Sex News: Arse Elektronika, Porna Awards, Google vs. F1’s Max Mosley

  • YAY! Our favorite sex/art/tech festival Arse Elektronika has posted its official 2013 schedule, and the conference is on! “We were finally able to publish this year’s schedule and all the information about talks, performances and workshops! Hooray!”
    Arse Elektronika 2013 / Schedule! (
  • A new study by a UK prison watchdog group reveals that gay male couples who have consensual sex are often punished and separated, making getting locked up sound only slightly less desirable. The Commission on Sex in Prison has created the first ever review on the issue of consensual sex within the English prison system.
    Gay Couples In Prison Are Punished For Having Sex, Holding Hands (Queerty)

  • I guess this is a great time for me to finally announce my entry for next year’s TechCrunch hackathon – it’s a super disruptive app called FINGERBANG. It’s totally women-focused; all about the ladies… :P Note that this headline about TechCrunch and public masturbation says stuns and not surprises.
    Sexist Juvenile Stage Acts Stun The Crowd At Big Tech Conference (Business Insider)
  • The NYT just got the memo! Hard not to mention that its reporting is remarkably uninformed about the background here… “Production of pornographic films has been halted here after the third performer in less than a month tested positive for H.I.V.”
    Sex Films Halted After a String of Positive H.I.V. Tests (NYT)

  • Google posted a plea on their Google Europe blog asking European courts to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former Formula One president Max Mosley. The lawsuit requests that Google build a filter to identify and block what Mosley claims is unlawful content. A report on claims Mosley’s lawyers filed a suit in a French Court, asking Google to create filters that could identify and remove content referencing “Nazi-themed” sex parties in association with Mosley.
    Google Says European Law Does Not Support Mosley Lawsuit To Censor Search Results (Search Engine Land)

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  • You have once again given me another reason to remain locked to my computer screen and a plenty off deviant food for thought!

    Great post!