Painting Belladonna by Alberto Mielgo

I have to open this post by first congratulating the source of this video – old sex blogging pal Unscathed Corpse – for their 3,000th post! Unscathed is one of the few long-standing sex blogs from back in the beginning of sex blog history that is still alive and kicking. Many of the first-wave sex bloggers have given up or closed shop. Unscathed survived a forced loss of content in 2005 (an event that has historically stopped a number of sex bloggers) and came back stronger. Unscathed, I’m glad you’re still here.

From Unscathed’s celebration post I discovered the above video and erotic paintings of Alberto Mielgo (he’s the art director for Disney’s upcoming Tron TV series). The video of his work with porn star Belladonna is really interesting, if especially for hearing her talk about what it feels like to experience on-camera sex and how it makes sex different as an experience for her – unlike any other way of having sex. Belladonna’s dialogue belongs in a wider discussion on the way women that engage in porn sex relate to sex and female sexuality in general. So many stereotypes and perceptions about why women have porn sex and how it makes them feel, are just plain incorrect. It’s nice to hear what this is really like from the women actually doing it.

Belladonna shows up in the video around 2:30 – and we see her both with her hair, and with her head shaved. Neat. The final painting is here.

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  • Violet, its always a pleasure to read you. You put so much humanity in sexuality and sex related workers. merci xx

  • unscathed

    Thanks! that’s really sweet of you.