Naked Girls as the Canvas: The Paintings of Gesine Marwedel

I’m more a fan of tattoos than body painting, but that may be the result of growing up as a Goth punk girl in the birthplace of the hippie movement: body painting was what my mom and her stoner Silicon Valley engineer pals would be into. And then Burning Man happened! Ugh! Distaste! However, the paintings of Gesine Marwedel have such lovely canvases – the soft, warm and sometimes shyly smiling bodies of pretty naked girls. These human art cars get a pass. This fun find is via one of my favorite Buzzfeed staff contribs the fabulous Donna D.

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  1. Body painting may be of your mother’s generation, but the advantage it has over tattoos is that body paint is easier to remove when you tire of it. I can’t imagine these ladies would want to look like swans or flamingos all the time.

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