Sex News: Jimmy Savile, RIP Sylvia Kristel, Nacho Vidal arrested, Dog semem lawsuit

  • Valencian porn star Nacho Vidal was among 80 people arrested Tuesday during raids on alleged Chinese mobsters and their accomplices in Madrid and Barcelona. Vidal, one of only a handful of Spaniards arrested, allegedly operates a company that laundered some of the money.
    Nacho Vidal Arrested in Spanish Raid on Chinese Mob (YNOT Europe)

  • The inquiry announced today into claims of UK TV and radio personality Sir Jimmy Savile’s child sex abuse (spanning four decades) will be widened to take in allegations against living celebrities. The Metropolitan Police said it believed it had identified more than 200 victims of either the dead DJ or other stars. “We are dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale”, the senior officer leading the inquiry said.
    Jimmy Savile scandal: more living celebrities to be investigated as net widens (London Evening Standard)
  • Larry Flynt and others in the porn industry are fighting a ballot measure that will appear before Los Angeles County voters requiring pornographic movie performers to wear condoms during filming. Measure B will be on the countywide ballot Nov. 6. But both sides agree it will be tricky getting voters to even consider the point.
    Larry Flynt, porn industry fighting proposed condom requirement (LA Times)
  • “The popularity of the 50 Shades of Gray books has been staggering. They have become the 9 1/2 Weeks of a new generation; glorifying the excitement of power, bondage, and…well, mind games. In fact, those who know what consensual BDSM participants actually do together have criticized the trilogy for portraying kinky sex as unhealthy and non-consensual.”
    50 Shades of Stigma: Are we as Kinky as we think we are? (Psyched in San Francisco)
  • This is gorgeous, and strangely sexy to look at. A stunning collection of antique handcuffs in its own online museum.
    Antique Handcuff Collection (The Lars Holst Restraint Collection, thanks CoLP!)
  • I love this page. This is the tag for posts from a variety of young interns at the Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health, who have been asked to define what they feel sex positivity is for its Sex Positivity Saturday series. Cue the warm fuzzy feelings :)
    Sex Positivity (The CSPH)

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