Sex News: NASA’s crush object, geek sex fallacies, dating privacy online, sex in a WalMart

  • As the world watched NASA’s Mars Rover landing (Curiosity), Twitter went crazy for NASA engineer Bobak Ferdowsi – whose dyed hair, mohawk and boyish smile gained him internet crush-object status.
  • This is such a great post. “Geeks also are prone to weird social thinking, some of it a reaction to the ungeeky mainstream, some of it their very own invention. Here’s some common misconceptions that can fuck up geek sex.”
    The Geek Social Fallacies of Sex (The Pervocracy)
  • “When a small child comes up to you with a pointed finger shouting “bang bang” you know immediately to act out a terrible, painful death. Why? (…) Yes, there are a lot of things depicted in porn that I would never want to see happening in real life, non-consensually, before my eyes.”
    Talking About Porn At Yale With Gail Dines (Maggie Mayhem Speaks)
  • The audio from the SXSW Interactive 2012 panel on sex, dating and privacy online is up – I’m on the panel and I dish dirt about OkCupid’s privacy and security and much more.
    Sex, Dating and Privacy Online (SXSW)
  • The bestiality porn case comes to a close: Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence between nearly five years and a little over seven years for a California man who was the last to be convicted in a series of anti-obscenity prosecutions launched under President George W. Bush.
    Feds seek 4-to-7 year sentence in last Bush-era adult porn case (POLITICO)
  • Trigger warning for abuse and assault survivors: A child pornography investigation, which began when a Massachusetts man sent a photo of a young Dutch boy to an undercover federal agent in Boston, led to the arrests of 43 men in seven countries and helped identify more than 140 child victims.
    Vast international child-porn network uncovered (
  • Text messages ruled illegal obscenity? A ruling slipped out quietly by the Appeal Court (UK) earlier this year, and lurking in the background while the substantive case to which it applied came to court, makes it plain: the act of publishing as defined within the Obscene Publications Act can take place with an audience of just one individual.
    UK judges quietly declare text chat can be obscene (The Register)

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  • Bridget

    The article about the child pornography ring sent chills down my spine. A large distributor of child porn was also arrested in Japan earlier this week.

  • Jenna’s also wrong. When you’re rich and smart, you want Democrats in office. Because at the end of every Republican administration since Nixon, there are *fewer* rich people. Yeah, they’re wealthier. There are also fewer of them.

    I suspect Ms. Jenna may think she’s rich, but she’s hardly in the 1%. For those in the top 90-99%, staying “rich” means electing Democrats.

  • The Jenna Jameson thing just confuses me… it seems like “when you’re rich, you want a Republican in office” *has* to be sarcastic, because the flip-side of that is so fucking obvious. But maybe she’s serious, in which case… bleh. Not cool.