[Video] Selling Sex: Atsuko Kudo: Dressing for Pleasure

From March 22 to June 1, SHOW Studio featured an incredible show – Selling Sex. There is so much online now that the show is over, it could literally take you all weekend and possibly beyond to investigate everything contributed by the dozens of artists, designers, filmmakers and more.

I plan on doing a couple of highlight posts over the weekend featuring my favorites, and some of the most extreme things I found – I’ve been combing over it for a few days.

First up is the simply outstanding 10-minute video above, Selling Sex: Atsuko Kudo: Dressing for Pleasure. It is a sexy, deeply informative look at the evolution of latex couture and fetish dressing. While not in-depth, it encompasses an area of rubber fetish dressing that seldom gets covered: the fashion and pop culture integration of fetish dressing for sex and pleasure. I was especially pleased to see someone finally describe the role of fetish dressing in punk culture.

Atsuko Kudo is a world-renowned couture icon, and has designed for Lady Gaga, Beyonce and many others.

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  • That was extremely interesting – thank you for sharing it!

    xx Dee