Celebrating Carlos Batts – Vigil, Funeral and Donations

“As an artist I am supposed to push the boundaries, ask questions, inspire the audience and introduce different ethnicities and in a whole new way. I think my films are artistic because I use sound, mood, atmosphere, lighting, wardrobe and talent to tell the story — not just body parts or sex scenes. My creative intent is never solely sexual. There are other things happening besides sex that make my films interesting.

The adult industry is like my Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Can. It’s a business and an industry and I was able to make my films, break down barriers, and show things have that have not been shown before.”

[Carlos Batts, Blisstree Interview: Feminist Porn Puts Women In The Spotlight]

“Art is the strongest form of activism. Art encompasses everything. It encompasses the queer movement, fat activism, racism, all the “isms” – that’s our job.”

[Carlos Batts, The Rumpus Interview with April Flores and Carlos Batts]

Carlos Batts died on Tues. Oct. 22, leaving a whole community shocked and saddened. His widow should not need to face huge hospital and funeral expenses alone.

Please help by donating to the Carlos Batts Memorial Fund. Everything counts, and no donation is too small. Donations can be made to PayPal and via email using the address CarlosBattsMemorialFund@gmail.com.

Carlos will be memorialized, honored, celebrated and remembered with two memorial services that are open to the public. Both are at Forest Lawn, Glendale, 1712 S. Glendale Ave, Glendale CA 91205.

  • Vigil: Fri. Nov. 8th from 6:00-9:00pm, Church of The Recessional
  • Funeral: Sat. Nov. 9th at 2:00pm, Church of The Recessional

Readers of this blog and friends will remember Carlos Batts as one of the top erotic photographers, the maker of fun and glossy art house porn films – and most especially as the husband of April Flores. A prolific artist in many genres, he trailblazed, and touched many. He was also a friend who always made me feel included. I will miss him, too.

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Photo of Carlos Batts via CBattsFly Productions.

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