Is ‘Fetish Sex’ for you? A review.

On Christmas I made my self-published e-book Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide free for 24 hours, and I’m lucky that Sexsational picked up a copy. Not just because they liked it so much they wrote a review, but because the review they wrote is thoughtfully geared toward those wondering if the book – and the concept of fetish sex – is for them. The review is incredibly in-depth but doesn’t go off on tangents, very helpful if you’re curious about the sexual roads less traveled, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it. (Also, the book is free for Kindle Prime members.)

From “Fetish Sex: A Complete Guide to Sexual Fetishes” EBook by Violet Blue [Review]:

Blue takes a very understanding, no-nonsense stance; she explains the reality of many taboo fetishes in a way that is easy to understand, even from an outside standpoint. She makes it clear that though many fetishes are misunderstood and can be viewed by the person who has the fetish and those who are looking from an outside standpoint as offensive or simply “not ok” for one reason or another that these fetishes can be practiced in a way that is safe, respectful, and involves consent.

(…) The understanding and supportive nature of the writing in this book- in ways that help both fetishists and those who have a relationship or sexual interactions with them- makes it a highly useful resource. Before even talking about the different fetishes, she talks about society’s understanding of fetish, the way some fetishes are considered normal (i.e. Blonde hair and large breasts in women, large penises in men- these are, technically, fetishes that are so commonplace and accepted that we don’t realize them for what they are) and many others are considered abnormal and are made fun of because they are misunderstood. It is a beacon call in the dark for anyone with a fetish or interested in learning more about fetish, without judgement or negative connotations. (…read more,

It’s certainly true that I don’t promote my own books as much as my publishers would like – in fact, I’m the least motivated author in terms of promo, appearances and PR that my main publisher has ever encountered. (Like, I have a new book out right now that I *need* to start talking about before too much time goes by.) But when a great reviewer takes the time to examine my work, and it makes an interesting read, I think you can forgive an entire post about one of my books :)

Edit: HOLY OMG I just looked at the page for my new book and it’s full of 5-star reviews! YAY! Le squee~~~~!!!

Beautiful cover of Fetish Sex e-book photograph by Steve Diet Goedde.

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