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  • Redneck Heaven, a Texas food joint in the “breastaurant” industry a la Hooters and Twin Peaks, can’t use body paint as a proxy for clothes anymore. A city ordinance change in Lewisville, Texas, means Redneck Heaven — known for its “Anything But Clothes” days — can no longer clad female servers in mere pasties and body paint.
    Redneck Heaven ‘Breastaurant’ Covered by New Body-Paint Law (Legally Weird)
  • Improbable Research caught Alternet being… itself: “Someone at Alternet is confused about a brassiere and a prize. Really, at least two people there are confused: the person who wrote the report headlined “Nobel Prize Winning, Gas-Mask-Convertible Bra Provides Defense Against Chemical Warfare“, and the editor or editors who handled the article during its gestation and journey on to the Internet. [NOTE, about an hour after we posted our appreciation of their article, Alternet apparently removed their article. But here’s a screen capture of what was there…]”
    Someone at Alternet is confused about a bra (Improbable Research)
  • Frogs’ legs are one thing, but how about eating the amphibians’ fallopian tubes? Many diners are happy to do just that – helping to boost sales at Singapore’s only frog farm. Called hashima, the delicacy is well known here, but some may not be aware which part of the animal it comes from.
    Frog fallopian tubes, anyone? Business booming at Singapore’s only frog farm (Straits Times, video autoplay alert)
  • As protesters again took to Cairo’s Tahrir square last week, the Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault Initiative (OpAntiSH), a team of Egyptian volunteers documenting sexual abuses in the square and helping victims, was on-call once more. Rights groups have been on high alert since the June 30th protests that led to the ousting of President Muhammad Morsi, during which OpAntiSH and other Egyptian volunteers documented 186 cases of mob sexual assaults and rape in just one week.
    Sexual violence in Egypt: Calling for change (Economist)
  • Bacchus at Eros Blog writes, “From this article we learn that misguided Spanish researchers have perfected a chat bot that does an excellent job of mimicking a 14-year-old girl. What’s more, they’ve programmed it with game theory so that it aggressively tries to entrap anybody who talks sexy to it…”
    The Lolita Entrapment Bot (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)
  • A Long Island beauty says NYPD cops seized her iPhone and that one of them stole sexually explicit photos and videos meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only. Police sources confirmed that Christian, 41, assigned to the 104th Precinct stationhouse in Ridgewood, Queens, is now the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation.
    Blond beauty set to sue NYPD over sexy photos swiped from iPhone (NY Daily News)

  • Maureen O’Connor writes, “They may be everywhere online, but seeing an ex pop up in a social-media feed can be as jarring as running into him on the street. I once spent an afternoon on Twitter watching an ex’s new girlfriend crowd-source assistance acquiring Plan B. ‘Cool,’ I said. ‘She humped my ex-boyfriend’s naked penis last night.'”
    All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up (The Cut, NY Mag)
  • A group called the Sun International Action Group is threatening to sue the Sun International resort, hotel and casino chain in South Africa for $500 million, alleging that the staff recorded guests’ intimate moments and sold them to porn sites, MoneyWeb reported today.
    Resort Chain Sued for Recording, Selling Guests’ Intimate Moments (XBIZ)
  • For many young people, Robin Thicke’s Billboard Hot 100 list hit single “Blurred Lines” has become the anthem of the summer. Throughout the song, Thicke addresses a woman he perceives as a potential sex partner, continuously making assumptions about her sexual intentions. He sings that he’s “gon’ take [have sex with]” her, repeatedly insisting, “I know you want it”. (He also calls said woman a bitch, an animal, and refers to himself as pimping.) But apart from “The way you grab me”, which, as Thicke points out, is a vague message, he hasn’t received any clear indication that she wants to have sex with him. “I know you want it” does not constitute consent.
    There are no “Blurred Lines” when it comes to consent (Scarleteen)
  • At 8:30 p.m. on Christmas Day 2009, nurse Tiffany Gourley was called to a room at the Windmill Manor nursing home in Coralville, Iowa. She found a 78-year-old male resident who had just had intercourse with an 87-year-old woman. The man, a former college professor, was divorced. The woman, a retired secretary, was married. Both had dementia.
    Boomer Sex With Dementia Foreshadowed in Nursing Home (Bloomberg)

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