Eye Candy: Michael Fassbender

It only seems appropriate that this blog finally gets around to fully objectifying Michael Fassbender, especially after his riveting tour de force in Prometheus (now in US theaters). Fassbender is an actor that is refreshingly relaxed and in touch with the sexuality of his characters, and his own, as a person – as evidenced in his turns in Shame and Hunger as well as his many sexually charged photo shoots for various magazines. Also, he’s painfully hot, in a David Bowie / my-straight-guy-friends-unashamedly-think-he’s-superhot kind of way.

As for Prometheus, I won’t divulge any spoilers. I saw it last Friday, and if you see it, pay the extra cash to see it in 3D. I’ve seen a lot of films in 3D, and in my opinion, this has been the only film that really is transformative in 3D – it’s amazing. I can also say that Noomi fans will not be disappointed.

At the same time, don’t expect an iconic film. For me, the movie had a lot of problems. Those who have seen the film and (like me) walked away feeling deeply troubled by the religious aspects – you’ll find no solace (but a lot of answers) in this deep analysis of a central aspect of the film.

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