Soft sexiness: Marco Michieletto is not a photographer

Italy-based Marco Michieletto states in his bio that he’s not a photographer, but instead tells us “I just enjoy taking pictures.” However Michieletto prefers us to label him suits us just fine, because his talent at capturing moments of erotic beauty in photos that truly know how to perform artful acts of visual storytelling in short bursts certainly puts him in a category all his own. GQ Italy certainly agrees. He has a lot of sexy pictorals at C-Heads. His online Cargo Collective portfolio isn’t extensive, but it’s well worth investigating, and hopefully that means we’ll be watching it and his Tumblr fill out as the years go by.

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  • Once again you’ve brought me something delightful, and another reason to spend another hour in front of my computer…

    Great work, week in and week out, VB.