[Video] Camila

The video above is Camila, found via Bambi Attack. Next week I’m going to Seattle, and this video reminds me to take my camera and tripod, and it is also is making me long long long to get on some crisp hotel sheets clad in my bare tattoos, and to take the longest and most delicious showers I can stand.

Live beautifully; take all the risks.

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  • Richard Stringfellow

    I’m in Seattle. If you want some coffee, let me know.

  • That sounds fantastic. Perfect plan.

  • Exactly. That’s exactly what I want to do. Find adventures, take my laptop and a camera, and talk about life, the universe and everything while painting a lover’s toenails in the afternoon, and becoming slowly, sweetly intoxicated on everything.

  • Sarah

    This makes me want to road trip with nothing but the essentials, find a grand ol’ Hotel and dissapear for a weekend.