Sex News: Kylie Minogue, Boobstagram, YouTube sex work web series, Joanna Angel

  • A woman (identified only as “R.W.”) went to a rape crisis center in Tampa for morning-after pills, then went to the police station to report the rape. She was arrested at the station for an outstanding warrant, and though she had taken one of the two prescribed pills, Hillsborough County Jail “private contractor” Michele Spinelli refused to give her the second pill on religious grounds.
    Theocracy in a Florida Jail (The Legal Satyricon)
  • Blue is a new original web series that is part of YouTube’s effort to offer original programming and Google’s larger move from Internet gatekeeper to content creator. The series follows Blue (played by Julia Stiles), a single mom who has a daytime office job and does sex work on the side to, as she explains it, “make ends meet.”
    YouTube Goes Blue (

  • An ongoing Air Force investigation has identified at least 31 female recruits who were allegedly victims of sexual misconduct including rape by a dozen male drill instructors since 2009 at the service’s largest boot camp training facility at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.
    Air Force Says Dozens of Recruits Victims of Sex Assault (ABC News)
  • Can a love affair last forever? The assumption is that passion peaks in the early stages of a relationship and then fades over time. In a recent study, however, researchers found that intense love for a partner (even after 30 years or more together) may not be as rare as people assume.
    Is Long-Term Love Possible? (Science of Relationships)
  • What the huh? A man plagued by porn-induced headaches has to take painkillers 30 minutes before watching the X-rated movies, according to a case study. a The unnamed “unmarried male software professional,” 24, complained of “severe, exploding” headaches that developed gradually and peaked 10 minutes into the sexy scenes.
    Man Plagued by Porn-Induced Headaches (ABC News)

  • Above: XBIZ TV debuted an exclusive new video interview with adult film star Joanna Angel. She recalled the humble beginnings of, which launched with five amateur photo sets, a couple of band interviews and a few erotic fiction stories that Angel wrote in her English class.
    XBIZ TV: Joanna Angel Talks Career, Rise of BurningAngel (XBIZ)
  • Brazilian police said Thursday they have broken up a ring that used Internet file sharing to distribute child pornography in at least 34 countries. Police said in an earlier statement that users were located in 34 countries including the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Britain and Venezuela.
    Brazil police say child-porn ring broken up (

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  • STS

    I’ve gotten migraines while reaching orgasm before – usually on high pressure days. But from just watching porn? Weird.

  • Justin

    The problem with sexy photos of Kylie (and one of the Australian Sports Illustratrated swimsuit models) is that she looks quite a bit like my Mum…