Sex News: Scary History of Breast Implants, Vicars and Potatoes, Richard Kern, More on Male Birth Control

  • The story I brought you earlier this week about gel birth control for men hit the Hacker News discussion boards today, and the guys there had an interesting time of it. Overall positive and interesting, but it still shows why few women join their discussions.
    The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men (Hacker News)
  • Indonesia’s anti-pornography task force is set to crack down as women wearing miniskirts will soon come under its universal definition of pornography. The law will be appiled to all reigons of the country regardless of religious background.
    Indonesia to make miniskirt wearing a porn crime (The Sun Daily)
  • Polyurethane, cartilage, sponges, wood and even glass balls. The first breast implants were in the 1809s; Today it rates as the second-most popular form of cosmetic surgery worldwide, undergone by 1.5 million women in 2010.
    A brief history of breast enlargements (BBC News)
  • Esquire does science – but I’m all for more cunnilingus, so let’s give them a pass: “I recently undertook a small survey of some more mature male friends, and the results, while not unanimous, were overwhelming. To speak plainly, given the choice, eight of the ten men surveyed preferred eating pussy to having their dicks sucked.”
    Death of the Blowjob – Oral Sex in Pop Culture (Esquire)

  • If you’re like me then every once in a while you ask the internet, just what the fuck is Richard Kern doing right now? Well, I kind of found him on Vice…
    Tits & Phones (VICE)
  • “The other day we experienced something quite unusual at Culina at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. When we walked in we noticed Mr. Larry Flynt at a large table in the center of the room and thought, “Cool. Celeb sighting.” But when we sat down and looked at the menu, we saw another surprise on the menu: Larry Flynt’s Salad.”
    This is What Larry Flynt Eats at Culina at the Four Seasons Los Angeles (HotelChatter, via Tablehopper)

Main post image: Valeriya Melnik shot by Emma Summerton in Exhibition Magazine. More from Exhibition here and here.

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  • Mario

    From the Esquire piece: “The bottom line is that if your sex life is bad, you bear at least some of the blame — maybe even an entire half of it.”

    Yeah, what nerve!