Agent Provocateur – Sexy New Spring Summer 2012 Videos

Not everyone seems to like the first two videos for Agent Provocateur‘s new Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign, but I have an extra-tart serving of whatever for the naysayers tonight. The first video in their three-video series is The Initiate, which delivers a sweet twist (it’s above). Their second and newest video The Muse has HuffPo’s panties in a bunch – which to me, makes it worth upvoting the video on merit alone. It is a retelling of the classic Pygmalion erotic fantasy, sexually expressed in the fetish Agalmatophilia (from the Greek agalma ‘statue’, and -philia φιλία = love). I’m looking forward to enjoying the third video when it comes out.

The Muse is below. If you like this fantasy, you’ll also like the explicit erotic short story Just Watch Me, Rodin by Cate Robertson from my collection (tribute titled) Just Watch Me. You can listen to me read the story in this MP3 link (from my Open Source Sex podcast).

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