Sex News: Chelsea Manning, Kink under investigation, sex work drive-ins, Putin, Kim Jong Un

  • If you read any post about Manning’s gender, make it this one:

    “(…) Manning is a person whose imprisonment for half a lifetime tells us of the ethical failure of the world’s remaining superpower.
    Manning is a person whose body – whatever its sex – has rotted in neglect along with our freedoms.
    In this crucial moment, we can talk about information freedom OR we can talk about pronouns. (…)”
    Making Chelsea Manning Behave (

  • The state agency overseeing workplace safety has opened an investigation into adult-film studio over a shoot involving an actress who last week tested positive for HIV. Cal/OSHA opened the investigation Thursday into San Francisco-based Kink Studios, which runs a network of fetish sites—in response to a complaint filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, agency spokesman Greg Siggins said.
    Porn actress’ positive HIV test spurs state investigation (LA Times)
  • Peter Acworth, founder of, one of the largest fetish porn company in the world, posted details about his studio’s performer health protocols in filming, in reaction to recent news about a performer testing HIV positive in the industry, prompting a moratorium (now lifted) on filming across the mainstream industry. It’s a really interesting read, especially if you wonder what best practices with performer safety and STD/STI use looks like.
    Acworth Addresses’s Shooting Protocols (XBIZ)
  • An undercover Sunday Times reporter had sex with a dentist during a sting set up by ‘Fake Sheikh’ Mazher Mahmood, a misconduct hearing has been told. The unknown journalist ‘went to extra lengths’ to get dentist Omar Addow, 56, to offer to perform female circumcision on her two young nieces.
    Sunday Times reporter ‘had sex’ with dentist during sting operation (Guardian UK)

  • This weekend on September 2, the country’s first worker-owned cooperative peep show, The Lusty Lady is closing for good. SFist got to take a few photos during working hours.
    Photos: One Last Peep At The Lusty Lady [NSFW] (SFist)
  • Instagram already blocks searches like #proanorexia and #thinspiration in the name of protecting users, but the photo sharing service is also known to block searches on hashtags that may contain lewd or pornographic content like #porn and #ass. This got The Data Pack wondering what other hashtags Instagram blocks users from searching.
    A List of Blocked and Unsearchable Instagram Hashtags (The Data Pack)
  • Google has rejected several AdWords advertisements related to The Australian Sex Party. The political Party has requested a manual review of its AdWords advertisements, which were placed through Google’s automated systems. Last year, Facebook rejected advertisements bought by the group, but after a manual review, allowed them to be shown.
    Australian Sex Party gets no love from Google’s AdWords (PC World)

  • LELO has released a teaser video (above) for their new couples’ vibrator, to be released sometime this month.
    Teaser Video (LELO)
  • At the heart of a burgeoning movement to change that is End Revenge Porn, the advocacy group that A began volunteering for in the wake of her nightmare experience. It’s the brainchild of Florida resident Holly Jacobs, who went public last spring with her five-year battle against a pornographic attack so pervasive it led her to change her name.
    The Crusading Sisterhood of Revenge-Porn Victims (NY Mag)
  • Opinion on PolicyMic: “Language in the California [revenge porn] proposal specifically attacks the people who distribute images “with the intent to cause emotional distress” in order to differentiate from sites with just promote porn. But how do you measure that? And though you can prove a tumultuous end to a relationship, demonstrating intent beyond a shadow of a doubt would become quite difficult.”
    Revenge Porn Might Soon Be Illegal, But Should It Be? (PolicyMic)

Lady Glutes

  • “For ¥3,000, or about thirty dollars, I had gotten a membership card at Tokyo’s first co-sleeping café, and then I paid another ¥3,000 for forty minutes of sleeping; it’s ordinarily ¥5,000, but as a first-timer I was eligible for a promotional rate. (A ten-hour package costs ¥50,000, a 20 percent discount off the hourly rate.) The café had a video explaining that all sexual overtures, regardless of financial incentivization, would be refused. But there were add-ons available…”
    Sleeping Together (Harpers)
  • New regulations for sex workers to use a “drive-in” style of working are coming into force in Zurich this week, designed to provide some safety to women who work in the sex trade, and to bring a measure of peace to the city centre, the city authorities say.
    Zurich introduces ‘drive-in’ sex (BBC)

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