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  • This post about Cindy Gallop’s new porn startup – wherein she invents a genre that already existed – gets a massive slow clap from me. (I have no beef with Gallop, I just see things differently.)
    For the win, from XBIZ:

    “(…) But somehow women already in porn like Pink Visual President Allison Vivas, who is one of the most savvy and progressive women in the industry, often publicly expressing her concern to deliver porn that appeals to women’s tastes, is rarely mentioned by the “male-dominated porn” bashers. Others of note include Tristan Taormino’s female-centric video series, and Candida Royalle’s Femme Productions to name just a few.”

    However, I do have to point out that XBIZ inaccurately describes Gallop as a sex educator. I recommended she take some trainings last year upon hearing her say she was venturing into ‘sex ed’ for her startup (I watched her pitch it at OVC, as first-of-its kind porn/sexed combo), but never heard back or found info about her sex ed background.
    Cindy Gallop’s New Website Takes Aim at Porn’s Status Quo (XBIZ Newswire)

  • A gay couple returning from vacation on a Continental Airlines (now merged to United) flight went to collect their luggage, to find that a private sex toy had been removed from one of their bags by baggage handlers, covered with a greasy foul-smelling substance, and taped prominently to the top of their bag. They are suing.
    Gay Couple Sues United Airlines for Intentional Harassment (The Bilerico Project, via Charlie Glickman)
  • Parents, members of the medical community, and other groups are suing a California school district over its abstinence-only sex ed curriculum saying the district is failing to uphold a 2003 law that requires sexual health education in public schools to be comprehensive, medically accurate, science-based, and bias-free. The ACLU said this is the first lawsuit of its kind.
    Suit: Calif. District Fails to Provide Comprehensive Sex Ed (Education Week)

  • The female wing of a civil rights group is urging women in Togo to stage a week-long sex strike to demand the resignation of the country’s president. Women were asked to start withholding sex from their husbands or partners as of Monday
    Sex strike a possible political weapon in Togo (CBS News)
  • Porn performer Stoya writes up a neat little post on STIs, and acting like adults about sexually transmitted infections by contextualizing STIs along with other kinds of infections humans get in everyday life.
    Stoya Loves Bad Ideas (Stoya™)

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