Photos of Desigual’s No-Clothes Shopping Sprees Across Europe

On January 2, Spanish retail clothing chain Desigual had a sale in its European stores where first-come, first-served shoppers could “Arrive Half-Naked, Leave Fully Dressed.” They’ve held a number of these fun publicity stunts, where the first 100 shoppers to arrive “in their smalls” leave with a free outfit. Looking at the photos from Lyon, Sevilla and Prague, the clothes are so excellent that shoppers braved the cold to line up outside stores wearing little more than undies and a smile. Buzzfeed has a master post with 44 big photos of European hotties jamming into the shops to get dressed – and when I say hotties, I mean it. Extra bonus for the cute boys in those tight little underpants, as is European tradition.

Come in your underwear, get a free outfit - Amsterdam

More hot photos:

Entraron casi desnudos, salieron vestidos

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