[Video] Oyster with Anita De Bauch, Marie Schuller, Vivienne Westwood

Oyster (directed by Marie Schuller, starring Anita De Bauch) was filmed on the London Underground.

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  • Thanks for the support, ladies!

  • Jeff Davis

    I just want Miss De Bauch to be happy.

  • Can people seriously stop policing women’s bodies?!? It’s just as bad to shame women for being slender as it is for being zaftig! Good grief.

  • Just Me

    Am I the only one who watched it and thought, “Eww, sitting naked on a subway?” And I’m not even a germaphobe.

  • Sheesh , some people are thin and it’s their NATURAL body….Sometimes, comments about thin women make me feel the same as when I see comments from people about larger women in the media needing to be skinnier !! Too skinny, too fat…hopefully the message of expression isn’t lost because of a judgment of physicality..
    There are a lot of interesting elements to the video, I enjoyed it.

  • HughJ

    Having paused and rewound this a bit, yes, she is sucking her stomach in. And yes, lighting can do a lot. But still, why is she made to look so thin in this video? I guess it’s part of the sleazy, noir-ish heroin chic look of the whole thing? Who out there wants women to look like that?

    It’s well done but I didn’t find it the least bit erotic. The shot in Singapore, now that is sexy.

  • I’m about a year late to the party but I thought I’d leave a reply anyway in case anyone comes back and reads it.

    I’m the model in the film and I’d like to address the “zomg she’s too thin” comments. While attraction (and art) is obviously completely subjective, health is a scientific medical issue, so please allow me to confirm that I am a healthy weight in every photo and video of me that you’ll see out there. I recently had a full medical and was deemed “very healthy” in every respect, including my weight, which hasn’t changed in years. I am a UK size 8 with a BMI of 18.5/ 19.

    I look particularly slim in this film because of

    a) the lighting- it’s coming directly down from above, creating dramatic shadows around my ribcage. This effect has been used to slim down actresses since the Golden Age of Hollywood.
    b) as usual, I’m sucking my stomach in. All models do this, which is why our stomachs look impossibly flat/ concave in the media. When I relax my stomach, I have a potbelly, just like any other woman.
    c) the camera angle- it’s relatively low, which has the effect of elongating my legs. Almost all full-length shots, especially fashion shots, are taken this way, to make the model look taller and slimmer.

    If you think I’m making all this up, check out this shot of me that was taken just a couple of weeks ago: http://anitadebauch.tumblr.com/post/49690903423/channelling-some-curves-for-ctham-in-singapore My weight here is no different than it was in this video, it’s just lit and posed differently to create a softer, curvier ‘look’.

    If poverty-stricken African kids were as healthy as I am, then we wouldn’t have a problem. The guy who said that needs to watch Comic Relief next time it’s on.


  • Falbert

    I’ll add my uneasiness at the thinness of the actress. Worse, though, was the rapid-fire cuts of the filming – very disconcerting, and I feel that any sense of continuity was tossed right out the window. Still and all, thanks for posting, Violet.

  • Elrond

    Loved the video. So pertinent to my life, as very rarely visit London, but have been working there last few weeks. Alas on crowded commuter trips. The name Oyster I missed until half way through the film. Did you know in Gurensey, the travel card is called an Orma card.

  • William, thank you for the comment. I always post things like this knowing my readers generally prefer women that aren’t super-skinny – while some have said they prefer them. It’s a line, and such a personal thing… Always good for me to know how people see this stuff :)

  • William Hildeson

    Too bad she looks so thin….couldn’t finish watching. reminds me of those kid pictures from Aftrica.