Photos by Angga Pratama (plus filthy planking bonus)

I sort of don’t know which is sexier to me – Angga Pratama‘s filthysexy galleries – like Ms. Pretty Pussy, Teenage Naughtiness, Stockings, Black Cross, Bookshelf, Nakkid Planking With Stiletto’s – or their bio photo.


Also, don’t be a damn fool and miss ogling Pratama’s Tumblr.

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  • Oh, what stimulate way for start Svutlana day! Thank you too much Ms Violet for share.
    Who think of erotic possibilities of construction machineries? If look close at photograph, can see somebody in orange vest who sit beneath tree, respectful distance from womens, even though for sure this photo shoot be dream come true for him and all who operate heavy machineries…