Sex News: Lars Von Trier, Berlusconi’s Barack Obama babe, sex trafficking deceit, male pill

  • One of Berlusconi’s Bacchanalian party attendees, a beautiful Dominican woman named Marysthell Polanco (pictured above), dressed up as U.S. President Barack Obama to entertain guests at what Berlusconi has described as “elegant dinners.”
    Marysthell Polanco: I dressed up as Barack Obama for Berlusconi (FP Passport)
  •, a libertine lodging service that lets you book upscale hotel rooms by the hour, has now launched stateside. Skip the no-tell motels and choose among more than 200 hotels in the world: to work, rest, rendez-vous…
    Get A Room! (Museum of Sex Blog)
  • Unhappy with the current state of the porn market in Switzerland, Sabine Fischer and Sandra Lichtenstern began experimenting with vintage ‘70’s porn in 2009 and have built their project into a business that has sold thousands of copies of new videos in just a few months, mainly to young couples and almost entirely by word of mouth.
    Swiss Porn Takes Artistic Turn (XBIZ)
  • Recently the Village Voice exposed the Schapiro Group, a private consulting firm in Georgia, and the Women’s Funding Network of California, a women’s charity, for knowingly deceiving both congress and the public using false data manufactured through fraudulent research. These groups presented alarming reports of a sudden rise in trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls.
    Sex Trafficking Charities Caught Lying And Stealing Money (

  • Greece’s once-thriving sex industry has become the latest victim of the country’s debt crisis as Greeks spend less on erotic toys, pornography and titillating underwear.
    Greek sex industry battered by economic storm (Reuters)
  • New filmmakers are embracing porn as subject matter. The rise of crowdfunding websites, where money is raised from everyday investors, is making their jobs even easier. In March, the producers of “Public Sex, Private Lives” — a documentary on BDSM performers and website were seeking $22,000 for post-production and festival submissions to complete their film. The movie received 330 backers and raised more than $33,000 from — $10,000 more than it asked for.
    Porn Becoming the Darling of Documentaries (XBIZ Newswire)
  • It’s not often that a journalist convinces a prominent scientist to recant a controversial study that he has tenaciously defended for 11 years, but that’s just what Gabriel Arana did last month when he confronted Dr. Robert Spitzer over his fallacious “gay cure” study.
    Reparative journalism (CJR)

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  1. Re male birth control :
    If this does not effect the sex drive, it potentially could help reduce impact of invasive American Bullfrog populations. Trap as many males as possible (locate by call), damage their sperm production without damaging their sex drive, and mating would produce egg masses that aren’t fertilized.

    It would be difficult to get every male but it could drastically reduce reproductive output making it easier to wipe invasive populations out and restore the (often endangered) native species. It’s an invasive wildlife management tactic worth pursuing.


    As far as humans are concerned, well, I hope men don’t use this as an excuse to not package their meet when out playing the field, as STD’s are still something to be concerned about.

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