Sex News: Lana Wachowski, Hot Male Olympians, Straight Pride, Jeff Bezos

  • Multiple users who have had their Windows Live accounts suspended over content that was uploaded to their SkyDrive: private content that violated their ban on profanity, nudity of any kind (full, partial, human, non-human, animate, or photographic), “obscenity,” and the fact that you can’t incite or advocate for any of these things.
    SkyDrive brings 1950s censorship to 2012 technology (The Compass Project)
  • A perfect marriage of morality and hypocrisy if you ask me… A semi-official Iranian news agency says police hope to work with Facebook to fight cyber-crimes and pornography — a turnabout in Tehran’s stance toward the social networking giant
    Iran seeks to work with Facebook against porn (CBS News)
  • In case you missed it, this good thing happened: “Defense attorneys for two teenagers who pleaded guilty to assaulting 17-year-old Savannah Dietrich have withdrawn their motion that she be held in contempt for tweeting the names of her attackers in defiance of a court order.”
    Contempt motion withdrawn for assault victim Savannah Dietrich (The Courier-Journal)

  • Jimmy Flynt and his older, more famous brother, Larry, haven’t spoken in three years and have been fighting in court for most of that time over the future of the Hustler adult entertainment business.
    The Flynts: Porn business is now a family feud (

Main post image from Party Girls by Greg Kadel (BambiAttack).

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