Eye Candy: Like one of your French girls

I love this French porn studio; pretty models, very explicit, lots of fetish, bondage and lingerie.

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  • Richard

    It is not an egg, it is a ribbed ‘cock sleeve’, a permanent condom.

  • Teufelaffe

    Definitely appears to be an inside out Tenga egg. Check out 4:42 of this video review of the Tenga Egg:


    You’ll notice it has a little circular “nipple” at the apex when his fingers are inside of the reversed egg. Now, look at the pictures on the Petites Parisiennes site and you’ll see the same “nipple”.

  • trickle

    I don’t think it’s a Tenga egg, it looks too transparent and rigid compared to mine. In any case that’s a brillant idea, Bee Ell.

  • I think Marlene is masturbating with an inside-out Tenga egg? Creative!

  • Bee Ell

    I’m pretty sure she’s using a Tenga egg to masturbate.