Sex News: Queering Mad Men, Hunger Games, That’s What She Said, Morality in Media

  • Clever sexy-queer Mad Men video remixes: Don Draper’s brooding silences and Roger Sterling’s macho banter, when juxtaposed with razor-sharp editing, follow the plotline above in QueerMen: Don Loves Roger. Carrie and the girls talk the feminist talk, but in the Queer Carrie remix project, they walk the walk – embracing lesbianism.
    Sex, Lies, and Video Remixes: Critiquing ‘Mad Men’ in Its Own Words (The Atlantic)
  • Jessamyn Smith got annoyed when an IRC chatbot set to interject “that’s what she said” into conversations went overboard, so she wrote her own bot in response – set to respond to every “that’s what she said” with a quote from a notable woman.
    What she really said: Fighting sexist jokes the geeky way! (Geek Feminism Blog, thanks Paul!)

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  • Daniel

    “Coregasm” as a women’s gym franchise by Violet has success written all over it. Or at least it’s a new story involving personal training…highly personal training….