Sex News: Scary handcuffs, BSides, Apple deletes ur email, Geico bestiality

French lingerie company Valege recently released three very creative/unsettling bra ads (like the one above). I’ve sprinkled them through this post for your amusement/discomfort.

  • Holy crap, this story gets weirder. Silenced by court orders and confidentiality agreements, the former members of the Allens’ (Paul Allen family) personal security detail have made vague claims that the Allens were involved in criminal activity and bribery, and that Jody Allen sexually harassed security officers.
    Ex-bodyguards claim cover-ups, sex harassment by Paul Allen family (KOMO News)

  • Despite the media’s growing presumption that consumer-friendly 3D printing will incite a homemade sex toy craze,’s most recent poll shows that while it has potential, the technology is still too infantile to gauge.
    Poll: Industry Split on Future of 3D Printing (XBIZ)
  • According to the Daily News, the conservative Christian group One Million Moms took issue with the “Maxwell the Geico pig” advertisement, calling the ad ‘repulsive’. To the Christian group, the ad is evidence of Geico’s worrisome and casual views on bestiality.
    When Pigs Flirt: Christian Group Decries Bestiality in Geico Mobile App (Betabeat)
  • The Facebook app Bang With Friends has rocketed from 20,000 users to 700,000 in three weeks, with 130,000 matches made, and has even added a ‘bangability score.’ But its CEO, known only as ‘C,’ insists it will evolve into a dating tool for everyone—whatever activity they want.
    Bang With Friends Facebook App Won’t Be Just About Sex, CEO Says (The Daily Beast)
  • Sexual cannibalism is a specific form of sexual conflict and is highly gendered, with females generally cannibalizing males. We found that females were more likely to be described using active words and males with reactive words.”
    Sexual stereotypes: the case of sexual cannibalism (, via Ariel Waldman)

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