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  • Gawker was wrong: no, it is not legal to walk around Sweden masturbating in public. But Gawker likely got their info from the Daily Mail, which cited a mistranslation as evidence to prove that, from now on, it will be totally fine to wander the streets of Sweden masturbating. Great job, Daily Fail.
    You Can’t Just Walk Around Masturbating in Public, Swedish People (VICE)
  • This post. A thousand times this post. Also neatly dismantles the harmful idea (attack tactic) that one person having a trigger is a legitimate reason to exclude someone else from an event.
    if trans women aren’t welcome, neither am I (
  • There are dos and don’ts to getting a security clearance. Lying is out. But being a stripper? Might not disqualify you. Seems the guy was interested in a job that requires one, but worried that his job history — which included stripping in college, as well as a gig he hopes to get shedding his clothes at Secrets DC nightclub — might be a problem…
    Stripping no obstacle to security clearance (WaPo, thanks Cyrus!)
  • Bitcoin brothels are here. Birmingham, UK based escort agency Passion VIP now accepts payments in Bitcoin – making it the world’s first. Article includes sex work rates in bitcoin and a small history of bitcoin’s sloooow adoption into porn.
    The world’s first Bitcoin escort agency (ZDNet)
  • “In the lab, by artificial stimulation, it is possible to trigger female orgasm in virtually any primate species.”
    FYI: Do Animals Have Orgasms? (Popular Science)

  • New York is about to start treating legal cases about prostitution the same as sex trafficking, and this is not going to be a good thing. “The initiative comes at a time of growing consensus among criminal justice professionals across the country that in many cases it makes more sense to treat people charged with prostitution offenses as victims rather than defendants.” I’ve included a link to a great, thoughtful and information-filled post about the effects of anti-trafficking actions on legit sex work.
    New York Courts Aim to Steer Women From Sex Trade (NYT)
    Thai sex workers: Anti-trafficking Rescues are Our Biggest Problem (The Naked Anthropologist)
  • An interesting reaction to the proposed ISP-level porn block in the UK by a mother who calls herself a “prude.” “I have an eleven-month-old son, and while some might say it’s premature, I’ve begun thinking about how my husband and I will handle the topic of porn with him.”
    I Won’t Be Banning Porn For My Son (

  • The wonderful Jesse Bering writes, “It’s striking how such an emotionally loaded word, one that undergoes almost no change at all for the first 1,000 years of its use, can almost overnight come to mean something so very different, entirely eclipsing its original intent. Exactly how did this word ‘pervert’ go from being a perennial term for the ‘immoral religious heretic’ to referring to the ‘immoral sexual deviant’?”
    Is it time to get rid of the word pervert? (Aeon Magazine)
  • Photo gallery (NSFW): “In Beyoglu, Turkey, behind the trendy Istiklal street, where few tourists go there are the transgender sex workers. They are still fearful of walking around the streets of Istanbul, though their customers are from all segments of male society.”
    Turkey’s transgender sex workers hoping for human rights (Demotix)
  • Scared stiff? A new attraction at a Pennsylvania “scream” park aims to scare the pants off thrill-seekers before they even enter it. Shocktoberfest, a “haunted scream park” in Sinking Spring, Pa., has added an attraction called the “Naked and Scared Challenge.” For $20 per person participants can experience the haunted house while being completely naked.
    ‘Naked and scared’: Haunted house welcomes nude thrill-seekers (TODAY)

  • The screencapped dirty limericks written by a pseudonym’d PornHub commenter throughout this post are via this Tumblr post which has collected many more.
    Limericks Found In PornHub Comments (Pick My Brain)
  • Disproving last week’s headlines about “sexual jihad” is one thing – one very important, necessary thing that everyone should know about. But putting it behind a paywall is… shameful. Good thing I realized I could read the truth about what’s happening to Tunisian women and Syrian soldiers when I put the article into Instapaper or read it through Google News. “It’s the story that launched 1,000 headlines. And it’s not hard to see why: Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou announced last week that Tunisian women were traveling to Syria to wage “sex jihad,” where they were having sex with “20, 30, [or] 100” militants, before returning pregnant to Tunisia. There’s only one problem: There’s no evidence it’s true.”
    Are Young Women Really Racing to Syria’s Front Lines to Wage Sex Jihad? (Foreign Policy)

Main post photo: Tiffa Bly in this gallery by Julien Vallon on Nowearland.

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  • redpesto

    Re. the Guardian: it gets worse – this article has all the anti-porn favourites, from the ‘dopamine kick’ to a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of ‘milf’ to the bizarre (and very suspect) idea that consuming porn creates a ‘neo-sexuality’ between the reader and the porn (which sound like a scare-quote way of saying ‘people get ideas from watching stuff’).

  • tejanojim

    Rhyming “class” with “arse” AND “bars”? Limerick fail.