Sex News: Sex party murder, Morgan Spurlock, Facebook loses Faceporn, Tristan Taormino, DuckDuckGo

  • A graphic, unflinching look at the delicate interplay of desire, money and power among female sex tourists and African gigolos hit the screen yesterday in the Cannes contender “Paradise: Love”.
    Graphic film on female sex tourists cheered in Cannes (
  • A federal judge has refused to order the Norwegian website Faceporn that describes itself as “the number one socializing porn and sex network” to turn over its name to Facebook. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White last week ruled that the court had no jurisdiction. Facebook had demanded the owner turn over the name ‘’ and pay its attorney fees.
    Facebook loses trademark fight against adult social network (paidContent)
  • Sex educator Tristan Taormino debuts her exciting new radio show Sex Out Loud on Friday, June 1 at 5:00 pm Pacific time/8:00 pm Eastern time on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. Her first guest is Dan Savage.
    Sex Out Loud (Tristan Taormino)

  • More from Tristan Taormino: she will be the host at the U.S. debut of “The Feminist Porn Show” sponsored by the She Bop female-friendly sex boutique in Portland on June 5. Taormino will introduce the audience to the concept of feminist porn and discuss its history, along with a screening of selected short clips from filmmakers around the world.
    Tristan Taormino to Debut ‘The Feminist Porn Show’ (
  • French prosecutors have widened an investigation into former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn‘s alleged participation in a prostitution ring: police will open a preliminary inquiry into acts that allegedly took place in Washington, which they believe could constitute gang rape.
    Police: New inquiry against Strauss-Kahn includes allegations of gang rape (CNN)
  • 50 Shades Darker XXX: Smash Pictures announced that it has tapped Allie Haze and Ryan Driller to topline their upcoming adult parody of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades Darker,” the second book in the British author’s best selling BDSM trilogy.
    Smash Pictures Announces Leads for ’50 Shades Darker XXX’ (
  • Porn actor (Amanda Logue, who appeared in adult films as “Sunny Dae”) accused with her boyfriend of killing a tattoo parlor owner during a sex party pleaded guilty Monday morning to a reduced charge that will get her 40 years in prison.
    Porn actor enters plea in 2010 sex party slaying (Miami Herald)
  • Philosopher Alain de Botton has addressed love, happiness and religion. Now he wants to investigate pornography in the belief it can be turned into a moral and noble industry, though he evidently has a deeply negative view on porn that he does not understand or find appealing. Seeing as TinyNibbles has been around for nearly 12 years, discovering and documenting ethical porn without judgement… perhaps he has been under a rock for a while?
    Alain De Botton to explore the consolations of pornography (The Independent)
  • Old news for us, new news for the Wall Street Journal that Kindles are perfect for porn, and that women read porn books too: “Electronic readers, and the reading privacy they provide, are fueling a boom in sales of sexy romance novels.”
    How Kindle, Nook and iPad Fuel Sales of Erotica for Women (WSJ)

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    Re: Axe Ad. But, but, but all women Hate porn, why would they want to look at images of two people having sex??