacy (Bloomberg)
  • “This is not just about Jane Doe’s right to privacy and the right to use the bathroom that is right for her. This is about her life, her humanity, her health, and her safety. This is about the humanity of trans youth around the country who are bullied, harassed, attacked, and murdered every day, especially trans people of color.”
    Op-ed: Harassing Transgender Minors, the Lowest Low (Advocate)

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  • Falbert Forester

    [start sarcasm] What a surprise – Texas schools’ “sex ed” is substandard junk. Imagine my shock and dismay. [End tired sarcasm] Still, it’s important to keep the pressure to reform on.

    Regarding the “bosses infect their computers by visiting porn sites” – the experience at my IT shop has been quite different. By far, the largest number of infections are on computers on average, everyday sites, when an ad service serves up a compromised ad. Very worrying is the current spread of CryptoLocker, which infects your computer, then encrypts your files and demands a payoff for the decryption key – typically US$300. Having backups of all your files on non-rewriteable media ( typically DVD or CD ) and off-line copies is a must; even with regular infections, sometimes the infection is bad enough that there is data loss.

  • Farfetch

    With reference to Max Mosely, I guess the US press has a bit more protection with the freedom of speech amendment, but he successfully sued the UK newspaper “News of the World” (now defunct following the phone hacking scandal) over their use of “Nazi” in the scoop with the pictures of him in the S&M orgy. He won damages as the court ruled there was no evidence of Nazi elements in the orgy.

    That he’s suing google about the links just brings it all back into the news so I guess it backfired on him but it is worth noting that there was no Nazi theme…